Seventh Generation fans–get ready to score five new coupons! Seventh Generation products are generally a little pricier than regular products, so this is great news! Click here to take the Clean House Challenge, sponsored by Real Simple magazine and Seventh Generation. Play the game to print the coupons; go through the house room by room and click on the orange “hotspots.” Each room has a coupon that will print after you click on a select “hotspot.”

Here is a list of the available coupons:

$2.00/2 – Seventh Generation Home Care Products – (
$0.50/1 – Seventh Generation Dish Product – (
$2.00/2 – Seventh Generation Home Care Products – (
$0.75/1 – Seventh Generation Cleaning Spray or Disinfecting Spray – (
$1.50/1 – Seventh Generation Laundry Detergent – (

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9 thoughts on “Five New Seventh Generation Coupons!”

If youre going to be purchasing Seventh Generation products (the disnfecting sprays or wipes) there is a new giveaway for a FREE Kid Konserve lunch bag when you buy any 2 products listed. Also included are any Annies products, Stonyfield Yo Kids Yogurt, and Honest Kids organic juice drinks.

The rebate form can be found at Annies dot com backslash backtoshool. You can get 3 lunch bags per household!

Thanks for the reminder!

its not letting me put my email address in so they can send me the coupons

I tried the challenge and the site would not let me enter my email address for the coupons offered

I was able to print 6 different coupons! the 7th one wouldnt print-erroring something about cookies it was 0.75/1 laundry additive….but there are bonus coupons too! so go play i got two bonus coupons one is $5.00/3 home care products (any) and another $2.00/2 home care products (any). sweet!

I didn’t know about the bonus coupons! Great find : )

It has you enter your email address each time a coupon becomes available. After three times, it would say you have exceeded your household limit. I used different email addresses for the remaining available coupons. Hope that helps everyone score more coupons!

Clean House Challenge is NOT allowing me to type in my email address to have the coupons sent to my inbox…anyone else having this problem???:(

Apparently, you might have to use different email addresses to get all the coupons.