I’m sure you’re well prepared on school items by now. No? Hopefully crayons are on the procrastination list! Toys R Us has 24 packs of Crayola Crayons on sale for $0.25 each. The catch? They’re only $0.25 if you buy 4 or more. Keep the extras for home, donate them to the classroom, or make a cool painting out of it (thanks, Pinterest)!

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3 thoughts on “Crayola Crayons, Only $0.25 at Toys R Us!”

  1. Mj says:

    Not in NJ. I tried my local TRU today and they said they have had this sale twice before, but they are not running it right now :(

  2. couponinggirl says:

    Yay! I missed this the last time they went on sale for $.25. Do you know how long the sale will last?

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s in their ad this week so at least until Saturday! Because it’s advertised, you can price match at Walmart and hopefully save yourself a trip!