Ever wonder what all the fine print on coupons means?! Learn from the Krazy Coupon Ladies how to use coupons the right way!

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27 thoughts on “Video: Fine Print on Coupons Explained!”

  1. fudge says:

    I know there is a BOGO video but would like to ask here. If Rite Aid policy allowed to use BOGO manufacturer coupon + cents off but KCL said not to use it because of verbiage which one should I follow? I have BOGO for Gillete Mac and $3.00 off and would like to use both. Help..

  2. Anonymous says:

    thanks!! cause that verbage was throwing me off too. purchase to me mean the same as transaction. idk why they can’t just say ITEM. Stop making coupons so confusing for everyone.

  3. KatesmessKathy says:

    Can I use 1.00 off 2 and 1 free if I buy 2 for the same products? I had coupons for Kens dressing.

    • courtingcouponing says:

      I believe if it is a $1 off 2 coupon, that coupon attaches itself to both of those items being purchased. If you had a 3rd coupon that allows you to get an item free, that third coupon would require you buy a 3rd item (and a 4th item if it is a B1G1 free coupon.) Hope my explanation wasn’t too confusing!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Is there a way to download this video and have it in my iPhone? Lol… I can picture myself having trouble at a store and be: “Hold on one sec…” And playing the video!!! Lol… Would save me some saliva!!! Lol… :-P

  5. Will Jablowme says:


  6. heart says:

    I thought this was the case… so what do you do when the cashier is wrong and refuses to take your coupons? A couple weeks ago I had 4 coupons from Safeway for $5 off of $15 worth of frozen foods per purchase… so in my cart I had $60 worth of frozen foods, and tried to use all 4 coupons, but the cashier insisted that I was limited to only using one and refused to take all of them, so I ended up making her take away $45 worth of frozen foods… which was quite embarrassing considering there was a huge line of people behind me. What should I have done or said instead?

    • Anonymous says:

      What I do is: In a very polite way I explain to her the difference in coupon terminolgy. If she refuses to learn the right terminology (lol), I ask for a manager. If the manager is as stubborn as the cashier I tell them I want to do multiple transactions. If they get nasty I leave everything there and take my business somewhere else. Sometimes they can get VERY nasty, especially at Walmart… But I try not to let them get me… ;)

    • Anonymous says:

      This is different. Safeway runs that special as an “in store” coupon/special and limits to 1 per person. Even if you were to come back later and get another 15.00 worth of frozen foods and attempt to use another coupon for 5.00 off you probably wouldn’t be able to as your use of the first coupon is tied to your Safeway store card.

    • Anonymous says:

      Store coupons are often limited to one per customer per day. Since the stores hand out limitless flyers and online coupons, this is their way to limit the number of discounts given.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes. that is when you get or bring reinforcements.

  7. vanessa ramirez says:

    you r contradicting yourself with the purchase you did this week at cvs with the biore pore strips and cleansers, the doesnt the free coupon attach to both products?? so, why are you combining the $1.50/1 facebook coupon?

    • Anonymous says:

      It doesn’t combine to both. It’s different from the ones they are pointing out in the video… So, you can still use a $/1 Q for the product you are paying… But this will depend on the store policy (for example, CVS allows this) and coupon verbiage… HTH ;)

  8. ri says:

    Can someone address the wording on General Mills coupons. ” No other coupon can be used with this coupon”

  9. barbara says:

    Thank you ladies you help my hubby and myself so much on our way to learning to saving.

  10. Blessedsaver says:

    So can we still combine with a store coupon by stacking using a target C. And MQ?(for example) I had this happen at wags and toilet paper it would not ring up angry beeped and the manager said only one or the other not all 3 cause the coupon stated one coupon per purchase.

    • ashley says:

      you can only use a store Q and MQ not 2 store and a MQ for one single item. hope this helps.

    • Blessedsaver says:

      Sorry forgot to mention 2 toilet paper 2 MCs 1 wags C was told only 2 MQs or 1 store Q because of the angry beep and wording on the C referring to 1 C per purchase. TIA

      • Anonymous says:

        If you were taking 2 toilet papers and you had 2 MQ and 1 Store Q, I don’t see why you couldn’t use them… It’s stated in their coupon policy. I don’t see the need of a filler because it was not an RR, right? I’ve noticed cashiers at Walgreens are always lost with their coupon policy and don’t even know how to use the register… Sometimes even the managers make up their own policy… And, you can do the same 1MQ+1SQ at Target…

        • courtingcouponing says:

          At my Walgreens I need to buy a filler for my RR’s. They are considered coupons.

          • Anonymous says:

            Yep. At any Wags you will need a filler when using an RR and a MQ with one product… But I think that Blessedsaver wasn’t. I was asking her that… ;)

            • Blessedsaver says:

              It was just a wags c not rr and 2 mc but because of the wording of the coupon “limit 1 coupon per purchase” they were assuming that is why it angry beeped. I still used all 3 explaining it was per 1 item. And you can still combine the wags c and mq. So I just wanted to make sure that was correct in case I have to explain it again. And wags do seem to not know their policy with coupons and it seems they do make up what they want to without checking the policy. Thanks

            • Anonymous says:

              Then, yes, like I told you, they were wrong… You are right… I hate when they don’t know what they are doing and even when you explain to them it’s a hassle… Ans when you show them their coupon policy they still look at you like you are wrong and actually making everything up… Lol… Oh well… Next time you know you are right ;)

            • Blessedsaver says:

              Thank you I thought that was correct just felt bad even apoligized for sounding rude to them and told them to look up the policy on line..

  11. Gallo Pinto says:

    What about BOGO coupons from the manufacturer? Are we able to use the manufacture BOGO coupon with another coupon for the item that is not free?

    • ashley says:

      they also have a BOGO video on youtube if you look that up. there are a ton of rules to BOGO deals
      hope this helps.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ashley is correct. Each store seems to have different rules on how they allow you to use BOGO coupons. Some will let you add a cents off with the BOGO and some don’t.