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Free Chex Mix at Albertsons!

Kids love to snack when they get home from school. Here is a great way to stock up on something better than junk food! Use the Twice The Value coupons from Sunday’s paper with a printable coupon to get free Chex Mix!





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7 thoughts on “Free Chex Mix at Albertsons!”

  1. Angela says:

    I know that the “twice the value” coupons are in the Sunday Paper but where do you find these?

  2. Ellen says:

    I got mine today. Just a reminder or info to those that don’t know. They don’t double if your coupon is over $1.00, also they won’t double if the coupon you have gives you item for free. I went in today thinking I was gonna get some real good deals. I was going to use the overage on other items, it doesn’t work that way. I was bummed. But they do double online printed coupons and our Safeway doesn’t. Guess we can’t have it all.

  3. Brad Hill says:

    Where does one get a “Twice the Value” coupon?

  4. Ami <3 says:

    Ive been trying to print these since I realized these would be free since sunday. Anyone else having trouble with finding them on the sites?

  5. courtingcouponing says:

    Hi, how do Twice the Value coupons work? Do you know if this is available in SoCal? TIA!