Have you tried this Unreal line of candy at CVS? They advertise it as the “unjunked” version of your favorite candy bars. Free and unjunked? Sounds good to me! If you didn’t catch this deal the first time, be sure to head over to the CVS Facebook page and print a coupon for free Unreal candy! Enter your CVS card number and email address, and the coupon will be emailed to you. Redeem in-store by 9/1.

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11 thoughts on “Last Day to Claim Your Free Unreal Candy Bar at CVS!”

I liked the non peanut m&m type and liked them. The peanut ones are not so tasty.

I tried getting this at my CVS and when she was scanning the coupon it said it was already used…weird bc that was the only one I had. Did anyone else have this problem?

I tried the chocolate caramel peanut candy bar and loved it! It’s like a Snickers bar, but I think tastes even better. And is better for you!

Tried this one as well and while it’s definitely not a Snickers it was pretty good.

Good to hear!

I tried the M&M type – nasty!


Coupon is showing up as already expired for me. =( Boo. My husband tried one of these and love them!

I tried the unjunked peanut butter cup. I wasn’t impressed.

Mine was the chocolate caramel nougar bar…not impressed either

Darn, that’s the one I was thinking of going for. Thanks for the heads up!