Did everyone get the free HammerMill Copy Plus Copy Paper at Staples last week? It’s our lucky day because the deal is back! Buy a ream of HammerMill Copy Plus Copy Paper and get it absolutely free with a Staples coupon and an Easy Rebate!

HammerMill Copy Plus Copy Paper $6.99, regular price
Use $2.00/1 – HammerMill Copy Plus Copy Paper Ream – (staples.com)
Pay $4.99, Submit for $4.99 Easy Rebate
Final Price: Free

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23 thoughts on “More Free HammerMill Copy Plus Copy Paper at Staples!”

I can’t find the coupon on staples.com :( Where do you go?

Use the link in the scenario above to print the coupon. It will take you directly to the coupon : )

how many coupons can you print out? i tried 2, but the coupon code is the same.. can i use both of them, or will it be fraud? thanks.

I’d print out two just in case, although some stores are scanning one coupon twice.

if i want to buy two, do i need two coupons or just one since the coupon says limit 2

You will need 2 coupons if you want to get 2. I bought 2 reams of paper last week with one coupon and it only took off $2 once. On the coupon it says, “Each item purchased can only be discounted by one coupon.” I think it says limit 2 on there because you can only get 2 rebates.

When I used the coupon last week, the girl only scanned it once. After I walked to my car and looked at the receipt and saw that, I went back in and the manager re-did the transaction and scanned the coupon twice so I got the $2 off of each.

The manager doesn’t really like me because of my coupons :) so I’m probably better off using two coupons and going two different times.

We really shouldn’t need to print out 2 coupons – since they are identical but I did it anyway. When I did the deal last wk., I asked the clerk if I needed to have 2 coupons since I was allowed to get to reams but she seemed a little bit befuddled and never really gave me an answer. She did take both the coupons from me. I think that’s the best thing to do print 2.

Last time he left me buy 2 with one coupon.

I was wondering how often can you do them. I also did it last week, can I do it this week too?

YES, you can do the deal every time they offer the deal. NO PROBLEM

Is the rebate different from the last one? Because that rebate had a limit of 2 per household. Which I’ve met, so will this rebate be an additional 2 per household?

Yes, you can get 2 per customer just like last week. I printed out 2 coupons (from my Staples email I rec’d this AM) because the coupon does state that “each item purchased can only be discounted by one coupon”. I had handed in 2 copies to the clerk last wk. but I was never able to get a clarification as to whether or not I actually needed 2 copies of the coupon. I wanted to be safe rather than sorry. I have NO idea why this says I am a “parent”. I never said I am a parent. I’m a 69 yr. old KrazyKatLady who loves to coupon!

If you click on “parent” it gives the post you responded to… your response is the child and the original comment is the parent.

Yes, this is a new rebate!

does the rebate come in the mail?

The rebate can come in the mail or you can elect to have it deposited in your PayPal acct. if you have one. I’ve always had them mailed to me. I don’t know what you have to do to get your money “out” of a PayPal acct. I’ve been doing Staples Easy Rebates (submitting all info online – nothing to mail) for several yrs. with no problems.

how long does it usually take for you to receive the rebate through the mail?

I recently rec’d 2 checks. I had submitted my info on 7/22/12 and rec’d 1 check on 8/17/12 and the other 1 the next day on 8/18/12.

So long that I’m going to figure out the Paypal method! I’ve bought the paper and the other deals every week and can’t complain about free paper.

Paypal is great because you get your reward much faster! If you have a paypal account (which is free), once you see the money in there you just hit the transfer button and transfer it to your checking account. It’s really very simple, and no fees are attached to do it or receive the money. =) (Though dh loves getting the checks in the mail – just fun for him I guess. LOL)

Thanks for your great answer, Jcatz824! Yes, you can choose. Staples rebates are really very convenient.