Yeah! Vistaprint is, once again, bringing us more FREE products! Choose one or choose them all. Items available are: 250 Business Cards, Rubber Stamp, T-Shirt, Calendar, 4″ x 6″ Photo Flip Book, and a Tote Bag. All of these items are free; just pay shipping. The best news: the more you order with Vistaprint, the cheaper shipping will be per item. If you choose to purchase a single item, shipping ranges from $5.00 – $7.00.  But, I was able to purchase all of the items and my shipping was just over $12.00! As you can see, it’s definitely a better value to purchase more. Hurry, this offer is only valid through August 31st.

Here is how to snag your six FREE Vistaprint products!

  • Head over to Vistaprint today.
  • Browse the selection.
  • Design one or all! Add pictures, text and icons.
  • Add finished products to cart.
  • The easiest way to add multiple items is to add one and go all the way through checkout. Then come click this link again and add the next item.  All items will be saved in your cart until you are ready to completely check out.
  • Please remember, you will have to click through several pages of “offers” to get to the final pages of checkout.  Do not click any of these offers or you will be changed full price for them.
  • Go to checkout. No coupon codes are needed to take advantage of this deal!

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13 thoughts on “6 Free Items at Vistaprint!”

  1. rheannon says:

    My calendar added a $2.49 charge for upload fee.

  2. msbecky2010 says:

    I got 25 checks, personalized small tote bag, personalized 20 pg 4×6 flip book, coffee mug with 6 picture collage, personalized post it notes, & small rubber stamp with address for $17.94. (total before was $70.40)

  3. Karen Li says:

    Thanks got all 6 for $8.48 :)

  4. Becca31 says:

    Thanks so much I just made my wedding album and got a couple other things all for the shipping price of $7.69!!

  5. rpjp827 says:

    im pretty sure they raise the shipping prices for this promo..but I still got 250 business cards as testers, a stamp and a bag for 7.69 shipping only.

  6. jessmiles03 says:

    THANKS for the link! I just ordered 4 of the 6 items and paid only $8.20 for shipping :)

  7. Michelle England Elser says:

    I think that you can only purchase one of each item, and there are six different items. When I tried getting two calendars, even with going through the link above, it still charged for the second calendar.

  8. rpjp827 says:

    It is still trying to charge me for the 9.99 for 250 business cards..but I didnt add any of the extras??

  9. Wendi says:

    Remember next time to shop
    through the Box Tops Marketplace to earn eBox Tops for the kids school.
    Vista Print gives 5 eBoxTop per $10 spent. If the kids school does not
    collect Box Tops then do it for my kids school. :) I can try can’t I?
    It’s my job as the Box Tops Coordinator for Crestmont Elementary (95661) :)

  10. Kristendenise says:

    You can’t any of your own photos on the items or you pay, which is pointless to even use the site. It won’t let you get the item without a picture.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Ugh For some reason i can’t get vistaprint to show up:(

  12. says:

    ahh i see. you have to chose the tshirt from their designs and not click through to other designs. they are extra…figured it out!

  13. says:

    hi! My tshirt is coming up in the cart as 8.39…did I do something wrong?