Who enjoys cleaning the toilet? Not I! Although, I do enjoy new products and saving money, which makes that dirty job a little more bearable. Print a coupon from Lysol’s Facebook page to save $1.00 on a Power & Free product. Pick up a bottle of toilet bowl cleaner for just $0.87 at Target!

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24 thoughts on “Lysol Power & Free Toilet Cleaner, Only $0.87 at Target!”

  1. Don says:

    My $Tree in Sol Cal. did not have them.

  2. Ana Ferreira says:

    Is this coupon still available? is there any link to go straight to print it? I played the game and did not get the coupon ;-(

  3. netherfield says:

    Yeah, I looked around the website and couldn’t find it either. Thanks Esther for saying how it works.

  4. swatson says:

    Love this, I got 2 Lysols used 2 coupons i got from facebook. I had a coworker do the same and she gave me her 2 coupons so i got back in line and bought 2 more.

  5. mamas says:

    I played the game and got to the end and then it said calculating score and stuck there for 5 mins…

  6. lgas says:

    so do you have to print 2 coupons or buy 2 lysol products or both to get the deal. sorry, I’m a little slow at this.

  7. Meny73 says:

    How I play the game , show me the “ready , go” and stop there I click the entire screen but the game never start!

    • MickiB says:

      Same here! I tried many times, even updated my internet and adobe flash player!! Still no luck!

  8. MickiB says:

    Hi all! How do I play the game?! Maybe I need to update something?? But it gets me as far as the hand pointing at the counter, I can click “skip instructions” but that is it. I want this coupon! :-p

  9. Pond says:

    Printed 2 :-) You gotta play the game then you can click on coupon to print.

  10. anne cline says:

    didn’t get the coupon!

  11. Samantha♡ says:

    I was only able to print 1. :( I hate my HP printer. It always has a paper jam issue. I guess it’s just with HP printers because every HP printer I have bought in the past 10 years always has a paper jam issue.

    • sully says:

      never had a problem with my hp printer and it has being with me for 7 years now. You should check and see if the little wheels are worn out and change them.

      • Samantha♡ says:

        I checked and the little wheels are still fine. I think it’s just HP. Maybe not yours, but mine. :/ I think it’s time for me to stop buying HP or least the HP All-in-One.

    • Anonymous says:

      The hp printer we had always use to do that. We recently bought a brother and it works perfect.

      • Samantha♡ says:

        See, I knew it was HP. :/ For the past 10 years I have bought 3 different HP All-in-One printers and they always have paper jam issues. I guess it’s time to get rid of this printer.

  12. Paramy Blake says:

    you can use this coupon at the dollar tree too bcuz i got two for free but remember only 2 printed online copies can be used…the cashier sd it doesn’t have to be the exact item as long it’s the same brand!

  13. you have to play the game and afterwards the coupon option to print will appear.

  14. I don’t see the coupon either. ?

  15. Where is the coupon at? I don’t see it.