Today is the Walgreens Friends & Family Sale! Click here to print a coupon for 15% off almost everything in the store and 20% off all Walgreens W and Nice! brand products! Let us know if you score any awesome deals. Happy shopping!

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20 thoughts on “Today Only! 15% Off at Walgreens!”

I am not able to get to a coupon to print, is this no longer available?
I have the phone APP should I check there?

The Friends and Family day was yesterday! The discount isn’t valid today. Sorry!

I went to a different Walgreens than I usually frequent yesterday. I guess something was wrong with their system that morning and it wasn’t ringing up any tax. I was in a rush since I was on my way to work, so I just grabbed the Renew Life heartburn and the motion sickness strips. It was $13, only $11.05 after the 15% coupon. I had 11RR from last week (Kraft and chex mix) and I handed her my two rewards. She didn’t even try to scan them and was just commenting on how she doesn’t think she can use them since their system wasn’t ringing up tax…..I looked at her like she was just spouting nonsense and I knew it. LOL! but I stood my ground and she scanned both RRs and they went through perfectly. All I paid was a nickel. She then said that I was really lucky that their systems weren’t working correctly and then gave me my receipt and literally tried to push me out the door. I told her no, and that I needed my catalinas. She turned around and sure enough, the catalina machine had spit out a 10RR and a 3RR. She grunted, handed them to me, and repeated again that I got lucky. I thought it was entirely ridiculous, but I was in a rush and I got my deal so oh well!! Lol

I saved 100% today at Walgreens . I spent .63 for $44 worth of merchandise and received a $5 RR for my next shopping trip. Now that’s Krazy!!!

That IS krazy! Great job!

Is there supposed to be a bar code?

No, you can just show it to the cashier!

wish i knew that yesterday… went in and already shopped last night! bummer

I’m sorry!

This was my first trip couponing at Walgreens ( I am new to this). I saved 73% with coupons and 15% off. with register rewards I spent about $7 for $50 worth of merchandise. I didn’t think this was too bad for a newbie.

That is GREAT for a newbie, or for anyone! Nice job!

I forgot to give the cashier my phone to deduct the 15%. Asked the manager about adjusting 30 seconds after I paid and he gave me a whole song and dance. :( So I missed out.

I’m sorry!

Picked up the Purex that’s on sale for $1.99. Used the 15% off coupon, (2) $1 off Purex detergent coupons and (2) $1 RRs and got 4 bottles of Purex detergent for $0.69 each. I paid $2.76 OOP + tax!

That’s great!

I’m guessing that these discounts can’t be combined with the Register Rewards, right?

They can! You will still receive a Register Reward for a qualifying purchase!

Yes! All of the freebie items (after rewards) become moneymakers today! There are also some other good deals – the Crest toothpaste, Fusion Razor, etc. I love Friends and Family days!

Me too!

so awesome. I had one crest coupon left so after tax, I made $2, then a little under $2 for the next 2 transactions of just heartburn out and the motion sickness freebies. Made $5 in all. Yay! With the Pfizer moneymaker, this was a good week for me and Wags (whom I have steered away from since they are a mess!)