Now is the time to stock up on Kraft Salad Dressings at Safeway! These dressings are buy one get one free, plus there is a coupon available and an awesome Catalina. This trifecta of coupon, sale and Catalina doesn’t come around every day, so get it while it’s here! The deal does require five Kraft coupons, so enlist friends and family to help if needed. You can also mix and match this deal with the other participating Kraft items to get the $10.00 Catalina. Check out for a full list of participating items.

Here is the breakdown on this Catalina:

Buy 3-5 Participating Products, Receive $2.00 Catalina
Buy 6-9 Participating Kraft Products, Receive $5.00 Catalina
Buy 10 or More Participating Kraft Products, Receive $10 Catalina

Buy 10 Kraft Salad Dressings, 14-16 oz $3.69, regular price
Buy One Get One Free
Buy 10, Receive $10.00 Catalina
Use five $1.00/2 – Kraft Dressings, 16 oz – (
Pay $13.45, Receive $10.00 Catalina
Final Price: $0.35 each, when you buy 10


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39 thoughts on “Kraft Salad Dressing, Only $0.35 at Safeway!”

  1. Jessica says:

    Does anyone know the contact info for the catalina company? My catalina did not print.

  2. Ashley says:

    I missed out on the printable coupons. If you did to check your personalized Just for U deals I have a personalized price on these of 2.08 im gonna try this tomorrow if the BOGO is still going on buy 10 pay 10.40 get the 10 Cat and pay $.40 for all 10!

  3. Monil says:

    Does anybody know when the 10 catalina end i want to get some lunch meat

  4. andij73 says:

    Went to my Safeway yesterday (N. California) and tried this deal as well as the Catalina deals on Honey Bunches of Oats, Del Monte Veggies and Crystal Light. Not a single Catalina printed. UGH! That’s $10 worth of Catalinas that I didn’t get. What in the world happened?

    • Burg_Girl says:

      The catalina is only for limited items. Like Kraft products and Oscar Meyer products. The Crystal Light is part of the promo but you have to buy 10 of them to get $10 in catalina coupons. Do some looking around and you can find a full list online of what is included in the catalina deal :)

  5. ssgtsdaisy says:

    I was able to get 10 Oscar Meyer hot dogs for FREE plus .10cents overage. 10 bottles of Kraft dressing for $6 overage and 10 crystal lights for FREE (I had 10 .50 tearpad q’s, which doubled)

  6. I just bought 10 Kraft dressings used $10 catalina paid .40cents & received another catalina! Happy dance!!! =)

  7. LauraPants says:

    is the b1g1 deal still on? I see there is a new ad now but it isn’t shown. I wanted to go tonight or tomorrow…

  8. Jane says:

    Has anyone tried rolling the Kraft Catalina yet??

    • joyjoy1417 says:

      I rolled mine from the hotdogs to the lunch meat and to the Crystal Light. Worked perfectly. Gonna roll it to the salad dressing next. :-)

      • LauraPants says:

        what’s the crystal light deal?

        • joyjoy1417 says:

          Buy 10, get $10 Cat for Kraft and $3 for Crystal Light. They are on sale for 3 for $5. A little over $3 for 10 Crystal Light.

          • LauraPants says:

            Do we need a coupon? I missed that one somehow?

            Also you just did the b1g1 today? I wasn’t sure if it was still going with the new add.

            • joyjoy1417 says:

              No coupon for the Crystal Light, though I heard some places have $.50 peelies. Not mine. But still a good deal. Bogo was still on this morning. I think they added a weekend add for the holiday but this deal should be good till Tuesday.

            • LauraPants says:

              Thank you!

              I got…
              10 hot dogs, 10 deli meat, 10 dressing, 10 crystal light, 2 Balieys Creamer, 2 laurys marinade
              alllll for about $25 with $4 cat!

    • Burg_Girl says:

      I rolled mine 11 times :)

  9. joyjoy1417 says:

    Woohoo!! Bought 10 hotdogs, 10 lunch meat, and 10 Crystal Light for about $20 OOP with $13 Catalina still left. Wanted to do the salad dressing next but wasn’t sure if my Just4U coupon would take the $1 off on each item like the hotdogs and lunch meat. Has anyone tried using just the Just4U coupon on the salad dressing and not paper coupons? Did it take $1 off each of the paid item or on just one item?

  10. ssgtsdaisy says:

    I’m heading out to try the Oscar Meyer deal. I hope it works. If it doesn’t, can I return them?

  11. Tonia Shunk says:

    At my local Safeway in Colorado Springs, CO, the Kraft Dressings are $2.99, BOGO. So with this whole deal, it turns out to be a moneymaker, I believe. Its only $.05, but you get 10 dressings for free!

    • Anonymous says:

      Check your just4U account. I am in Broomfield, CO and the just4U made them 2.01 – an even better money maker.

  12. Shandi Kemp says:

    I don’t have a safeway anywhere around. Closest one is in IL and I live in IN. So here is my question. If I order online can I still use multiple coupons and is there a store card I can get to put in for deals, and where would I find coupons with codes that I can enter online?

  13. Jane says:

    Oscar Meyer Hot dogs are also free this week as well! They are 1.99 each, but there was a $1 off coupon in my just4u account and it applies to all of them not just 1 to take it down to $1 each – then you get the $10 back! Awesome deal! Also, my just4u account had a coupon for the capri sun and if you printed off the $1 off coupon last week, that makes them only $78c each! I also then purchased 4 of the crystal light 7 count packages (3 for $5) used 2 -$1 off of 2 mc and then bought 6 oscar meyer hot dogs making my total $16.16 and then I got back $10 for Kraft and $3 for crystal light! Such a good week!

    • joyjoy1417 says:

      My just4u coupon states “one-time” for the hot dogs. Will it still apply to all of my purchases if I purchase more than 1 in a transaction? Does that go for the rest of the just4u coupons that say “one-time”? I’ve always thought that meant I could only purchase 1 item for that price.

      • Jane says:

        Mine says the same thing but I had been reading on another blog that it was working for the entire transaction and it did! And I turned around and did it again and it worked then too;) so it seems my answer from exPerience is yes and yes! Oh and all of mine said one time use and appeared to work for all items purchased.

      • mari says:

        I just came back from safeway and did the hot dog transaction and it came to $10, i also used 5 $1 off 2 coupons with NO beeping and brought the total down to $5. i also had a $2 off total transaction q from previous deal and got a $10 reward q back!

  14. so i just did this deal at safeway but if you check your just4u account you might have a personalized deal for the salad dressing mine was 1.88!!! so my dressing was free and didn’t use coupons bc i used my coupons up at walgreens this week to get even more free salad dressing!

    • mayfz says:

      My just for u has a personalize deal for 1 off on the dressing BUT as a one-time only offer. I don’t know if these deals will work and I don’t know if I can return them if I don’t get the catalina coupons … Any advice?

  15. Burg_Girl says:

    Anon, Check Safeway’s coupon policy. They can not choose not to accept a manufacturer’s coupon so that is wrong.
    Mindy, it is .35 because they deducted the $10 catalins from the price because you made $10 off buying the dressing.
    If you check your For U price it may be even cheaper!! My for you price was $1.88 so I got the BOGO deal and used the $1/2 coupons and paid like $6.18 (I think it was). Then I kept rolling my $10 catalina coupons but had to get a >60 cent filler item each time. I went to two stores (because I didn’t want to take all the product at one store like a lot of people do) and got 100 bottles of dressing all for the original $6.18!!! Also at the end I still had a $10 catalina to spend :) YAY!! I’m having a spaghetti feed to benefit my daughters sports so I’m super happy!!

  16. Mindy Kloss says:

    This doesn’t seem like it’s adding up right. First of all in the pic, it says $3.29, not $3.69. The BOGO and $1/2 stack sounds off because you have to purchase 2, and that excludes the free bottle. Am I correct?

    • Burg_Girl says:

      Look at my above comment I didn’t know I could post a reply :) Even if you pay the $13.45 the first time, you can keep rolling your catalina for $10. Every 10 you buy you will get another $10 catalina and only pay $3.45 per each 10 after the first 10 by using your catalina. There is no limit so you can just keep going. Make sure you do 10 dressings per check out to get the most for your money. Then when you have enough dressing you still will have a $10 catalina left over to spend on anything in the store!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Using the $1/2 coupon is not the same thing as using a coupon on free item per the safeway policy. So, for example, the breyers is b1g1, and there is a $1/1 mfg q. I cannot use 2 of those mfr qs on the breyers since one q is only on the free item. Hope that makes sense.

  17. anon. says:

    My Safeway chain store does not allow coupons on free items so this would not work :(