Joanie and I are sick off all the excuses we are hearing about why people can’t coupon! :) Here is the first video in a series of 3 about the couponing excuses we keep hearing and how to combat them.  Excuse number one: couponing takes too much time.

Check back tomorrow for Excuse #2!

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I actually stopped couponing because of this very reason. I then started up, because as stated in the video, I ran out of items and had to pay regular price! I couldn’t bear paying retail knowing how much I really could’ve spent and started couponing again. I strive to only pay $1 or less for any of my items. I spend a bit of time each week, mainly storing my list of coupons in a spreadsheet so I know exactly where they are. Then going through deals already done for me by coupon sites such as the krazycouponlady, then comparing it to what’s available to me. If it wasn’t for sites like this I know I’d spend a whole hell of a lot more time than I already do, so I’m soooo grateful for the time they do spend on it. I’m back in the game, and I love it so much more. It takes a little bit of time, but the savings are what’s worth it to me.

Thanks for all of your hard work and these videos

I started couponing about a year ago when I lost my job. At first it amounted to less than $10.00 every grocery day (2 weeks). But then I found this coupon site and it had me hooked. I have been able to save anywhere from $100-$200 every grocery day and have now stockpiled so many staples. The first time I had a savings of over $100.00 I had a crowd watching I now carry my binder everywhere, even when I go out of town. It’s become a way of life for me and I never pay full price for anything anymore (except gas). My husband, who before couponing would never shop with me, now insists on going with me to see what I do. We went to Target one day and before coupons my total was $70.31, after coupons it was $0.00.Needless to say, he was amazed. It does take some time to get used to, but I spend Sunday and Tuesday afternoon’s going through the sales, making my lists and organizing my binder. I can not imagine anyone who wouldn’t want to save a few bucks these days.

I have slacked off on my couponing because my newspaper rarely has the coupons I need to complete a scenario. I have found myself printing more coupons than clipping coupons out of the newspaper. :-(

I have in the past taken breaks from couponing due to different reasons. Couponing has become a way of life for me. I keep this site pulled up at work and check it all day long and weekends I keep an eye on it bcause there’s so much savings from your posts. This is a great site to find where the saving are they are doing the work for you, all I have to do is grab my binder and go. This also gives me something to do during my lunch, so no wasted trips. CVS is my favorite store and the only time I go to Walgreens or Rite Aid if there’s a deal I can pass up. My family can tell when I don’t coupon and they are will to take an entire day to help cut coupons if I need help. I do put alot of time in it, but I enjoy it. Couponing made it possible to work only one job. I was going to get a second job and thought I would try couponing and found that I make more couponing! Thank you for this site and all of your help ladies. I get to spend more time with my family, because of couponing!

My husband and I live on less than $1,000 a month with no government aid. We do things responsibly; we carry health insurance, we pay our bills on time, etc.
Cashiers often tell me “Well, I tried that. I can’t coupon.” For me, it’s not a matter of whether or not I am good at it; I have to coupon! I have to check sales and price match!
Thankfully, with great sites like this one, I can find enjoyment in couponing. :-)
I also get told that couponing takes too much time… of course, by people who watch their daily dose of TV.
We also try to be do-it-yourself-ers! We were told it would cost over $1,400 (at least!) to fix our car and were able to do it partly ourselves and partly with a friend’s help for under $500. That is some big savings!!

People see my binder and ask me questions all the time, and I consistently get asked about how much time it takes. I don’t think it has anything to do with time — It’s easier to complain about not having any money than it is to actually cut out coupons. In that sense, it’s just like diet and exercise and all the other things people complain about, but never do anything about.

One of the best ways I save time is by glancing thru each insert and ONLY cutting the coupons for things I know my family likes/needs or frequently uses. I might buy those items sale or not, or find them on mark down racks. Other than that I file them in a large accordian file and only dig thru when the shopping lists that my favorite local bloggers are put out each week. That way, I only spend 1-2 hours on the weekly list cutting coupons. I do spend another hour a week looking through my emails and printing the predicted match up coupons from the internet. For me it makes it more manageable and since I save $100-150/wk I’d say $50 is well worth my time. Also, I’m so appreciative of the time the bloggers take to provide such great lists, thanks KCL!

I too thought that couponing was time concuming and not worth the time. Boy was I wrong!!! I get a rush going into the stores and getting a number of items for next to nothing. The trick that helped cut down the time it took in cutting the coupons was separating the pages and cutting about 3 sheets at 1 time. About a week after I figured that out, I read it somewhere. Better late than never. My mini stockpile consists almost all of CVS and Walgreens items. I now have to concentrate on the grocery store. I’m hoping to figure that out and get a grocery stockpile.

Papercutters are a lifesaver!

Good video with helpful tips…But seriously……..Spit out the chewing gum……looks bad!!!

I was thinking the same thing, Sue, it’s not professional.

I am a self-proclaimed ‘lazy couponer’ and proud of it. I do not maintain a binder… too lazy. I date my inserts, clip them together, and store them in a travel case. I know my limits and avoid overwhelming myself. KLC and a few other couponing sites (for my geographical region) do all the work for me. I also have an app on my phone for a coupon database (so if I stumble upon a good unadvertised sale, I can still go to my trunk and clip the coupon I need). My stockpile overflows and my bank account hasn’t been doing so bad either. Thank you, KLC!

I do the exact same thing w/the inserts:) I see the people with binders in the stores & I keep telling myself I will never have 1 of those!!! lol

well US with binders are organized and can flip to categorized coupons for sales that we come across in the store and pull the coupon… it is a great and organized way to prepare ahead (including your grocery list printed out by aisle like ours offers on their website) of time, have a pencil pocket compartment that each coupon is put in when the item is in the basket and not before (no more flipping through them in your hand or in one of those coupon organizers with the flap of old….this way you are only carrying and using coupons that you will actually use instead of keeping those that you MIGHT use. I pass my coupon pages I wont be using on to friends so they can coupon without digging through recycling bins. That way if 6 of us participate and I DONT use COLGATE but my co worker does then she has 6 colgate coupons and I have 6 of something she doesnt use…. I for one feel organized and very proud thanks to KCL site and others that I know where the best deals are, I have the coupons and my stockpile is HUGE…..but it is for items we use or will use that dont expire (TP, PAPER TOWELS, LIGHTBULBS, BLEACH, DETERGENT ETC)…. happy couponing all

I’m also very happy with a coupon binder. It’s pretty difficult to take advantage of unadvertised deals and/or clearanced items without having organized and clipped coupons at my fingertips. I like to squeeze every penny I can outta my Sunday inserts. Why leave the majority of them at home? I get more of a return on the investment with a coupon binder.

I had stopped couponing because I have been sick for the past 6 months but I am getting back into it. So I watched your video very good with lots of information but the fact you were chewing gum was very distracting. I look forward to more videos but please don’t chew gum on video it is unprofessional.

Are there still coupons in this Sunday paper even though it’s Labor Day Weekend?

No, there are no coupons since its labor day weekend :) and y’all I have to say couponing is very time consuming especially when you work full time, go to church on Sundays,(which is when some people go into the stores when the sales change and clear shelves), and have a family, so I have to disagree with the comments sayin everyone has the time. I do like the tip to pick one store! That’s an awesome idea that is really simple but I just never thought about! :)

I go to church on Sunday too, and I have a husband and 2 daughters (2 and 3) and I’m in a band so we have practice Sunday night. It’s tough because I can’t be the first one to the store in the morning, but I will go to drug stores Sunday afternoon or after band practice, and then I go to the grocery store later in the week. I don’t work, so I’m not sure how that would change things for me, but I just hope you aren’t trying to make excuses :)

“I just hope you aren’t trying to make excuses”…okay?! I said it was time consuming and you’re concerned I’m making excuses? ..about what? …

People say they don’t have time…….but I agree what is your priority? For us all we have is food stamps for a family of 5 and our budget is $400 so working or not kids crazy schedules or not…….I spend the time to coupon BEFORE it became a cool thing to do………I can say that with out couponing my family wouldn’t have survived on the only salary my husband could get $15,000/year. That was 3 years ago…….So I KNOW that couponing is the ONLY fair way to get ahead when life makes things rough. I speak from experience……my couponing has trickled down to my 2 school age kids…..this year for the 2 kids ………an entire school wardrobe, new sneakers, a salon haircut, and school supplies with a new backpack and lunch box only cost us $50 total …….watch those sales! I save all those target gift cards for my back to school stock up they add up! Especially when you are getting something for $1 or less and then get a card for $5 or $10 just for purchasing a certain number of things!

I agree with you on the food stamp thing! I am a new single mother with a 200$ a month budget for food, so you`ll see me in those recyling bins getting out coupons and i invest time! But in the end its soo worth it!

OMG, I am in the same boat as you. I learned and still learning how to coupon for about less than a year. I have 3 babies in diapers and could never stay in budget with all the bills and groceries we had to buy with only my husbands paycheck, and now we are able to go a little camping or go to the beach for a day. Couponing has helped our family a lot. Thanks to KCL

An aside … Heather, do you know why the comment system doesn’t separate paragraphs? It used to. I’ve noticed lately that comments with more than one paragraph all run together. It’s a lot easier to read lengthy comments if the paragraphs are separated.

Couponing does take time. That’s reality. Whether or not someone is willing to spend the time to do it is all a matter of priority. It’s no different from anything else in life. Take house cleaning for example. Some people want their home to be spotlessly clean and make it a priority to take the time to maintain that standard. Others don’t mind a little clutter and dust and don’t want to spend so much time cleaning.
Coupon shopping is a tradeoff between time and money. Think back to high school ecomonics and the law of diminishing returns. You can spend a chunk of time on something and get good results; or you can spend a LOT of time on something and get results that only marginally better.
On that premise, I can (and do!) spend a chunk of time — several hours a week – to plan a menu, research sales, matchup coupons, and shop. I don’t keep track of every penny, but when I take the time to do this planning, I spend probably a third to a half on grocery and household purchases than I would if I did not. I could spend a lot more time and save a lot more money, but the incremental time involved is not worth the additional savings to me.
Everyone lands somewhere along this continuim. Some people are willing to spend a lot of time to get rock-bottom prices and save as much as possible. Others just want to be quick with their shopping and not be bothered with how much they can save (who I doubt are even looking at this blog). Most people, though, are up the middle somewhere. Whether someone is closer to one end than the other is an individual matter.
For those who want to learn to coupon shop, there is a learning curve involved. Couponing virgins will spend a lot of time learning the ropes and figuring out a system that works well for them, or they will get pretty frustrating pretty quickly. For experienced couponers and bloggers to say otherwise is, in my opinion, not realistic. Now, it’s true that it does get easier once you get the hang of it. It’s like any skill — the more experience you get under your belt, the easier it gets, and the less time it takes. But at first, it it time consuming.

At my work, 4 out of the 5 ladies want me to teach them how to coupon. But 3 of the 4 say they just dont have the time, can’t understand the deals, and would literally just rather i print, cut, and organize all their deals and go shopping with them! now that, i would not have the time for.. =) but i spend maybe an hour each week and generally save 65% or more at each trip, which is once weekly to 2 or 3 stores max. and its all thanks to the krazy coupon lady’s wonderful matchups- most of the work is already done for you right here! =) happy couponing everyone

I am learning how to coupon a beginner as you say, and I have people tell me the same thing. I would coupon but it takes too much effort and time I don’t have. Or they will say how do you have time to do that, or is it really worth it. Well since I am just learning yea I know I am gonna have to spend some money to get a stockpile but I don’t have a choice! I have a family of 6 and before I learned about couponing I was having to go to food pantries to get any food I could to make it thru. I have found myself bummed when I went to a food pantry and they gave me toilet paper, old make up, and cookies. I thought oh my Gosh what will we do. Then I decided it was time to learn to coupon. I have been researching everyday how to learn to put the deals together and to be honest I have found it extremely exciting to cut and organize my coupons and get ready to go shopping. I went on my first grocery “couponing” spree last week and had a little less than 200$ to spend. I got all kinds of soaps and cleaners, and had so much food in my cabinet that I went and got my husband on his lunch break just to show him how much food I had. I did spend the $200 but I got about $400 worth of items. I know I can do better so on my next trip I am striving for $400 in items for $100 or less. :) I can’t wait to have a stockpile and never have to be hungry again. And I thank KCL for this site as it is teaching me so much everyday!!

Good for you, Shandi! Doesn’t it feel good to be able to take care of our families and not have to worry about where that next meal is going to come from? For me, the effort put in is more than worth it from a time perspective. I also walk my husband through our stockpile every week and feel such a sense of relief whenever I see it because we are constantly worried about him losing his job. At least we will have a good cushion of items to fall back on if that happens. Couldn’t do it without all the couponing I do. I love this site and really enjoy the fact that we can all come together here to share our successes.

Good for you! It gets easier and you get better the more you practice. Congrats! From a law of attraction standpoint, I am always amazed at the deals I attract, and the abundance is simply amazing. Just wait until you can skip a week or two and do something fun with your grocery money! :)

I often hear people tell me they don’t coupon because they don’t have time. I try not to judge them. I truly believe everybody has time. It just needs to be important enough to you in your life to take the extra time to do it. 1 year ago I was spending 750-1,000 dollars on groceries. I know this because my receipts kept track at kroger so i could get the gas discount. today, i spend 300-400/month. I’m proud to say that not only have i saved money. But i gained so much else in return:
I understand sale cycles
I know what’s a good sale and whats just nonsense
i can now teach my kids the value of a dollar
In summary, couponing has made me wise the world around me. I feel like i’m so much smarter now! No excuses for me. I’m a die hard. I tought my sister how to coupon and she was living paycheck to paycheck. It’s not just about saving money. its about living smarter for me :)

i totally agree and im so happy for you that couponing has made your life better =D