Excuse #2: “I can’t coupon because all the store policies have changed!”  We are hearing tons of excuses, and this is a popular one! Watch the video to get our take on it!

Watch Excuse #1: It Takes Too Much Time! 

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10 thoughts on “Couponing Excuses: All the Store Policies Have Changed!”

  1. Leona says:

    Just a note to say THANK YOU for all your good work

  2. Will Jablowme says:

    Get a room!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I hear these excuses all the time and it’s not me starting the conversations about couponing. People will say Oh, you coupon. I want to but I don’t know where to start. I’ll give them this website and they’ll start with the excuses. My problem is even though stores limit the amount of like coupons per day the employees will let certain people use as many as they like even if it says limit so many on the coupon itself. It doesn’t stop me from trying for the freebies or great deals but it can get annoying when so many of us follow the policies and the few that clear the shelves are the ones that most people pay attention to that give couponers a bad name. Love these videos and this site! Thanks for all your hard work to keep us less savvy couponers in the loop :-)

  4. kathleenjudy says:

    Thanks Ladies! You are the best. I use your website all of the time. I have learned how to save on all of my groceries thanks to you. I tell the ladies at work that couponing is my part time job. I truly am a crazy coupon lady. I have my stock pile of my basics. I share with my sister and donate the rest. Thank you a million times over for all of your help. It is truly worth my the time to coupon.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I agree that it’s good for store policy changes. I like to stockpile, please, don’t get me wrong! But to stockpile for me is to buy 4 shampoos and 4 conditioners because I don’t have a big family (it’s only my hubby and me) and it’s kinda frustrating when I want to go get one pack of pads and there’s none on the shelf… So, like you said, it’s nice certain limitations and, at the same time, it can be a hassle when you shop by yourself and have to use only one Target coupon per product… But, we are all smart and get to learn the new policies and how to get around if there’s a limitation… Obviously, the right legal way. I don’t see it as an excuse to stop couponing… But it’s something we can’t control and should not stress about… Just saying… ;)

  6. kathleenjudy says:

    Thanks Ladies for all the help you give us. I tell everyone at work that couponing is my part time job. It saves me so much money. It helps me save. My brother had to take early retirement do to job loss. By using coupons I have cut our grocery bill in about half. I have my stock pile of my basics and share with my sister and donate the rest. I thank you a million times over for your web site. I don’t know what I would do without it. Keep up the great work. The thing with couponing is to plan your shopping trip and try to stick to the list. It sure works for me. Again, Thanks!

  7. TheSmartestFish says:

    Thanks Ladies! These videos will encourage me to keep going while I am in school. Being a full-time student and full-time employee is so hectic! So, this semester I made up a schedule to make sure I continue to coupon and save my most busiest and hard working money! And still have time for family, homework, daily workout, and the 3 Cs: Church, Coupon, and Cleaning on Sundays! LoL Thank you for all that you do-you make it easy for me! And I totally agree on the limits of coupons people are able to use through the day for example Target. Yesterday, I finally found the Bic Razors for free because the store had stocked up during the middle of the week I suppose and I found some before the coupon expired and also some clearance items I combined with the TQ and MQ. :D it was a good Sunday :) And it also helps to have a coupon friend! I finally found my Krazy Coupon Lady Friend! YaY!!

  8. rahularora78 says:

    I see that you have a list of printable coupons listed on one of your pages. Now, all those coupons do not apply to me as I neither have kids nor pet(s). I would greatly appreciate if you would post the available coupons in the form of a table, segregated by source &/or aisles. That way I can download a list & make it available offline for me. Being a coupon newbie, some things that me & my wife realize are while we are out shopping. And the internet signal inside a store is usually not as good. Therefore, having access to the list stored offline would save me a lot of time & gain me a lot of deals.
    Thank you