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Walgreens Filler Items: Week of 9/2

This week there are some great Register Rewards promotions at Walgreens! Since it’s tricky to roll rewards, here’s a reminder: If you are using a Register Reward, you cannot use a manufacturer coupon on a filler item. The number of manufacturer coupons and Register Rewards used as payment must be equal to or less than the number of items purchased. To read about how to shop at Walgreens, click here, then click on the “Walgreens 101″ tab.

Filler Items, No Coupon Required

Maruchan Ramen Noodle Soup, 3 oz $0.19

Wexford 2-Pocket Folder $0.20 each, when you buy 5 OR $0.29 each, when you buy 1

Wexford or Splash 2-Pocket Poly Portfolio $0.99

Palmolive Dish Liquid, 10 oz $0.99

Filler Items Using In-Ad Coupons

Swanson Broth, 14.5 oz or Campbell’s Chicken Noodle or Tomato Soup, 10.75 oz $0.59

Nestle Candy, 0.77-2.1 oz $0.59

Nice! Olives, 5 or 6 oz $0.99

Bumble Bee Chicken or Tuna, 5 oz $0.99

Gatorade, 32 oz $1.00

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8 thoughts on “Walgreens Filler Items: Week of 9/2”

  1. swatson says:

    my local walgreens has pencils for 25 cents and highlighters for 35 cents i have been using the pencils as fillers

  2. cpalmer says:

    “Can’t” as in you technically shouldn’t, or can’t as in the computer won’t let you? I’ll have to check my receipts but I could have sworn I paid for a transaction with register rewards today and used a coupon for some of the items I purchased.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you had the same number of items (or more items) in your transaction than you had manufacturer AND Register Rewards used as payment, then you are totally fine! You only need a filler item if you are buying one product with a manufacturer coupon and trying to pay with a Register Reward, as an example. Does that make sense? Read about this policy under the “101″ tab on our Walgreens page.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Don’t know much of a deal this is, but here it goes anyway. I used cottonelle coupon for .50 off and used the 1.00 off coupon in their September coupon booklet. I got 3 of the 12 packs and recieved $ 3.00 back in register rewards. It was good for me hopefully someone else will think so as well

  4. buchick_99 says:

    Ramen noodles was 6/$1.00 @Kroger which came out to $0.16 each