A Krazy Couponer can either fret and stress over missed deals or move on with optimism!

Lower Price: Ever use all of your coupons right away to stock up but a better deal soon comes along? It’s not the end of the world! Worrying about missed opportunities will just waste valuable time and energy. Let it go and be confident that more great deals are coming your way.

Missing Binder: It’s sad when you go to the store and come across a super unadvertised deal only to realize you left your coupon binder at home! Take this occasion as a lesson to always bring along your binder or at least keep it in the car.

Cycling: Coupons and products come in cycles, so when a good deal doesn’t come along, don’t distress! You’ll likely see the coupon or another excellent deal in the near future.

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17 thoughts on “Extreme Couponing Tip: Don’t Stress Over Missed Deals”

when I click on a krazy Coupon Lady deal on my phone , the square box that says my list shows up and covers up the words . how do I remove this ?

Along the same lines as missed deals is expired rewards! (any from Rite Aid, Walgreens, CVS). I think to date, I have probably let around $40 to $50 more expire across those stores in the past 3 years I have been couponing. That is a huge amount but life gets crazy at times and I have just not kept up on the expiration dates.

I was recently in CVS in Houston area and a lady in front of me used her expired ECB. So it might be worth taking them in and asking. Good luck. :)

Yes, feel free to ask your store. Some will allow them within a week or two of expiration dates.

I may have been that lady 😉 I am bad about letting my ecb’s expire since I don’t go into CVS as much as I used to.

It is worth calling around to multiple locations and seeing what their
policy is. Some don’t take them, and some might take them even up to a
month. I called a CVS and explained that I haven’t had a chance to use
them and that I would spend more money than what I had in ecb’s if they
offered to take them. How I see it is that they are getting some money
by me using my expired ecbs versus me throwing them away and they don’t
see any of my money! It might be worth explaining that to them as well! Good luck.

Hello just a quick question….Did the 9/2 Newspaper have any coupons? I know you normally post this info but some how I missed it or can not find it.

no…usually we don’t get any inserts on holiday weekends

Thanks so much

While it’s sad there aren’t inserts on most holiday weekends, it can be a great time to get printable coupons and clean out your binder! :)

Mu binder has lost a few pounds this past end of the month! Lol… And add to that the “vacation” weekend with no inserts! Lol… 😛

I literally laughed while reading this. We went on vacation and my coupons stacked higher and higher and higher! I purged all expired coupons, but I never got around to filing the new ones. My husband said my binder was anorexic. I now call filing my coupons “feeding my baby”.

Lol… 😛 Don’t purge them! You can donate them to the troops 😉 At least, that’s what I do… :)

Thanks for helping out our military, Pamela!


That is the funniest pic I’ve seen on a couponing blog yet. Thanks so much for the laugh :) :)

You’re very welcome, laurad143 :)