Anything as rewarding and fun as couponing can be addicting. Once you start couponing and saving big, it can be hard to stop or slow down. Many newbies, after experiencing their first coupon “high” or that rush when you save big, want to cash in on every sale at every store. The result can mean burnout. So what’s a Krazy Couponer to do? Read on!

Start and Stay Small: Though it’s tempting to go to eight different stores every week to get all the great deals, stick with one or two when starting out. Learn the coupon policy, and focus on those weekly rock-bottom prices. With know-how, still keep things on a moderate scale. Seasoned coupon shoppers may frequent one or two grocery stores and a drugstore each week. This saves on fuel, time, and a big headache!

Sale Cycles: Remember that this is not the one and only time that toothpaste will be free or pasta will cost a quarter. The industry standard for coupon and sale cycles is three to four months. Instead of buying a three-year supply of spaghetti sauce all at once, just get enough to get your family by for three to four months. For non-perishables, having a year supply is a good target.

Stockpile: Once you gain a reasonable stockpile, you’ll be heading to the store less often. You’ll already have all the shampoo and deodorant you need for the next year, and your cereal stash will put your neighbors to shame. A stockpile also frees you from having to run to the store every afternoon to buy what you need for dinner. Instead you can go “shopping” in your stockpile and spend more time cooking, studying, or having family time.

Set a Pace: Couponing is not a sprint, so there’s no need to dash about to every store as fast as you can to beat every one else. Your worst enemy is yourself if you take on too much. Set a pace you can maintain. Sitting down and scheduling couponing time (clipping, organizing, planning out trips, and shopping) can be very beneficial. Know when to slow down, focus on other things, and you’ll find couponing to be a relaxing, enjoyable, and profitable hobby!


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6 thoughts on “Extreme Couponing Tip: Don’t Chase Every Deal”

I found that once I had my stockpile it was easier and not so hectic planning my coupon runs and the then I could target the really good sales and save even bigger thanks to the Krazy Coupon Ladys and bloggers.


Agreed. I can now plan my shopping trips to take advantage of the best sales and don’t spend as much time driving all over town going to 6 different stores in one day.


Great advice. Finding a fantastic deal CAN charge you up and make you want to accomplish the same winning combo again and again. Everything in balance is a smart move. And on a related note: there is no real need to wipe out the shelves and leave nothing for the other shoppers. Order bulk stock ahead of time. 😉


Agreed, Jillian. Pre-ordering is a great way to get the quantity you want and ensure you don’t clear the shelves– a win-win situation 🙂


How can you tell that far in advance to pre-order?? How do you forsee there being a good deal?


What I do is look at the ad the day it comes out (usually one day before the sale starts) and see if there is a great sale price I can match up with coupons. If there’s a product I use frequently that will be a rock bottom price, I give the store a call and ask to place a special order. These can take 2-4 days to come in, so you’ll have time to gather your coupons up and cash in on the deal before the end of the ad week. For more, check out this link: