With fall quickly approaching, it means one thing: rain. In my opinion, rain boots are the only way to turn rainy weather into a good time. My family has made countless memories simply by throwing on a pair of rain boots and tromping outside in the downpour! Here’s an inexpensive way for you to make the same memories. Through September 9th, Totsy has a collection of kids’ rain boots on sale for only $8.00. And, if you are placing an order for the first time at Totsy, shipping is free. Otherwise, shipping is a flat rate of $7.95. Click here to find your perfect pair!

Similar rain boots are close to triple and even quadruple in price. This pair of rain boots at 6pm.com: $19.99. This pair found at Kidorable: $29.00.

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6 thoughts on “Kids’ Rain Boots, Only $8.00!”

  1. Alice Pin says:

    ok how do i get free shipping? i sign up today using my

  2. shevy says:

    :( Couldn’t buy any because they didn’t have my daughter’s size. I did however get her a Dora the explorer Mr. Backpack with map included for 9.25. Still a great deal since I would have cost me close to $20.00 last year.

  3. o:( says:

    NOt true. This was my first order and I was charged shipping….

    • annabuliga says:

      for me the shipping was automatically discounted off at the check out, the problem i had was that after i added my items to my cart and proceeded to check out, they were not available anymore.

  4. Amanda says:

    How is the free shipping on your first order supposed to work? This was my first order so I figured it’d automatically take off the shipping or at least ask me to confirm the price before proceeding. But it didn’t. I got charged the 7.95 for shipping. :( What should I do?

    • Marla says:

      I just called because mine said the same thing. The only way the free shipping applies is if you signed up with in the last 30 days. The free shipping only then will come off. But if you are like me I signed up several months ago and just have not ordered till now. You missed the offer like me, hope this helps.