My eyeliner goes missing–a lot! My guess: because of its shape, it rolls away…somewhere. With the Target coupon, I can buy a few more for only $0.44 and not have much to lose, when I lose it! 


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6 thoughts on “N.Y.C. Eyeliner, Only $0.44 at Target!”

  1. N says:

    price in seattle? often listed target prices are way less than in seattle. last night i went to get dr scholls and they were TWO DOLLARS MORE than listed on this website. boooooo

  2. Vanessa says:

    It’s under beauty and it says .50 off a New York Color Cosmetic Items.. It has a picture of a bunch of makeup items.

  3. katrina says:

    i cant find this coupon on the target coupon website. can someone help?