Most of the time, I try to be resourceful when it comes to cleaning. I give old toothbrushes a second life as drain scrubbers; dingy T-shirts become window washers. But I don’t dare clean the toilet with an alternate method. A toilet brush is in a league of its own, which I’m perfectly content with. Finding them for less than a quarter is a rarity!


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25 thoughts on “up & up Toilet Brush, Only $0.19 at Target”

My local Target seems to cost just a little bit more… regular price for these were 1.29, so I spent 29 cents on this.

Still a great deal!

Is anyone else having trouble printing two of the Target coupons? Now, after I print one, it tells me it’s already printed and I can’t get a second.

I was able to print both.

You could try printing more if you have access to more than one computer. I use my husband’s computer to print extra.

I was also told that the toilet brush is not a cleaning item, and have been told the same thing about the $1 scrubbers before… I have a really hard time with this coupon when it comes out, I wish if would specify if we are only allowed to get sprays, wipes, cleaning “utensils”, or whatever these cleaning “items” are… When coupons are specific, I think it benefits the stores, mfrs, and customers

I was able to use it for the toilet brush without any problems.

The coupon did “beep”… 9 out of 10 times my Target coupons do prompt the cashier to hit the accept the item purchased anyways even when I purchase exacty what is pictured on the coupon! lol The cashier did agree that it was a cleaning item though. I mean u do clean with it right? So she pushed it through. I only go to certain cashiers at Target though, because several of them give me a hard time when I have coupons!

We call that “cashier profiling”, ha!

Yes, this is true!

THANKS KCL ,.. picked up two today! Coupon scanned with no problem.

You’re welcome!

rock on! I totally needed this, was gonna go to Dollar Tree for it, but Target is closer! Thanks KCL!!!

Sure thing!

I tried the coupon on sponges and the lady said it did not work b/c it had to being a cleaning solution and not an item. :( so she would not accept the coupon

If the cashier does not take my coupon, I ask for it back and go to customer service. The coupon says nothing regarding “cleaning solution”, it says “item”. Many times, the cashiers look at the pictures vs the verbiage, which causes the coupon to be rejected.

thank you i will have to try that. And yes you are so right about looking at the coupon, thats exactly what she did. Oh well, I guess I will try it again and if they don’t take I will go to customer service, thanks

Better luck next time!

i always print in black and white and my pictures doesn’t even print, which means the cashier is force to read what is written on the coupon. It also save money on ink too and since saving money is the reason we coupon it seems like a win/win situation to me.

I was told the same thing today, she said a sponge isn’t an item, I asked her if it isn’t an item, what is it? She told me it’s a cleaning utensil!! LOL I just laughed and said thanks anyway, I’ll try again next time!

I’ve never heard of a cleaning utensil! Next time you could try a different cashier. The younger males tend to be less stringent.

I can’t find the up & up toilet brush coupon.

it is listed under household: up & up cleaning product

Ive been looking under household and there s nothing for cleaning.

Olive Oil is $3.99