Life gets busy. And while taking occasional small breaks is beneficial, consistency in couponing is the key to saving money.

Burnout: Chasing every deal and shopping at a lot of stores each week makes for fast burnout. A good remedy is to step back for a few days or a week, focus on other things, then come back to couponing. We all need vacations, even from such a great hobby! A short hiatus will give you renewed energy for the future.

Scale Back: Quit couponing full stop? Now is the time to reengage! Start small, getting two newspapers each Sunday and periodically checking deals we post on KCL. Once you’re back in the groove, remember to keep things at a manageable pace and balance work, family, education and other hobbies. Couponing should be just one part of life.

Enlist Help: Many who used to coupon may have waned due to lack of help or support. Enlist friends or kids to help clip coupons, share deals and trade coupons with others in your community.

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9 thoughts on “Extreme Couponing Tip: Renew Your Coupon Commitment”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I scaled back a little too. I’m a single mom working full-time who is currently taking some classes AND trying to get some exercise in between. I’ve let some good deals go but I’ve learned that they will eventually come back…maybe even better ones. I buy one or two newspapers on Sunday and clip only the coupons that I will be using that day (if any) and I’ll clip the rest during the week as I have time. One thing is for sure though: I will never stop couponing no matter how hectic my life is because if I weren’t saving that money using coupons, I would have to use money from my savings to pay for all these great deals and freebies…but instead i’m adding to it!

    • Anonymous says:

      Awesome outlook, iLoveFree! Life can get tough and busy, but couponing in moderation can definitely help make things better :)

  2. Kb says:

    I scaled back awhile ago, just out of sheer necessity because my schedule has become so crazy. And it’s actually been a relief because I now just go for a few deals here and there for things that I know we are getting low on, or brands that I like using that I want to stock up on. It’s actually more rewarding this way (and less stressful) to take it slow and to even pass up deals — which I do often now. The bad thing for me, is I have accidentally let so many rewards from the drugstores expire and that makes for a sick stomach because I feel like I threw money away — but it’s not the end of the world and life goes on:) Also, even with letting rewards expire (which isn’t something I strive for obviously) I have, overall, saved money, so it’s still a good thing!

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s great that you’ve found a way to make things work, Kb! And I know how you feel about those expired Rewards. You may want to ask your store if they’ll accept recently expired ones– some stores allow rewards that are within a week or two of their expiration date.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Something that has made a big difference for me is that I no longer clip coupons every week. I have a large plastic file box with 12 hanging file folders (labeled Jan-Dec) and I file the inserts by month, unclipped. I may still cut-out and file a handful of coupons that I KNOW I will use before the expiration, but everything else gets put away uncut. I’d rather spend an hour clipping specific coupons the day before shopping, than spend hours each week cutting out and filing everything in my binder, only to have 75% of them expire before I use them. The only downside is that I don’t have instant access to everything while at the store, but with the online blogs and forums, I usually have my full shopping trip planned out before I leave the house anyways.

    I scaled way back with couponing over the summer. It was more important to spend the time with my family, but now my DH keeps saying, “We’re out of this, and we’re running low on that…” so I have to get moving again, lol.

    • Anonymous says:

      The organizing by date method definitely saves time up front, then you can devote the amount of time you want preparing. Best of luck revving things back up, Beka! :)
      For any newbies, check out this link about 2 main methods of organizing your coupon binder to see which works best for you:

    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks so much for sharing. I haven’t had time to clip coupons like I used to but haven’t figured out how to handle the inserts. I think your method will work perfect for me.

      • Anonymous says:

        I use binder clips to clip like inserts together, and I also write the “Last Expiration Date” on the outside. When I first get the insert, I quickly flip thru, figure out when the last coupon expires (for example: 12/31/12) and make that note, so I know when the insert is “done”. This will help with purging old inserts, without having to open each one up.