UPDATE: This offer is no longer available.

As if our stockpiles aren’t already full of different varieties of KY, click here to grab a free sample of Astroglide! There are many, um, “non-traditional” uses for lubricants. My personal fave is using it to un-wedge a little troublemaker’s head from between the rails of the staircase. Or the fence. Or their fingers from Chinese finger cuffs.

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8 thoughts on “Gone: Free Sample of Astroglide”

  1. Cindy Stahl says:

    Error (10104)
    Sample is not available.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Make your own bubbles for blowing with dish soap and a shot of astroglide. The astroglide added to the dish soap makes large bubbles

  3. Emily says:

    OK, at the end of the question it said to answer this question correctly. It just said “9-two?” I entered 92, 9-two… I don’t know what they want. Any suggestions?

  4. Pause85 says:

    Speaking of KY… I just got KY Yours+Mine on clearance at Target for 10.49. I used a $7/1 Q and there was a $1.50/1 peelie Target Q making it. 1.99!