Last month, we scored up & up foam scrubbers for $0.25, and that’s a great deal. If you missed out (or not), I have great news! Print a new $1.00 off an up & up cleaning item coupon that makes them completely free! Print it now and add it to your Sunday shopping list.


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81 thoughts on “Free up & up Foam Scrubbers at Target!”

  1. couponmania says:

    Wouldn’t work. Register beeped and cashier said I couldn’t use it, but couldn’t explain why.

  2. Kassandra Lee says:

    I can not find this coupon!

  3. Laura says:

    I haven’t read all the comments about cashiers not accepting a coupon if the register beeps, so I’m not sure if this was pointed out…but I read on the coupon that the value of the coupon cannot exceed the value of item. I have noticed that every coupon that was even a penny over the amt of the item would beep.

  4. Nikki says:

    I can’t find this coupon on the Target website anymore… Is it over already?! :(

  5. ljfree says:

    I went to Target yesterday for the sponges deal, and was told by the cashier as well as the manager that I could not use it and that it had to be a “liquid” cleaning product. Making things up as they go along……

  6. sscake19 says:

    Went to a young male with my baby in tow and coupon beeped – he passed it through :-)

  7. Anonymous says:

    try another browser. I have a problem with them printing when I use google chrome, but when i use firefox…..wa lah presto bango COUPONS :)

  8. Caycers says:

    I too have been having trouble using my up and up cleaning coupon. I was told it can not be used on any accessories only like soaps and stuff.. also, i could only use three coupons and I asked well I’ll do a different transaction, and she said no because they get video taped and it’s against the rules… ugh

  9. courtingcouponing says:

    At the front of the store where they have the dollar deals, my target had all pink dot items for 70% off. I found packs of 3 scrubbers (just the green part and not the sponge part like in the picture,) flashcards, erasers, steel wool, and many other things for .30 cents each! Not free but still a great deal with no coupons!

  10. tessa says:

    i cant find this coupon anymore

  11. katlee says:

    *sigh* I just want to give up on coupon. My $2 off neutrogena off any face product was denied since the face make up wipe was $1.99. Yet my glade that was $2.99 went through just fine with a stacked coupon of $3 off. So can you or can you not do price adjustment for coupons? Oh and my Up & UP $1 won’t go through for dish sponges either. I guess Target must think those sponges are for personal uses. Couponing is way too competiive and we’ll just go somewhere else.

  12. Jen says:

    Just did my transaction at our store here in Tucson. The Up & Up cleaning coupons worked for the sponges, although I did point out to the cashier, as some of the commentors suggested earlier, to reduce the value of the coupon to 99 cents. As for anyone saying that they’re not cleaning items that’s just idiotic. Glade oil diffuser coupons worked too, both manufacturers’ and Target’s. I did split them up though, 2 separate transactions, got 4 Glades in all.

  13. kam.s says:

    I was buying the glade oil diffuser 3 in the same transaction but the cashier said the coupon policy changed and I can only use one manufacturer coupon(I was using the $5.00 MC and $1.00 TC) did someone have this problem in the phoenix area

  14. Olivia Zimmerman says:

    My target is really weird about adjusting coupons down, even when it’s ONE CENT! ;( Does anyone know if in their policy they “have” to adjust it down or is it by stores choice?

  15. couponlearner says:

    I can’t find the Target up & up cleaning item coupon on their website. Has anyone been able to find it today (Sept 8)?

  16. nikkio312 says:

    My cashier wouldn’t take this coupon b/c it was for more than the selling price of the item :-( She said that their policy has changed and they can’t do any adjustments. I couldn’t do the Dr Scholl’s deal for the same reason. Boo.

  17. leslie says:

    Ok, my problem being as it says you can not exceed the price of the item on the coupon, which means you can’t get it free.

    • Anonymous says:

      I just used my UP & UP pain coupon for the .99 one and both (yes I said both) went thru fine and i walked out paying nothing.

  18. Eva says:

    I had the same issue too at my Target in Pasadena Texas! I called the manager the next day to see if maybe I could go to CS & get my coupons honored. She said she did not consider paper towels a cleanig item, more of a liquid. That was really ridiculous! You cannot clean with just a liquid. Maybe I should try what Rhonda did, state is says “cleaning item” & not” cleaner”

    • guest says:

      This coupon absolutely should NOT be used on paper towels. Paper towels are a paper product, regardless WHAT you use them for.

    • guest says:

      Trying to use this coupon to get free or almost free paper towels really is quite a dishonest stretch. It’s ridiculousness like this that is going to cause Target to tighten their strings and wording on their store coupons! Shame on you!

      • Anonymous says:

        ummmm. what do YOU do with paper towels? apparently not “clean”.

        • guest says:

          PAPER PRODUCT!!! YOU ARE NOT SMART!!! LOL. You must also be a dishonest person. I choose not to cheat the system. I use Norwex cloths with collodial silver in them to clean. The cloths sanitize using water alone. I don’t have to cheat the system to get FREE paper towels like you. Shame on you too! People who don’t understand coupons shouldn’t use them.

          • Anonymous says:

            ROFL. I never used a coupon for anything other than what it stated I could use it for. Matter of fact I am forever asking “my girls” at the check out if they are sure I can do this, that or the other thing because I dont want anyone getting in trouble.. And why are you listed as guest?

  19. Anonymous says:

    I cant find the coupon on the Target website! :(

    • Huggatree422 says:

      I just went on the Target website to print some other coupons and I noticed that coupon is gone now. I already printed mine a couple days ago it was there.

  20. rhondagwyrick says:

    The register stated that this was not a valid coupon for the item. However, I told the cashier that it states a “cleaning item” and not a cleaner and she just overrode the message. So, I was able to get it for free!

    • katrina says:

      just got 2 free the register also said not valid. I told her it was a up & up cleaning item and she overrode it also…love free items

  21. ssom says:

    cant find the coupon anymore…is it just me?

  22. Whitney says:

    Don’t all target coupons say that coupon value may not exceed value of item though?

  23. Huggatree422 says:

    I went to Target to get the free scrubbers. I had no problems with my cashier willing to use them. I separated my order into two transactions of different things. The first order I had a balance to pay but the second order was supposed to be free except for tax. The register wouldn’t let her put the coupon in she tried a couple times so i just took it back. I guess I should have grabbed a small item to pay for and maybe it would have accepted the coupon?
    Also all the toilet bowl cleaners at the Target I went to were gone. Thanks guys
    : P just kidding.

  24. SlinnAnna says:

    I print my coupons in black and white and the picture really doesn’t print on them. Not really anything for the cashier to dispute when there is no picture to confuse the issue.

  25. Anonymous says:

    For those of you having problems – ammonia is also a cleaning product and I only paid .12 cents for it with this coupon. It will beep for everyone, but that is because it needs adjusted down. If you tell the cashier this, it might help.

  26. Ribbon Lady says:

    I love our Exton Target and their cashiers. I try to go to the more mature check out person or someone I know has worked there for a bit. But, I haven’t had the bad experience so many of you mention. I always smile and assume the transaction will go through as planned…I don’t demean the person…I don’t demand. A little honey goes a long way…and I find now a few of them wave me over when they see me getting close to the cashier. Love Target! Wish I’d discovered their coupon friendliness when I had children….

  27. Anonymous says:

    I mentioned already on the other post that my target will not push the q through for the scrubbers or the brush, but I wanted to add that I admit to cashier profiling; KCL is 100% correct about the young male cashiers. I think my problem is my target has maybe 3 male cashiers and they never seem to be working when I go… I think after the 2 times I had to talk to the manager about this q; the female cashiers know me and judge me, because when I tried this week with a new employee, an older woman cashier “casually” walked over to supervise my check out…

    • Anonymous says:

      I usually go to them too, but they have even been difficult lately :(
      Its ever since the ‘new’ policies took effect, maybe things will settle down in a few months

  28. magresk_12_12_90 says:

    Target always gives me issues when it comes to coupons. That’s why it’s so important to bring the coupon policy with you, for this store ESPECIALLY…ever since I’ve started couponing ‘ve NEVER had a smooth transaction here. But if you just keep your cool, explain why you’re right and show them that in the coupon policy, they shouldn’t have any issues. If that still doesn’t work, I’m sorry! I hope everyone has better luck from now on!

  29. Marty says:

    I don’t have a problem with the cashiers, I just tell them its not up to them, If you think I am wrong then call a manager over here and they can instruct you on proper procedure. When they put your name on the front of the building then you can make up your own policy. At Walmart once I had a cashier point to her name tag and tell me she was a CSM, I just told her to go get a manager because it was apparent it was her first day on the job. She did get a manager and then she got some on the job training on price matching.

  30. DB says:

    I was able to use this coupon at my Target. For those of you who are having issues with cashiers saying it’s not a “cleaning item” have them look at the receipt. I’ve noticed that items are categorized (i.e. “grocery”, “health-beauty-cosmetics”, “cleaning supplies”). The sponges were placed under the “cleaning supplies” category. I tried uploading a picture of my receipt so you all could see, but it didn’t load-sorry.

    If I remember correctly, the receipt prints out at the end of the transaction, but maybe it is categorized on the their computer screen as well. Just thought it might help clarify that the sponges count as a cleaning item. HTH!

  31. Cait says:

    How many Target coupons for the same product can you use in one transaction? For example, if I have three of the Target up and up cleaning item coupons, can I purchase 3 foam scrubbers in 1 transaction. Or do I need to do 3 transactions? Or would I need to go to the store 3 separate times?

    • jcb430 says:

      Target’s coupons state one per customer. So technically you are only supposed to use one. However, I have never had a problem using more than one of the same Target coupons in a transaction even though it actually is against store policy. So it probably depends on the store or the cashier if they allow it, but you will not be able to argue if they refuse since they are following the store policy. I also hate to say it, but I totally cashier profile. Even when I am following the store policy to the letter, I always seem to have far more problems when I go to an older female cashier than when I go to a young male, or a young female if there are no young males available. Sad but true. I feel like older females tend to automatically assume you are trying to cheat them if you use any coupons at all. Hope that helps!

      • HSkyles says:

        LOL…I totally cashier profile too. I am glad I am not alone on this one. :)

      • Anonymous says:

        Like I have said before, try and get a cashier that looks friendly (usually a nice young man. lol ) and then try and stick with them. When I went yesterday 2 of my “guys” were there. Hope I didnt hurt the others guys feelings for not going to him but the other guy was 1st lol. And P.S. I walked right by a nice young lady. Once you have an issue with them and they push the coupons thru when you point out the wording usually if you continue to go to the same person you wont have many troubles.

        • guest says:

          You cashier profile because you cheat the system by buying incorrect products for the coupon. Like buying PAPER TOWELS with this coupon. Double shame on you. I’m sure the ladies on this site would not say using this coupon for paper towels is savvy!?

  32. Anonymous says:

    I’ve had so many Target cashiers dismiss my coupons as not being valid when they beep (even their own!) or tell me that I didn’t buy the item…all without bothering to check my purchases. I always stand my ground because I know that I’m following the coupon restrictions. I calmly ask the cashier to read the coupon as I show them what I am purchasing and they put them through. Many of these cashiers need to be trained on how to handle coupons and sometimes we’re the ones that have to do it.

  33. Anonymous says:

    I would like to see a day where all pictures are removed from coupons except for the company/brand logo.

    Like @TheKrazyCouponLady:disqus , cashier profile- I usually go for the young male ones. They “pretend” to look through my bag for the beep’d item, and just push the coupon through. Of course I’m buying the correct items- I didn’t use that cleaning coupon to get $1 off my Peanut Butter or whatever.

    Target also needs to be more clear, concise, and more specific on their coupons- for example “Cleaning product (includes: sponges, chemicals, blahblablhal)”

    I apologize for those who are having trouble :/ Better luck next time?

    • CouponClipper says:

      I cashier profile too! LOL I always try to go to the males. Horrible I know but less of a hassle with a squirmy one year old that HATES shopping. LOL

  34. Lindsay S. says:

    Mine said the same thing! After it beeped I told her it was for the sponges, and she said I would have had to buy the toilet cleaner that was on the picture. I showed her where the coupon said it was for any cleaning product and she also told me it would have to be some kind of liquid cleaning product. I seriously don’t get why some cashiers are so focused on the picture. Why in the world would the coupon say “ANY cleaning product” if I was only supposed to buy the toilet cleaner?? I feel like it’s just common sense.

    • Samantha♡ says:

      WOW! Your cashier is straight up making stories. Smh! First she says it has to be the toilet cleaner and then she says it has to be some kind of liquid cleaning product? You should have told her she just got caught in her own make up rule.

      • fattyoscar says:

        i had the same problem with a cashier, so i read the coupon to her really slow and made sure to emphasize on the word “ANY”…. she accpeted the coupon :)

    • JelGarcia says:

      I had the same problem, the cashier kept focusing on the picture!

    • Rosey says:

      i had this same problem at kroger this week. i was buying 2 of them venus embrace razors and i had 2 $4/1 MQ for any refillable venus razor. the cashier and the csm both argued with me that i had to buy the venus with olay thats in the picture. when i pointed out that my Q said ANY refillable venus then they decided to try to tell me that the razors i had were not refillable when its clearly visible on the side of the package that it comes with 2 refill cartridges inside the package! such rudeness from them!

    • Joy says:

      Same here! I tried to buy the gallon of bleach and they wouldn’t accept it. The cashier and manager told me they must go by the product pictured and not the description. In my opinion, if the coupon was for toilet cleaner it would say “toilet cleaner” NOT “any cleaning item”.

  35. Anonymous says:

    If it beeps, I just point out that it is probably because the value of the coupon is $0.01 higher than the cost of the scrubbers, and they usually just put it through with an adjusted value of $0.99.

  36. Sims says:

    Ladies, this is how you solve the problem that you all are having… tell the cashier to just try scanning it… tell them that if it’s not the right product then it won’t work.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ummm no I am not telling them any such thing. 1/2 the Target coupons don’t scan for what they “say”. What I am thinking the problem is is this. Someone sitting behind a desk makes up what THEY think the coupon SHOULD be used for. Sends a list of those SKUs to someone else. They get entered and then when you try to scan something THEY didn’t think of then it BEEPS. Just guessing but I have been in retail long enough to know “THEY” never think anything through.

      • guest says:

        1/2 the target coupons don’t scan? So untrue. More like maybe 10% if you use the coupon for the correct item. Don’t give out information about what is right or wrong when you think it is okay to use this coupon on PAPER TOWELS… which is not a cleaning product. And when you buy paper towels they don’t pop up under the cleaning supplies category.

        • Tina says:

          Geez. You’re acting so immature. If YOU don’t think it’s ethical, then worry about yourself.

          • guest says:

            You fed right into me by responding! LOL! You obviously are immature. Just couldn’t help yourself, right? You must think it’s okay to also use this coupon incorrectly? If so, then you are the fool… not I.

  37. Anonymous says:

    I’m sorry so many of you are having problems! While it’s ultimately up to the discretion of the cashier and/or manager, the best thing to do is cashier profile! You can always explain that you use sponges to clean things. Hopefully you are more successful the second time around!

  38. I *always* have trouble with these coupons *always*, unless I go to one of the few cashiers I know. Do you have any tips on how we can explain these are valid to use on the sponges?

  39. asw0627 says:

    I used this coupon earlier this week and the cashier also tried to tell me I didn’t get a cleaning product. I told him I got the sponges and he accepted the coupon….maybe because my printer does not always print out the picture on the coupon.

  40. UNEswimmer86 says:

    I was also told that sponges weren’t a cleaning product. The cashier went by the picture on the coupon and said that it had to be a cleaning liquid. :o(

  41. Anonymous says:

    They tried to tell me sponges werent a cleaning product. AND it is a limit of one coupon :(

    • Anonymous says:

      Did you happen to ask them what a SPONGE is for?

      • Anonymous says:

        lol, ya he changed the subject to the paper towels that I was also buying and told me that he uses water to clean but that doesnt mean that a person could use the coupon for water. f’ing smart ass, i got mad then.

        • Anonymous says:

          wow. I woulda prob called a manager. And then went and picked up some water and told him the cashier told me that he uses water to clean so i would like to use this coupon for it. lol

  42. q of hearts says:

    This is great! I printed out 2 of these coupons the other day. Scored the toilet scrubber for 19 cents… will use my other one on this sponge! Thanks!

  43. Jennie says:

    Tried today, it has to be a chemical to use the coupon they said. :(