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THE END: “You Might Be a Krazy Coupon Lady If…Photo Contest”

“You Might Be a Krazy Coupon Lady If….Photo Contest” has come to an end. A big shout out to all those of you who participated. Thank you for your creativity, your effort and for being part of KCL!

Unfortunately, we received word that there was some cheating. We’ve thought long and hard about how to best handle this situation. Because we don’t know which photos have received honest votes and which haven’t, it makes determining a winner a bit hard.

After much deliberation, we’ve finally decided to turn the decision over to our KCL staff. We will be collecting votes on the favorites. The top three favorites, taken from the first three pages of the contest, will be announced Monday, September 10th.

If you have suggestions, ideas or comments, please feel free to voice them!

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12 thoughts on “THE END: “You Might Be a Krazy Coupon Lady If…Photo Contest””

  1. M.Oz says:

    Oh… That’s kind of sad, so if- you (the contestant) had choosen to wait
    (to post a photo on the very last day) then you are prertty much out of the contest~ So those people that might just win are the ones that probably posted photos with-in the first 48 hours of the opening of the photo contest… more then likely and possibly could be cheaters as well?!… Having such a high volume of votes and all~
    It’s kind of sad~ some people HAD TO post there photo on the VERY LAST DAY of the contest (on purpose, right up into the last hour of the dead-line) in FEAR that no one would STEAL their create idea(s). It’s kind of sad one photo just about out did them all, her photo and idea(s) were unlike anyone else (something NO ONE thought of) and I don’t think she’ll be getting a chance to fairly win or then again maybe she’ll get lucky and the KCL staff won’t pick from just the first three pages? Maybe they will consider those that waited to post last day so there CREATIVE idea(s) wouldn’t be stolen. Wishing very one luck that entered/followed the rules and totally thought outside the box!

    • jessica says:

      You say that it was posted within the last hour and that she “just about out did them all” . . . so then how was she not on the top three pages?

      Regardless, no one knew that the contest was going to be changed until AFTER it was over. So, did she really think that with an hour to spare she was going to pull off 13k likes?

      I voted everyday and can honestly say I haven’t got a clue as to who you are referring to. Which picture “about out did them all”?

  2. jessica says:

    Another rule that should be included is that people shouldn’t be allowed to enter multiple pictures. I saw one person had submitted two different ones.

  3. Laura Jean says:

    Ha! Coupon ladies cheating…thanks for giving the rest of us a bad rep!

  4. Mella Baker says:

    Really? People were cheating? That’s terrible. I support your decision to judge them yourselves. C’mon people play fair! This was supposed to be fun!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Wow! Sad, sad people, in desperate need of validation. Get a life! KCL rocks and is always so careful to play by the rules. Cheaters……..shame on you!

  6. kelly says:

    I dont see the photos here, where can I find them? I would LOVE to see the pictures and have some good laughs :)

    • jessica says:

      I don’t think you’ll be able to see them anymore since the contest is over, at least not until they chose a winner.

  7. Amelia says:

    I think you guys made a great choice on how to pick a winner. On the other hand I think its ridiculous and sad that people were cheating- I hate when people act like that. It makes life more difficult for the rest of us. I’m glad you guys found out and that you figured out a good way to pick a winner- keep up the awesome work you do- we appreciate it!!

  8. jessica says:

    I think this is the best choice you could have made. It’s not really fair for people who don’t have a tons of friends on facebook. Not to mention some people posted photos of things that didn’t really have anything to do with the contest . . . or coupons for that matter. And, some people used YOUR photos . . . I think that all the contests should be like this from now to prevent cheating, favorites, etc etc . . . and if you win, you can’t participate in any of the others. JMO.

    • Rachael K says:

      I agree, use the first three pages, eliminate those that did not follow the posted contest rules , which will lessen the number KCL has to choose from (some are obvious that there was cheating with exteremly high numbers) KCL had a vision of what this contest would be so why not let them pick the winners!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Where can you see the pictures? I would love to see them.