In this week’s Rite Aid matchup, I told you about an awesome moneymaking deal on Lysol Power and Free Cleaner. If you want to add nearly-free Lysol Wipes into the mix, check out this deal! Go find the Smart Source 8/5 insert and see if you have this great mail-in rebate! It offers free Lysol Wipes, up to $3.00, with the purchase of two other Lysol products in the same transaction. The qualifying purchase must be made by 9/30, and the rebate must be postmarked by 10/31.

Buy 2 Lysol Power and Free Cleaner, 22 oz $2.79, sale price through 9/15
Buy 1, Receive $1.00 +Up Reward, Limit 2
Buy 1 Lysol Wipes, 35 ct $3.89 
Buy 1, Submit for $3.00 Mail-In Rebate from SS 8/5, Limit one per household
Use two $1.00/1 – Lysol Power & Free Product, limit two like coupons in same shopping trip, not to be combined with any other coupon – (
And use one $3.00/2 – Lysol Products – (
Pay $4.47, Receive two $1.00 +Up Rewards and Submit $3.00 Mail-In Rebate
Final Price: $0.53 Moneymaker, when you buy all 3 

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45 thoughts on “Better-Than-Free Lysol Wipes and Cleaner at Rite Aid!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Big disappointment at the Manhattan, NY location I went to. They didn’t have any Power & Free products! Not worth getting a rain check either.

  2. Anonymous says:

    $1/2 Lysol power & free coupons in 8/5 insert (don’t know which one) expires 10/2

  3. kat175 says:

    I believe that I received a rebate from another lysol wipe rebate during a previous cycle. Am I still eligible for another MIR? Thanks!

    • SamanthaLynne says:

      I’m not completely sure, but I think you are still eligible because this is a separate promotion. I’m guessing you are talking about the “Try Me Free” Rebate for the wipes, and if that is what you are talking about, I did that as well, and I have read the rebate over a few times and they don’t mention that one at all, so I’m assuming that it is not relevant to this MIR. Either way, I’m sending one it anyway. It doesn’t hurt to try.

  4. mestizagirl714 says:

    i cant print out the Use the $1.00/1 because it said i print it out too many times but i havent so what do i do.

    • sully says:

      we go them in the inserts too its $1/2 but still a great deal if combine with the rite aid coupon

  5. nyemii says:

    Where do you get the mail in rebate?

  6. holly says:

    Boise, Idaho store on Vista doesn’t have this product at all.

  7. Sammy says:

    You guys are great,thanks for all you do.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Got two this morning, excited to try…mine were on sale and it rang up fine. Happy, the last few weeks I have missed a lot of regional deals, happy to finally get one n my area :)

  9. Ashley says:

    My Rite Aid manager informed me that there was evidently some sort of misprint in the ad, or a miscommunication between corporate and their store. The Power & Free are not ringing up at the sale price, nor are they printing the +UPs. She said they cleared the shelves and are planning to post a printed notice about the mistake. I used the $3/2 RA Q with two of the all-purpose lemon scented trigger bottles of cleaner. Got $1 reward for each one. Wound up getting each bottle for 29 cents.
    If the deal winds up being corrected, I can always go back and get them. My mom has a Wellness card and isn’t interested in this deal.

    • CouponCal says:

      They were available at my Rite Aid, but had no price tags on them. Price check was $4.79. I used the $3/2 RA coupon on large bottles of the Lemon Scented Lysol All-Purpose cleaner, Reg Price $4.49 but only $2.9 each this way. :)

    • amy says:

      same thing here no up rewards and no sale price :/

  10. Rebecca says:

    how can you use the adperk and the coupon from facebook…? they both say manufacturer coupon on them!

    • Anonymous says:

      The Rite Aid coupon says “Manufacturer Coupon,” but it is actually a Rite Aid coupon, so you can use it! Manufacturer coupons begin with “5″ and Rite Aid coupons begin with “RC49″ or “RC48.” You can use one of each of these types of coupons on a single item. Read all about this by clicking on the “101″ tab on the top of our Walgreens page.

  11. fudge says:

    FYI, our region 5,9 our sale starts on a Friday. So Cal

  12. lynn says:

    I asked one of the employees and she went in the back and came out with 2 of them. she said they just got them and didn’t have a place for them and only had the two.
    I am not seeing on the rebate that they have to be purchased in the same transaction. am i missing something? Couldn’t i buy the wipes somewhere else for cheaper?

    • Anonymous says:

      It says that you must include your original receipt showing the purchase of three products, one of which must be the wipes. You could certainly try it using more than one receipt, but we have no way of ensuring that it will work.

  13. NoOdle says:

    found one power and free product. Everything was cleaned out…and this was Sunday morning. (Our sale starts sunday morning, not saturday)

  14. jas1082 says:

    just curious if anyone has been able to find the free & clear products at their RA? It seems my area does not sell this type yet..

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m sorry! It sounds like several stores don’t have this product yet.

    • candace says:

      i found 2 bottles of the spray at my rite aid but they were priced 4.99 each and then my rewards didnt print up, the cashier told me to call corporate. its a new item and it didnt even have a price label on the shelf yet.

    • sscake19 says:

      Yes, all the SD stores have them. Most inventory is restocked Tuesdays & Thursdays (at least here) I would check with your store and then go back on that day.

  15. C says:

    Wasn’t on sale at my rite aid in Brooklyn, ny

    • Anonymous says:

      It was not at mine either but I showed the cashier the sale price in the flyer. She adjusted the price for me. My +UP rewards did not show on my receipt either so I need to call Rite AId tomorrow to have them mailed to me.

    • Kayla S says:

      Same here in Louisville, KY. Didn’t want to take a chance on not getting my up+ rewards. So I went with another Lysol product for the same price and received my up rewards.

    • Anonymous says:

      Bummer! I’m sorry!

  16. Anonymous says:

    wait wouldnt it be a money maker after +Up Reward and rebate ?

  17. archee says:

    I have been 2 rite aid so far in my area ,I could not find this new Lysol product.i am from mechanicsburg,PA.

    • Anonymous says:

      me neither… you may wanna try union deposit rd in hbg… theyre open 24 hours.

      • centralpaclipper says:

        I found the last two in the one on 3rd and Mcklay so they do carry it. It was on an endcap, not with the rest of the cleaners. Hth. Just FYI I’m trying to start a coupon group for our area. Check us out on Facebook at Central PA Clippers.

        • Anonymous says:

          not on facebook sorry. i found some on an end as well on market in the city… win some lose some… why i do my runs at midnight…

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m sorry!

  18. chris says:

    can i use the rite aid coupon anywere it says mf coupon??? thanks

    • Anonymous says:

      It says “Manufacturer Coupon,” but it is actually a Rite Aid coupon, so you can use it! Manufacturer coupons begin with “5″ and Rite Aid coupons begin with “RC49″ or “RC48.” You can use one of each of these types of coupons on a single item.

  19. Anonymous says: