Sweet-smelling homes, compliments of Glade products, are multiplying! Why? Yet another high-value Glade coupon is available. Save $4.00 on an Oil Diffuser Starter Kit and pay only $0.99 after stacking it with the Target store coupon. This is a savings of 83%!


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22 thoughts on “Hot New Glade Coupon—Glade Oil Diffuser Starter Kit Only $0.99 at Target!”

I went to target today and the lady told me as of Saturday. You can not use a coupon for every item purchased. Does this even makes sense?

The bricks.coupons.com originate from various websites whereas coupons.com is a database of printable coupons. Hope that helps!

I just went to Rite Aid and got my 4 packs of Stride gum for free and noted it says limit 4 per household. Does that mean that if I go back tomorrow and try to buy another 4 its going to show that I already got this deal the day before? I’m barely starting this couponing thing 2 weeks ago. please help. Thanks

The limit of 4 is actually for the +Up Rewards, not for the packs of gum. Since you only received TWO $1.00 +Up Rewards when you bought 4 packs of gum, you can still go back and buy 4 more packs of gum and get two more $1.00 +Up Rewards. THEN you will have reached the limit of 4 $1.00 +Up Rewards. Does that make sense?

I went to get this today and was so excited BUT when she saw the 1/$1.00 target coupon she said “you have to buy the candle” (because the coupon has a candle image on it) and i said “no.. it said any glare AIR item” and she didn’t accept it so i didn’t ahve time to complain. What should i do next time this happens…

Print the other target glade coupon, it has spray cans for the pic I believe, but it prints with the same wording as the candle

In this case, you could ask to speak to a Manager. The coupon is valid but because she referred to the picture, I would either cancel the transaction, go to Customer Service, or ask for the Manager. I’m sorry this happened to you!

I recommend opening the Glade Expressions Oil Diffuser Starter Kit and the refill boxes. There are more coupons!!!! They are good until 6/30/2013. :-). I think each of mine had 4-$1 coupons for the various Glade Expression line.

Thanks for letting us know!

I dont see any of these on the Target coupon page, are they gone?

It’s still available! Find it listed under “Household”.

Is this worth getting now, or should I wait to see if it goes on sale?

That’s up to you! If you want an Oil Diffuser now, this is a great price.

I wish i could find mine. In my “bag dumping” when I walk in the door,I seem to have lost it. And yes, for those of you asking ,” if that was a $5 bill would you have throw it in a bag?” Yes…Yes I would. when i am making numerous transactions and trying to get out of the next persons way. :( sad but true. LOL

If I had $5.00 off coupons but it specifically states on the manufacturer coupon, “Cannot be combined with any other coupon”, can I still stack it with a Target coupon or not?

Depends on your cashier, I used a the MQ and the TQ without any problem. As long as they scan it, it works.

Technically, you cannot. But it’s at the discretion of Target to allow that or not. Sometimes it works and other times it doesn’t.

Ayano yes it would make it free : ]

What if you have an older coupon expiring 9/21 that is for 5.00 off… does that potentially mean FREE?!

I have a $5.00/1 that I printed a couple of weeks ago. FREE is awesome!

Yes that would make it a freebie!

i love love love these. the apple is my favorite.