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Free Stride Gum at Rite Aid!

I have a drawer in my kitchen that I keep well stocked with assorted gums! My husband and I know to go there when we need a new pack for the car, purse or office. I can’t resist free gum! Take this new printable buy one get one free coupon to Rite Aid! A $1.00 +Up Reward will print when you buy two packs!



Buy 2 Stride Gum, 14 ct $1.00 each, when you buy 2, sale price through 9/15
Buy 2, Receive $1.00 +Up Reward through 9/15, Limit 4
Use one B1G1 Free – Stride Gum, Max Value $1.00, Manufacturer Coupon – (
Pay $1.00, Receive $1.00 +Up Reward
Final Price: Free, when you buy 2 


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Thanks, Reader shadowmario9001

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44 thoughts on “Free Stride Gum at Rite Aid!”

  1. Michael says:

    The up’s from this deal count from the trident ups too! I bought 6 packs of gum and only got $1up since i had already gotten 3 $1ups from the trident deal. :( .33cents per pack i paid.

  2. ccre_21 says:

    Just got back from Rite-aid (woodruff lakewood, ca) and had another BAD EXPERIENCE with the store manager Sonia Sanchez who rang me up to do this deal. I had 4 coupons (printed from two different computers) and they beeped when she scanned it. She wouldn’t take it and had a LOT of comments about how they don’t take coupons from the internet and that it could be a “photocopy” coupon thats why it won’t scan. She said, everytime i shop in her store, i hurt her business (coz i always use coupons and roll my up rewards). Weeks ago, she even told me to take my business somewhere and that she doesn’t need my business (The Olay BOGO coupon from sunday paper won’t scan). Anyway, I told her my coupons are legit and they have different barcodes and that they are not photocopies. So she said, she will only honor one but they won’t be reimbursed for it she said “it’s like im giving you a free dollar”. I said I don’t need you to give me a free a dollar, i need you to honor those coupons because you’ll be reimbursed anyways. She said one big lie and said, “if a coupon does not scan, we will not be reimbursed for it”. OKAY! From that moment on, i kept my mouth shut already and told her I will corporate office. Then she said, “okay, ill let you do this just this one time” and manually put in the coupon. Geeeez!!!! Long story short, i reported her to corporate and I sure hopes she gets sanctioned for her bad attitude. She’s tried to drive me away from shopping in that store twice already! Anyway, just to warn you guys, The coupon might beep,but don’t hesitate to tell them to manually put it in because they will be reimbursed for it no problem. Sorry for ranting here but i thought you guys should know…

  3. ashley says:

    worked out perfectly!!! got 8 packs for free!!! thanks kcl!

  4. Anonymous says:

    You can only print one? I saw someone said they managed to get 8 packs.

  5. Brittany says:

    I went to Rite Aid yesterday and used the wrong phone # so I asked to do a return and they said they could NOT give me my coupons back!! It wasn’t my usual Rite Aid so they did not know me but what the heck?? I lose coupons if i want a return right away?

    • Anonymous says:

      Unfortunately, yes. Rite Aid’s coupon policy says that if you return an item that you used a coupon for, you do not get the coupons back.

  6. Angela says:

    I live in Norwich, CT and our sale is only 2/$4 for Stride gum. We are so expensive up here! Not fair!

  7. Kate says:

    I am unable to print out the target coupons.. The window that prompts me to allow does not come up. Anyone have any idea what I need to do?

  8. victoria says:

    its a great deal. but how do you opt out for the load to card up rewards so they print?

    • Anonymous says:

      i actually called them ’cause i was cheated out of 19.50+^s we calculated last sunday. they’ll be glad to do it for you thru ra cust service,

      • victoria says:

        oh im sorry about that and i think im going to call too.they really shoukld get rid of the load to card!

    • Jlynn says:

      You can also do it online with their customer service chat person.

  9. Megan says:

    Can I purchase 4 gums and then get two up rewards or do I need to do separate the transactions?

    • Alyanna says:

      Nope, that’s the great part of Rite Aid- unlike Walgreens where it’s 1 RR per transaction, you’ll still get another UP Reward as long as you don’t go over the household limit. In this case, buying 4 gum packets would get you 2 +UP Rewards of $1. =)

    • Anonymous says:

      You can do it in one transaction! Both $1.00 +Up Rewards will print!

  10. Anonymous says:

    I did this deal yesterday using 4 of the coupons and left with 8 packs of Stride gum for free. I always stock up on gum when I see sales like this, as the regular price just seems to be getting outrageous.

    The local Manager of my Rite Aid store also showed me how to have the Cashier go into the menu on their register to do the “Opt Out” for the Load to Card UP rewards. This has come in handy, as I have helped family members and friends opt out so that they can keep getting their paper UP rewards.

  11. Angie says:

    I got 8 trident white pack today and paid 3.75 before taxes and got $4.00 in up rewards. I used the video values coupon and 4 $1.00 off of 2 from the Maxwell House Peelie booklet.

  12. Jamie says:

    I never have a problem with my Rite Aid. They manually push the coupon through, if it beeps, as long as all the identifying criteria is correct : date, address to ship, product, amount, oz etc. My RA’s registers sometimes will beep with any coupons, man coupons, their coupons, the +Up rewards, doesn’t seem to matter. So the cashiers so not bother to call the manager, otherwise the Manager would be @ the register all the time.

    • Anonymous says:

      My coupons beep a lot at Rite Aid too, even though they are good coupons!

      • Anonymous says:

        Mine too! I have actually become friendly with the local manager and joke that whenever they call her up front there’s a good chance it will be me at the register!! She smiles, but sometimes I think she is seething on the inside because she has let it be known how she despises coupons!!

  13. katrina says:

    why does it say target coupon? rite aid excepts them?

  14. Anonymous says:

    When someone does this deal will you please report back whether this coupon “beeps” or not. The Trident facebook coupon and the $1.50/2 Orbit or Eclipse 3 pack coupons BOTH beep and are not recognized by Rite-Aid register and my Rite-Aid will NOT take them if they do not scan. Thanks in advance.

    • Anonymous says:

      That is strange! You can make sure that your printer is printing in high quality so that it will scan without any problems. The next time a coupon beeps that is a legit coupon, you can ask to speak to the manager, and he has the jurisdiction over whether to accept it or not. Besides that, you can always try a different store or call corporate.

      • Anonymous says:

        I have a store that will USAULLY manually put them in, but then the store closest to me will NOT under ANY circumstances take the internet printed coupons if their register does not recognize it. I have a laser printer, so it is not the printer. The register usually says that there is no matching item, which is NEVER the case. I had the $2 ZS-Quill newspaper coupon beep the Sunday that they had it advertised in their ad for the week. I have contacted corporate several times in the last year and they never respond to me. I have now written to the Board of Directors with the issue. I used teh $1.50/2 Orbit 3 packs at Walgreens a couple of days before Rite-Aid so I know that the coupon worked.

        • Anonymous says:

          The reason I want to get feedback for this coupon is that I don’t want to go to the farther away store just to do this deal. I have already done all of my Rite-Aid deals for the week, that I already had planned.

          • Anonymous says:

            I see. That sounds frustrating. It is at the discretion of the store manager. Because printable coupons CAN be fake or suspicious, I imagine your Rite Aid’s manager doesn’t want to take any chances, even though your coupons are good.

    • Anonymous says:

      Tricia – I did this deal yesterday at my local Rite Aid (using the printed Manufacturer Coupon from, and I had no problems with them whatsoever. The register recognized them and took the $1.00 off automatically (they didn’t even have to enter the price of the item).

      Best of luck!

  15. shawn says:

    is this with the new stride id gum as well?

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t think the ID gum is included. That would be cool, because then we could use that Video Value coupon!

      • Amanda says:

        There is an August Video Values coupon for $0.25 off Stride gum. Doesn’t specify Stride iD gum like the September coupon does.

      • shadowmario9001 says:

        well, it does say, stride 14 ct and the ID gum is 14 ct, but you would have to check the in store advertisement.