If you’ve been following our back-to-school videos, then you probably have school supplies coming out of your ears! Well, if that’s the case, we’ve got the video for you! Watch to see all the “crafty” things you can do with your supplies! Then leave a comment and let us know what other creative things you’ve done with your supplies.

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15 thoughts on “Video: Get Crafty with your Back-to-School Supplies!”

I have taken smaller items like paper clips, binder clips, etc. and have put them in cute tin candle holders and put them on my desk. I have bought these on clearance at Target and at Bath and Body works from their semi annual sale. It’s a cute display to have all of your odds and ends on your desk instead of trying to find them in a drawer!
I could spend all day pinning and making things from Pinterest…highly addicting!

I stock up on the clear or colored clipboards! These are great to make gifts for Teachers, Team moms, Moms with at home business’s, Coaches etc. I use the Vinyl adhesive with my cricut machine to create a design and then embellish the metal clip part with ribbons tied on and sometimes add a charm or two! Wish I could post a pic for you.
Love the Caddy idea, I saw those at Target during summer, but will look again to see if they are on clearance now.

Love the copy paper box idea. Great for attractive storage of items on the upper shelves of my clothes closet.

OMG! Can I just say that I am so glad I was not drinking anything because I would have spit it out all over my computer and I would have wanted you to pay for a new one. I busted up laughing so loud my bf said WT….So I had to replay it for him and he didnt find it nearly as amusing as I did. “I am sucha mess”, then BAM all the crayons go flying.

OK now on to what I have planned (sometime in the next few years LOL) I got a bunch of the sliding pencil holders and I plan to make them into storage containers for my scrapbooking supplies. Something like a dresserish thing. After coloring them with alcohol inks. If and when I get this done I will post a pic somewhere.

My mother-in-law and I have done the scrapbook paper on the notebooks before. We normally use these if we’re going somewhere that we have to take notes and make each person one with a monogram on it. We also take the clear pens (that you can unscrew the bottoms) and insert a piece of matching paper so the pen matches the notebook! Really cute gifts for teachers, gatherings, or stocking stuffers for people when you’re on a budget.

ALSO! Last year we took the clear stand up picture frames from the dollar store (a lot of businesses use them for flyers, those kind) and stuck a piece of scrapbook paper inside it, then glued the sticky note stack to the outside and made matching pens, the teachers and aides LOVED them! They found them really useful!

ALSO! (okay so I love crafty stuff lol) (This one I was really proud of bc I came up with it on my own but I’m sure it’s been done!) I took a ton of random canisters and glued the chalkboard paper labels on them, then took the ugly neon pencil topper erasers (the ones that come like 50 to a pack and are semi triangular) and glued hemp twine around it and left a lot of string at the top so that I could tie it to the containers, but long story short, a pencil topper is the perfect CHALK HOLDER!! These look really decorative and sleek when done right. I use the containers at parties and always get such great compliments for something that took 5 minutes, love it!

Instead of hot glue on the glass canning jars, try clear silicone caulking that you use for bathtubs or sinks. It is very strong.

I love the Mason jar idea! Related to that, I saw a craft project on Pinterest where you mix food coloring with Elmers glue and “paint” a glass vase. When the paint dries, it gives the vase a sea glass effect. Might work nicely with the Mason jars.

I saw that one too and I love the idea. Haven’t tried it yet though!

You girls were hilarious! Was fun to watch. I like the mason jar and caddy idea. Would be cute to add some ribbon around the mason jars too. I will not look for any more crafty video’s but do enjoy the site. :-)

I like the caddy used for art supplies …just lift and go , easy for kids to grab . r these caddys still available at target. I would love to buy one . Thanks for the wonderful ideas.

Love watching your videos!! Love this site!! Please don’t ever stop. I check in with you every day and you have helped me so much over the last year.I thank both of you for all you efforts in helping me learn how to use coupons.

im going to use the composition book idea i have lots of scrapbook paper and i agree with you those books are ugly but with your idea no more ugly books at my house. i enjoy your videos thanks a lot

I love your toy box and I’m going to use your tip on all my ugly composition books as well! Thanks!

I donate all of our extras to Operation Christmas Child so no crafty fun for me but can I just say I love watching your videos! You girls look like you are having fun and would be a blast to hang out with!

I do this as well. I usually end up buying clearanced crayons, markers and/or backpacks and donating them at Christmas. I was hoping that everything would go on a massive clearance at Target so I could pick up tons and tons of items and start a box to donate school supplies next school year. I have my fingers crossed for 90%, but I’m sure that won’t happen, so I’m hoping for 70% off!
Does anyone even know if school supplies go 90% off at Target?