I’ll let you in on a Kraft dressing deal at Target, which will cost as low as $0.50! This deal stacks a manufacturer and a store coupon. Because of Target store coupon restrictions, you cannot redeem more than one store coupon when shopping solo. But if another person is with you, then you may present one coupon per person.

Shopping alone? Use this scenario:


Got a partner in crime? Use this scenario:

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7 thoughts on “Kraft Dressing, As Low As $0.50 at Target!”

  1. LorissaMary says:

    so how does it work? if you have two people there for the “one per guest” rule, do you still have to make it two separate transactions? and if so, doesn’t that rule out the manuf. coup. since it is a buy 2/ get $ off coupon? thanks for help clarifying…

    • Anonymous says:

      Hi, if checking out with other people, then you should not have to do separate transactions. I know, it’s confusing, but it should work. However, the store can decide to refuse any or all coupons.

  2. cherise7 says:

    Target coupons tend to say at the bottom “one coupon per guest”….but it seems that people use identical coupons all the time. Can you please clarify?

  3. karictr says:

    How have I not known this before? You can really use 2 identical Target coupons on one product if there are 2 people to present each coupon?

    • courtneymarieclare says:

      @e19854c7dfaf22a8a2a83c1c1e1177cc:disqus You can’t use two Target coupons on one product. You can use a Target and manufacturer coupon on one product. Target limits one like Target coupon per person, so if there is someone with you, then you can get two of the same product and use one Target coupon on each (and one manufacture coupon on each if you have them). You cannot use two Target coupons on one item.

    • Anonymous says:

      Like @kcl-31b5380d14bbee0c6103f6c976cc5c5c:disqus stated, Target allows one store coupon per item but if you have two of the same items and two store coupons, you must be with another person because of the coupon restriction. This is according to their coupon policy.

  4. Marie says:

    I did this deal a week ago and it works!!! Got 4 bottles for .50 cents each.