Check your local Micky D’s for a special Halloween coupon book on sale now! Pay $1.00 and receive a book filled with twelve great coupons, all freebies! Free cones, free apples and free milk chugs or juice boxes: there’s something for every kid. Plus, there’s no expiration date so the coupons can be used whenever you’d like. (Not every McDonald’s is participating. Swing by yours to find out if you’ll get lucky!)

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10 thoughts on “McDonald’s Halloween Coupon Books On Sale Now!”

  1. rpjp827 says:

    This is one of the best coupon sites to use and i have never had to sign up for anything! And if you notice above she states not all stores are participating!

  2. Kerry says:

    This site doesn’t promise you anything or trick you into anything. I am new to couponing and have been learning tons from this site! Anyway, the McD’s Coupons are only at some McD’s. I have found them in Ohio, Massachusetts, North Carolina, and just purchased some last night in Maryland. The ones in these states are different than what is pictured above. There are 12 coupons; 4 are milk or juice boxes, 4 are apple slices, and 4 are hamburgers. I always buy several books per child, as they are only $1 each! If I get to the last week of the coupons and haven’t used them all, I get as many apples and juice boxes or milk as I can before they expire…these are great for school lunches!

    • Kerry says:

      Oh, the coupons on mine don’t start until November 1, and they do expire…I don’t have them in front of me for the exact date, but I believe it’s the end of the year.

      • Kerry says:

        They say one per visit per person, but I’ve never had a problem using them. I usually let my kids order their burgers or drinks first, then we eat, then they go back up to get their apples at the end with another coupon. They’ve never once at any McD’s turned them down. If I go through the drive through and they ask, I just let them know that I am using multiple because I have 3 children.

    • sonnyhaven says:

      Are the coupons limit one per customer per visit? The booklets I purchased last year were limited.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m glad that you found the coupon books, Kerry!

  3. murphy2222 says:

    I just went there, they had never heard of those coupon books at the one by my house. :(

  4. GUEST says:


    • Anonymous says:

      I’m sorry that you weren’t happy with this deal. You don’t have to sign up for it though. It’s just a matter of whether any McDonald’s near you are participating.