When there’s cleaning to be done, I don’t want to reach for a rag that I have to wash. (Why would I purposely want to add to my Mt. Everest-sized laundry pile? I’ll probably be trying to conquer that baby for the next twenty years!) Sponges are my friend, so I’m happy to see a new coupon for O-Cel-O Scrub Sponges today. Save $1.00 on two packages. Don’t wait to print; then head to Walmart for this bargain:


Buy 2 O-Cel-O Scrub Sponges, 2 pk $0.98, regular price
Use $1.00/2 – O-Cel-O Scrub Sponges, redeem one coupon per day – (coupons.com)
Final Price: $0.48 each, when you buy 2 



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9 thoughts on “O-Cel-O Scrub Sponges, Only $0.48 at Walmart!”

My Walmart also would not let me use the coupon for the green sponges; stating “It’s not the one in the picture and our computers know the difference”. The cashier was more than willing but she had gotten into trouble in the past for keying in coupons. I was very dishearted not to get this great deal.

the problem is that those green ones are foam sponges not scrub sponges thats why its not working. also like somebody mentioned the white cloud coupons, i have ALWAYS issues with those, they never scan.

The green ones with the scrubby side are scrub sponges and not just regular sponges. I’m sorry that it didn’t work for you : (

My coupons beeped too, but the cashier, bless her heart, used them anyway.

I got shot down as well. Apparently I didn’t grab the “scrub” sponges. I grabbed the ones that are pictured here that were only $0.98. Wasn’t worth my time to run back through the store and grab the 6 or 12 count.

Hmm…the green ones pictures are scrub sponges. I think that your cashier was a little confused! (Or she was going by the pic on the coupon!)

mine beeped too but she put it as a vendor coupon…

WalMart shot me down on this one. Boo. The coupon beeped and the floor supervisor wouldn’t let me get these. I tried to explain what “any” means but no luck. Same thing with the White Cloud t.p. . I had 2 Qs and bought 2 12 ct (my store didnt have the 6ct). The fine print on top says “do not double” so the Supervisor accused me of “copying” the coupon. The word she was taking that for is “duplicate” not double. So in protest I had the cashier void the sponges and 1 pack of the t.p.. Darn criminals give us legit couponers a bad wrap.

That is frustrating! I’m sorry that this deal didn’t work for you : (