I love it when good deals become great deals! In this week’s Walgreens matchup, we told you how to get a Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist Starter Kit for free. Well, this morning I tried it out and got a second $1.00 Register Reward! That makes this bargain a moneymaker! Attention, please:

Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist Starter Kit, 7 oz $2.99, sale price through 9/22
Buy 1, Receive two $1.00 Register Rewards through 9/22
Use $2.00/1 – Glade Expressions Fragrance Mist Starter Kit – (bricks.coupons.com)
Pay $0.99, Receive two $1.00 Register Rewards
Final Price: $1.01 Moneymaker 


Glade candles and oil diffusers are cheap this week at Target and Walmart! Click here to read about it!

Thanks, Reader Sawyersmom24

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54 thoughts on “Moneymaker on Glade Expressions at Walgreens!”

  1. Tigerwoodssuks says:

    I get 15% off as well as the sale prices on these items. ;) So I save even more! :)

  2. sophie and ben says:

    i went to get this today and the machine didn’t print the RR, the manager said that it was because i used a coupon… she said I had to pay the exact $2.99 in order to get the RR… why?

    • Anonymous says:

      Call Customer Service. The Register Reward should still print even when you use a coupon. It will NOT print, however, if you paid for your transaction by using a Register Reward from Glade.

  3. Misty says:

    I did this yesterday! Got Glade Expressions – $2.14 out of pocket and received $4 in register rewards! Thx! :)

  4. ILoveBargains says:

    Has anyone tried this today (Wed)? I’m heading out to the store later today and I don’t want to be surprised with only one RR. I noticed whenever there’s a “glitch” (not sure if the extra RR is a glitch or a month-long offer as someone stater previously), it normally gets fixed by Wednesday morning. TIA

    • Anonymous says:

      I haven’t tried it since Monday, but I believe the extra Register Reward is a monthlong promotion.

  5. nd says:

    I used mine at Meijer. I still got the $3 catalina but no points :(

  6. Melissa says:

    Is the link to the coupn still there?

  7. Anonymous says:

    So even though it’s not advertised you got a $2 RR on this?

  8. Sarah says:

    Hey, I have a question. So theoretically, I could buy one glade and pay 99 cents (using the coupon) and get two 1 RR’s back. Then I could turn around and buy the Blistex for two dollars and receive 2 RR’s back. Then because the RR I just received came from the Blistex deal…. Could I turn around AGAIN and buy a second glade and get another 2 RR’s back? Because the RR wouldn’t be coming from the same deal. So the register wouldn’t know I’ve bought the deal before?

    • mamatiml says:

      yes you can but you will need a filler because you will have 2($1) rr for the blistex

    • Anonymous says:

      You can do that, but you will need some fillers. Click on the “101″ tab at the top of our Walgreens page and read about how to shop at Walgreens and how Register Rewards work!

  9. Sims says:

    Is this a regional thing? In my Walgreens ad, it says you’ll only get one $1 RR.

    • Anonymous says:

      It says that at mine too, but two $1.00 Register Rewards printed! I believe the extra one is a month-long promotion, and the other is the one that is advertised for this week!

  10. sophie and ben says:

    i couldn’t use a manufacture’s coupon and a RR… why?

    • Carissa says:

      RR is like a manufacture coupon, so you would need a “filler” item, because for every coupon you use, you have to have atleast that many number of items. So if you have one item, and you want to use the mfg coupon AND the RR, then grab a small piece of candy for $.39 or something!

      • Anonymous says:

        Good explanation! Sophie and Ben, I’d recommend reading the “101″ tab on the top of our Walgreens page.

    • nd says:

      Also, if you have a dollar amount off of two, those two items will count as one. I find that part of the rule the most frustrating because it always trips me up!

  11. Tom Stanley says:

    I had a coupon for buy the starter kit and get a refill free. Got the starter, the refill, and 2 $1.00 rr’s. Sometimes everything just comes together.

  12. Tiffany says:

    Which insert was the 1 buck coupon in?

  13. I still had a $3/1 from a while back! In Missouri, they charge tax after coupons…. so I made $2 on each spray! I got 6! WoooHooo!

  14. jcompton1989 says:

    Can you buy multiple at a time and still get the two 1.00 rr on each one?

    • Anonymous says:

      No, you can only buy one per transaction to ensure that all the Register Rewards print. Click on the “101″ tab at the top of our Walgreens page to learn about how to shop at Walgreens!

  15. KellyLeAnn32 says:

    I tried this today in OK and the RR did not print. I pointed it out and a manager told me that because i used a MFR coupon, the RR would not print because it was also from Glade. What happened?

    • Anonymous says:

      I recommend calling Customer Service to ask them what happened. I’m sorry!

    • Anonymous says:

      Typical answer when they really don’t know why it didn’t print out the RR…

      • Anonymous says:

        You’re right. We don’t know what happened. It should have printed. Customer Service can usually look up that receipt and see the details that we can’t see, and then they can help from there!

    • Anonymous says:

      I would return it, get your coupon back or print some more, and purchase it again from a different register or different Walgreens locations.

    • simmy says:

      This happen to me and it didn’t print because they realize the printer was out of paper,

  16. sophie and ben says:

    can I use the RR from the 1st transaction on the 2nd one?

  17. sophie and ben says:

    isn’t it 0.01 money maker? or I’m I missing something?

  18. Alison says:

    Do any users of this product have a favorite scent? I have not used this brand before, so I’m unsure about which one to try first. Any suggestions? :)

    • Dena says:

      The blue can is my favorite, I believe its called Cotton and Italian Mandarin. I have also tried the Pineapple/Mango and Lavender. Have yet to try the Apple but it would probably be a nice scent for the fall.

    • Bard says:

      Ditto with Dena… the blue one is my favorite! It has a light, clean scent that isn’t overpowering.

    • nd says:

      I haven’t found a store with the lavender. For me, it depends on the season. I will probably be using the apple around fall and xmas time!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Scored this deal yesterday!!!

  20. It prints 2 right away so don’t cancel the print after the 1st
    one, like I did. UGH

  21. Ami <3 says:

    Did this yesterday in Vancouver, Wa! Pleasant surprise!

  22. Anonymous says:

    That’s terrific!