Make those nails look super purty and get paid six pennies to do it! Head over to Rite Aid, where Sally Hansen emery boards are on sale buy one get one 50% off this week! Then enter your receipt information online for the Single Check Rebate, and voila! You’ll have yourself better-than-free nail boards!

Buy 2 Sally Hansen Coarse Nail Boards $1.29, regular price
Buy One Get One 50% Off through 9/22
Buy 1, Submit for $1.00 Single Check Rebate, Limit 2 
Pay $1.94, Submit two $1.00 Single Check Rebates
Final Price: $0.06 Moneymaker, when you buy 2 


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10 thoughts on “Better-Than-Free Sally Hansen Nail Boards at Rite Aid!”

I’ve tried to do the rebate and I can’t find where to do it online. I only see the option to print it out and mail it in. What am I missing? Thanks.

Update: Figured out I had to create an account to do it :-)

Just went to RiteAid to get my nail files, and note that all the Sally Hansen files at $1.29 are included in the sale and the SCR program, not just the coarse files. Thanks KCL for all you do – you all are ah-may-ziiinnngggg!!!!

You’re right! And thank you!

one rite aid in VA would not let me use ANY Q’s (even video values!) if they were black n white, but the other two in the area were happy to accept them

its funny since you can make copies in color as well they need to learn how to tell how the codes are different in each coupon instead of making their customers feel bad when they are not doing anything wrong

Great deal – can NEVER have enough nail files! =)
Have to share my story…So I came home yesterday from shopping at Target & Walmart – ever have one of those shopping trips where you just want to come back home, sit at your desk and bang your head up and down on your desk in disbelief???? First, Target wouldn’t recognize my husband as a “guest” and would only allow me to redeem one coupon and purchase one item, rather than two coupons for purchasing two items. They said, no he is not a guest if he is with me, actually “guest” means “household”, and one Target coupon was all I could redeem. (?) They also told me I could not redeem any more than four mfg coupons either – funny, but I only had two of those as well for my two items, but since hubby wasn’t a “guest”, I was back to only one. So On to walmart…..while attempting to redeem four Neutrogena coupons for four makeups,the cashier said my coupons must be copies because two were color and two were B&W, and the manager agreed since the numbers were all the same on them….the product # that is! Of course they are the same – it is the same product! The coupon PIN #’s in the corners were different, but they wouldn’t look at that. I very sweetly and politely said, ok – thank you anyway, I will not be buying the makeup, and please give me back my coupons… husband said on the way out – “what was up with that – why wouldn’t they take them?” I said, “I never get into a fuss with the cashiers because I don’t want to make it bad for other couponers…I’ll just take my coupons and use them somewhere else.” Hubby is smart – “don’t they (cashiers,stores,etc.) know stores are not losing money by taking coupons – why do they make it so hard sometimes?” Good question hubby! Oh well – another day in the life of a couponing lady – tomorrow is another day!!!! =)

That is quite a story! I’m sorry you had such a rough go of it! I’m glad that you have a good attitude, though! You make the world a little better for all us couponers!

at home i have color ink, and at work on B&W so ive had to point out that the corner numbers are diff, good thing for those numbers, otherwise i can see them thinking they are copies.

Walmart did the same thing with me as well. I was trying to purchase 2 Sally Hansen nail hardener and ran into some trouble.

The cashier accused me of making copies of my coupons. I explained that I printed out two. she said the code numbers were the same so they had to be copies. At this point another (friendlier) cashier explains these numbers are the product number, but these numbers (pointing elsewhere on the paper) are different.

The cashier then says I can only buy one as it say “one pur purchase”. The friendly cashier corrects her again saying that it’s okay, she doe not need to do two transactions.

Cranky cashier says she always gets disciplined when handling coupons and does not want to get in trouble. At this point, friendly cashier suggests cranky cashier take a break and the rest of my time is spent with friendly cashier… :)


I recently had a similar problem at my Target. Cashier would only let me me use 1 of the 2 internet Q’s I had on Hormel Compleats. I was purchasing 2 diff. flavors but she said the Q’s were the same pointing to the product code and even though I pointed to the diff. #’s in the right hand corner she still said they were the same and I could only use 1 internet Q. The Q was a $1. off 1 and the item cost $1.99. I told her that they were not copies and she said she wasn’t accusing of doing anything wrong – but I say she was. So I only purchased 1 of the meals and left the store. When I go back, I will avoid that cashier as if she had the plague.