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Extreme Couponing Tip: Know Your Store Aisles

Chelsea Shepherd

If you’ve shopped a store several times, you’re likely to know the general location of different products. However, you can speed things up by spending a little extra time mapping out the store for an even more streamlined shopping trip!

Love to be organized, have toddlers tagging along, or are pressed for time? Having a layout of the store and its aisles will go a long way to speed the process. When you have a distraction-free half an hour, go to your local store and write down what products are in which aisle. It may be a bit tedious, but you’ll soon know exactly where things are. When you’re done, file the store layout list in a sheet protector at the back of your binder. Then, while making your shopping list each week, write down the aisle number by each product you’ll be buying in order of location. You’ll then be able to shop from one side of the store to another without backtracking.

Looking for a shortcut? Some stores offer their layout online or in small brochures at the Customer Service desk, so be sure to ask!

17 thoughts on “Extreme Couponing Tip: Know Your Store Aisles”

  1. AlmostRetired

    I found the Winco store layout on their website

    1. Anonymous

      That’s really helpful!

  2. Anonymous

    I know a store’s gotta do what a store’s gotta do but personally I hate when they design it with aisles and aislettes all over the place. I like when it’s designed with the aisles all in straight parallel rows. Makes shopping so much easier.

    1. Anonymous

      Me too :) Too bad they don’t consult us couponers before building!

  3. Charissa

    I shop the most at a Kroger because its closest to my house. I knew the store well by memory and would put my coupons and list in the right order. They just changed the layout over the past couple of weeks and it is driving me insane. I’ve even had to ask employees where to now find things.

    1. Dayna

      I had the same thing happen to me! This happened a few months ago and they had flyers all around the store letting people know what was in each aisle. What was even more frustrating was that where some of the stuff was one day, wasn’t in the same place the next week! I’m not really sure why they did it because some of the oddest things are together now. It didn’t really seem like they gained anything other than customer frustration!!

      1. Lisa12

        I’m a cashier at Kroger and corporate is changing all Kroger stores to be the same on the inside. I work at the Kroger in Chester, Va (520) and after seeing the inside of the Willow Lawn Kroger and the plan for the new Cloverleaf and future Colonial Heights Kroger, it looks like there may still be a few small changes to each store.

    2. Lisa12

      I’m a cashier at Kroger in Chester, Va (520) and we just had the store changed around. Corporate is changing all the stores around to be the same. We printed off lists sorted alphabetically by item and had the aisle number by each item and put them on the stands with the sale ads and at the registers. Each employee was supposed to keep one in their pocket too. We had to update and reprint everyday, but it really helped us and the customers.

      1. Anonymous

        That’s a great way to help the customers and the cashiers! One of my Kroger affiliates has a large sign hung up in the middle of the store from the ceiling that lists the item & its aisle– pretty nice!

    3. Anonymous

      It is frustrating when things are updated and I have to redo my maps– I know how that is!

  4. sully

    some stores even have maps were they tell you where things are i have maps of the two grocery stores i shop the most

    1. Anonymous

      Love it when they do that! It can really streamline shopping.

  5. busy bee patty

    Customers frustrations is right I asked the manager at my local Kroger store when they would have all of the changes done and he said he didn’t know. I told him that I wouldn’t be back until I had heard that the changes were complete. I’m 70 years old and just can’t be running all over the store looking for each item on my list. Many of the locations seem very illogical. It would have been funny seeing all of the people running around in disbelief and confussion, if it wasn’t such a hardship for all of them.

    1. Anonymous

      Yes, sometimes waiting until remodeling to be complete is simply easier. Hopefully the changes will be done soon!

  6. Rebekah Barney

    I shop with my twin toddlers so you know I’ve been using this method! I find I can get my shopping done much faster when I make my list in order by aisle. However, I have one idea to add: I wanted to make a list of which aisle had what, but I always have the twins with me, so here’s what I did: just took my cell phone and snapped a picture of the sign over each aisle (you know, where it lists what is in that aisle). Then when I got home I was able to type it up and put it on my desk for future reference.

    1. Anonymous

      Awesome! I definitely know how shopping with toddlers goes, so anything to make things faster and easier is a plus :)

  7. Miss Donna

    I always organize my shopping list by like items and what order I take the aisles. It saves time and headaches when I forgot something that’s on the opposite side of the supercenter! It also makes it a lot easier when ensuring you have the coupons for the items you are buying.

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