Free music, anyone? Skedaddle over to the Scott website and click on the Amazon link. Sign in or sign up for an account and answer a question to get a $5.00 Amazon MP3 credit! (Be sure not to choose the coupon offer instead.) The credit doesn’t expire until 1/31/13, and there is a limit of one offer per person. Rock on, fellow coupon lovers!

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13 thoughts on “Free $5.00 MP3 Credit from Amazon and Scott!”

  1. Katie says:

    i also got an error message :(

  2. mpitre says:

    I also was able to get three free dvd rentals from blockbuster. Just have to remember to cancel the trial membership before it expires. Thanks!!!

  3. I got both a $1.25 off any six or more rolls of Scott Bath Tissue and $5 Amazon MP3 credit!

  4. I got an error message and it didn’t work. Bummer.

  5. Mindy Kloss says:

    Thank you!!! I picked out Katy Perry from the 100 albums for $5 list! Been wanting it for awhile now!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Thanks KCL!! I did this offer with no problems. BTW, on the Amazon site, it says only one promo code per account.

  7. bonsai76 says:

    it worked i got my $5 credit :) thanks KCL