The Dollar Tree has been a great place to get good deals in the past, but now you can score products for super cheap or free! As of late August, many Dollar Tree locations are now accepting manufacturer coupons.

As with most stores, there is a coupon policy. Click here to read it. And don’t forget to print a copy to carry with you every time you shop. One of the important policies: “Only two (2) print-at-home Internet coupons may be redeemed per transaction.” If you’re big into printables, you will have to do multiple transactions. Also, Dollar Tree will not accept a coupon in which there is a blank line for the price of an item, ruling out BOGO coupons. But no worries. You can still save big.

The majority of products at Dollar Trees are generic or store brands, but they do have their share of brand name items which have matching coupons. Some of the non-food items spotted at Dollar Trees around the country include Colgate and Aquafresh toothpaste, Garnier hair products, CoverGirl and L’Oreal cosmetics, Solo cups, Hefty slider bags, Damp Rid Moisture Absorber, Scotties facial tissue, Brut men’s care, Speed Stick, Comet cleansers, Softsoap body wash, Aquafresh toothpaste, Zest and Olay soap, BIC stationery products, Luden’s cough drops, Advil and Aleve pain medication, Palmolive dish soap, Gain dryer sheets, Curad first aid, and Lysol cleaners.

As for food, look for Betty Crocker Fruit Roll-Ups, Uncle Ben’s rice, Super Pretzel pretzel bites, Oreida fries, Cheerios, MiO water enhancer, Post Shredded Wheat, Hershey’s chocolate milk, Bugles, Sunny D, Progresso soup, Kraft Sizzling Salads, Libby’s canned fruits and veggies, Duncan Hines baking mixes, Hormel pepperoni, and Welch’s fruit snacks. To find coupons to match with these, check out our KCL Coupon Database!

While you’re at your local Dollar Tree, look for Sunday newspapers for only a buck!


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28 thoughts on “Extreme Couponing Tip: Use Coupons at the Dollar Tree”

I went into the Dollar Tree closest to my house all excited because I read on this site about the Hershey’s choc milk 3 pk boxes that I could get with the $1 off 2 coupons. When I looked around, they had cut the boxes apart and were selling them as individuals, instead of the 3 pack. Also saw some other evidences, that they are trying to stop couponers. Very disappointed.

It was like that at my store too :( But I did have to giggle at the thought of someone being charged $1 for a small little chocolate milk…

i just want there a few days ago and was totally annoyed both at myself and the store. after waiting 10 minutes in line, it was my turn and i gave the cashier my coupons and she told me that she didn’t know how to take them off and went and got the manager. a few minutes later, the manager came up and told me that the coupon policy states that internet coupons are not taken. i tried to explain that the dollar trees’ web page states that 2 internet coupons are expected per transaction. the manager wouldn’t budge and of course this was the one time i didn’t bring the printed policy with me. anyway, i asked if i made a trip back to the store with the printed policy in hand, would she then honor it. the manager told me she would if she had too. so, i ended up making a trip back home and then back to the store which i normally never would have done since i was so annoyed, but i did since the stuff i was getting wasn’t for me. when i arrived back at the store with the policy i had the manager come up and show her the details. i ended up getting my stuff and using my coupons but i was left with a bad taste in my mouth……to much running around. it’s one thing for a cashier to not know the policy, but a totally different thing when the store manager doesn’t.
don’t go to this store without the policy.

Hopefully they’ll be aware of it now. Even though it was a lot of running around for you, I bet you’ve helped a lot of fellow couponers!

I went to my Dollar Tree in Idaho Falls, ID on 17th Street and had a coupon that was going to expire in about a week for Solo plates & cups. They would not accept it because the cashier said the expiration date had to be at LEAST 30 days after they take it because they only send their coupons in once a month. Ridiculous!!! Never even heard of that excuse. I just left……so disgusted!!! I had just printed the coupon the day before and a lot of the printed coupons don’t give you that long to use them.

That’s strange– definitely ask to talk to a manager next time. That restriction isn’t listed on their policy. If the manager confirms what the cashier says, let them know that many coupons, printables and even ones in the newspaper, expire 30 days from when they are issued. If they still insist, talk to corporate about informing the store. Best of luck next time!

I work as a cashier at the Dollar Tree and was ecstatic when I heard about the coupons!! The only thing that I do not like about it, is we have to manually type in the amount of the coupon instead of being able to scan it. Please be patient with your cashier when using your coupons bc our jobs have been threatened if we make a mistake… On another note, find out when your local store gets their weekly delivery. Sometimes we get great name brand items in but they are gone within a matter of hours or days because people buy several at a time. Example: our store received only 1 case of 18oz chocolate Cheerios. They were gone within the hour!! I shopped today and saved $10 on Colgate toothpaste, Olay bar soap, Fruit Roll-ups, Fiber one bars, Hefty ziploc bags, soft scrub sponges and candy!! I am now teaching my co-workers how to coupon :)

That’s awesome! Do you know if your registers will be able to scan the coupons soon?

I don’t know. I can only hope! It would be so much easier on everyone!

We’ll keep our fingers crossed :)

I am a store manager at Dollar Tree! I love accepting coupons:)
The store employees should be well versed by now on the policy.
We cannot accept a coupon for more value of the item… but you can use $1.50/2 or even $2.00/2. I used $1.50 off 2 items just the other day. Printed coupons are limited to 2 per transaction; and we cannot accept b1g1 coupons because our policy states that we cannot accept coupons that require us to write in an amount.
As for the food at dollar tree; I too used to think (before working there) that many food items would be close to expired or expired… but not the case unless the store management does not pull expired from the floor just like any grocery store. They may also be stocking new food to the front instead the back to keep the items in the back from going bad.
I just bought 4 2-liters of Sprite from wags last week that expired in July… so this can happen anywhere- trust me!
I watch my food/health items closely and mark it down to $.50 when close to expiring. All stores should be doing this… find out where your store keeps the clearance at!
We get in a truck full of everthing weekly, some stores twice a week. So our food and health items should always be fresh…:)

I had no issues at my dollar tree. I scored Olay soap and was able to purchase 4, Brut deodorant, efferdent and luigi ices. They even carry Natures Own Bread for 1 and the exp date is 9/24. I was excited!

That’s an awesome price for bread! Nature’s Own even puts out coupons periodically!

there’s 2 dollar tree’s by my house, but one is super close only a few blocks away but it sucks because they only allow 2 coupons per customer!! And when I tried using my 2 coupons, they tried going by the picture on the coupons instead of the wordings, and it was just a mess.

Try asking for a manager next time and show them the print out of the coupon policy. If they are still adamant, talk to corporate and in the meantime, perhaps try out the other location and see if it’s better.

my dollar tree dont even carry half of those brands! its mosdtly generics or store brand but not many store brands. I will try another dollar tree insted

Definitely– try out other locations. I have 3 Dollar Trees within a 15-20 minute drive and they are each different in what they carry, so you may get lucky at another location. Also, keep an eye out since now that the Dollar Tree is accepting coupons, they are starting to carry more name brand products to attract buyers, so if they don’t carry these brands now, they may carry some soon!

I just bought some good size bags of Hartz kitty litter which I mix with my Swheat Scoop litter, and large size cans of Friskies cat food at Dollar Tree. They also had “whole grain” Pop Tarts, and I also saw Progresso soup. I’ve also tried some of the Marie Callender baking mixes from there which were pretty good.

My local Dollar Store only let us use coupons that are less than $1. : (

My store did this to me too the first time. I went to another store close by (with a big smile on my face) and asked the manager first. He said no problem and I was able to use the $1 off coupons which made my items free.

How odd, especially when there are coupons for $1.50/2 (I can see if they don’t allow coupons over the price of the item). I hope they revise that soon for you! I would talk to the manager there and let them know your frustrations and help them see that it’s beneficial to accept coupons over $1 for multiple items.

My local store wouldn’t let me use $1.00 coupons either. The manager wouldn’t even let me use $1.00/2. She said it was like I was getting an item “free” and I explained it was getting .50 cents off 2 items (making them 50 cents each). She didn’t see it that way and couldn’t take those items off of my transaction without voiding the entire thing and then entering all of my other coupons in by hand…there was a line behind me so I gave in but I am reluctant to go back until they are more familiar with their coupon policy.

I would watch out a little on the toothpaste at dollar stores. I read an article a few years back that stated that name brand dollar store toothpastes are actually made in China sometimes, different from their regular store counterparts. So just check to make sure the toothpaste isn’t made in China. Some of it was recalled a while back. As a rule, I don’t trust China with products I put in my mouth.

I never bought food there in the past, but recently I started. They had 3 pks of pop tarts for $1. They sell out fast. I figured if they sell out fast, then they must get new stuff. You need to check your dates everywhere, but so far so good on food items there. :)

Great! I’m loving the new food deals there, too :)

I’ve always been a little scared to get food items and things such as toothpaste and hand wash (things to put on my body) at the dollar store. In the past I bought some apple juice and when I went to take the last gulp i tasted something slimy and when I spit it back out it looked like something was growing at the bottom. :( I never went back

That is so yucky! When you shop there, just always always check the exp date that’s what I always do so you know if it’s good or not..

Yep– me too. Always good to check the dates.