Every week, Regal Cinemas puts out a new mobile coupon, just in time to save over the weekend! This week’s coupon will take $2.00 off an order of nachos. Has anyone out there ever eaten nachos at the theater before? I haven’t, but this might be the weekend that I go for it! Just enter a mobile number, and the coupon will be sent via text.The offer expires 9/23.


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2 thoughts on “Save $2.00 on Nachos at Regal Cinemas!”

I work in a Regal theater, and while some people like them I don’t think I’d pay for them even after the coupon. If you want the best value, try asking for the two nacho combo and then using the coupon. I don’t know if all theaters are exactly the same but where I work the Nachos are one for $6.25 or two for $8.00, so if you buy two it would be a pretty decent deal after the coupon.


Thanks for the tip, Madeline!