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Best Foods Mayonnaise, Only $1.49 at Safeway!

If you are a mayonnaise lover, head over to Safeway where you can get a large 30 ounce jar of Best Foods Mayonnaise for just $1.49! These jars regularly sell for $4.99, so this is a great price! I hear there are lots of things you can do with mayonnaise such as make conditioner and face masks. At this price you can get a jar and get creative!

Best Foods Mayonnaise, 22-30 oz $2.49
With In-Ad Coupon, Limit 4
Use $1.00/1 – Hellman’s or Best Foods Real Mayonnaise, 30 oz or Larger – ( 
Final Price: $1.49


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17 thoughts on “Best Foods Mayonnaise, Only $1.49 at Safeway!”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Sorry to hear that happened!

  2. kyliele says:

    Where do I print the coupons? I don’t see it. Please help!

  3. Marissa says:

    Some people… I’ll tell ya! I’ve been couponing since I was 16, before it was a big fad, and I love it. I love saving money and getting to shop a lot for little money — it’s like a game! If someone wants to put you down, let them… karma will be after them :) Albertsons is also another store that isn’t on my “good” list… so I’ll stick with my Kroger and Target, thanks :) I even went back to that Safeway an hour later to ask the manager about the policy and she was nicer about it and explained that they typically do ask cashiers to only accept one copy of identical printed coupons… then why the heck isn’t that in their policy?!

    Another little fact about Safeway… I don’t shop there a lot so this may be common knowledge by now, but half of the stuff I bought rung up at the wrong price. I noticed this once I got home. I had loaded deals/offers onto my “just for u” card thingy that morning, printed my list, and went shopping. When I got home and was going over my receipt I noticed that only half the stuff I bought run up at the correct price. So I went back and talked with the manager to get price adjustments. Since I went on a Wednesday (the first day of their weekly sale promos) she said that the system is known for having bugs and they typically get worked out by Thursday. So IF I ever shop at a Safeway again, it’ll definitely not be on a Wednesday. I got almost $5 back from the manager (on just a $40 purchase) just because I checked my receipt and went back to get price adjustments! Don’t ever feel ashamed or embarrassed to go back to a store… it’s your money and their error!

    • yep says:

      You’re right. Safeway has overcharged me too many times I don’t shop that much there anymore bc of that, but when I do, I do a small transaction to make it easier to catch any mistake.

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s great you’ve been couponing since you were 16! That is a very good idea to always go over your receipt and not be afraid to go back in if you’ve been overcharged. Every little bit helps! Thanks for sharing that!

  4. manapuaman says:

    just FYI, if the safeway in-ad coupon has a specific stated price (by the way, in-ad coupons are those that are usually in the weekly flyers), then walmart honors competitor coupons. plus, you can stack manufacturer’s coupons on top of the safeway coupon. hope that helps

  5. slinnAnna says:

    What does In Ad coupon actually mean? Do i have to clip from the flyer, or is it on the just for u electronic coupons?

    • Anonymous says:

      The In-Ad coupons are the coupons you clip for your Safeway weekly ad. You can also load them to your Safeway card in the Just For U program if you prefer to do that.

  6. Marissa says:

    I figured out this deal Wednesday morning and hurried on over to my local Von’s (Safeway) to get my mayo! I printed the coupon twice, which is the maximum number of prints allowed for most online coupons, because I had planned on getting two jars. However, my cashier refused my two coupons, saying they could be copies, and only accepted one. The manager agreed with her decision. What the heck! I’ve never had that problem ANYWHERE else… In fact, I went on over to Kroger right after that and used two printed Yoplait coupons on two cups of yogurt without any issues. I even came home and checked Safeway’s coupon policy and it said nothing about using two of the same printed coupons in the same transaction. Has this ever happened to anyone else at a Safeway? I’m irritated! I really don’t want to go back there ever again because of this! It made me feel like I was trying to pull a fast one on them, like I was some sort of criminal illegally copying coupons.

    • sully says:

      yes unfortunally my store only accepts one as well, i contacted vons and ask them how many printable coupons they accepted per item but as always they dont answer questions they just send me their coupon policy i wrote them back and again they just sended their coupon policy and said cashier can accept or refuse any coupon. THey refuse to answer my question.

      • Marissa says:

        That’s SO frustrating and another reason I love Kroger and Target so much. I score so many great deals at those two places because they lay out things clearly and don’t have secret rules that they won’t explain. I never have been too fond of Safeway just because their prices are so high and lines are so long — and now THIS! I think I’m finally done with them for good :)

    • ana says:

      point out that the upper corner numbers are different… bcuz they are not copies. it worked for me

    • Anonymous says:

      I am sorry to hear that happened to you! Their coupon policies can vary by store. You could try a different Von’s to see if they would accept two coupons in their location. That is a good idea that Anna stated to point out the different numbers. You could call your local store too and see if that is their official policy or if you just got a strict cashier.