We’ve seen a lot of great deals on Bioré cleansers and pore strips lately. Now it’s a moneymaker at Target! Their coupon policy allows the combination of a BOGO and dollar/cents off coupon only if they are not the same type of coupon (read their coupon policy for details).

This deal requires a coupon from a smart phone app called Shopkick. It is free and available on most smart phones. Click here to learn more. 

Buy 1 Bioré Deep Cleansing Nose Strips, 8 ct $5.99, regular price
Buy 1 Bioré Balancing Cleanser, 6.77 oz $5.89, regular price
Buy 1 Select Bioré Strip and 1 Cleanser, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card through 10/6
Use FREE Bioré Cleanser, when you buy any Bioré Pore Strip, up to $7.00 from SS 8/12 (exp 9/30)
And use one $2.00/1 Bioré Facial Skin Care item, Target Coupon from Shopkick Mobile App (exp 9/28)
Pay $3.99, Receive $5.00 Target Gift Card
Final Price: $1.01 Moneymaker, when you buy both


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31 thoughts on “Better-Than-Free Biore Cleanser and Strips at Target!”

  1. sharkbait8574 says:

    My store said you had to purchase the 14 ct… which made this deal $3.49 oop for me

    • Anonymous says:

      I got the 8ct at my store. There were no signs or anything and I even asked an employee and he didn’t know anything about a GC… What I did was, I brought the strips and the cleanser and asked the cashier to please scan the products and the system automatically prompted the GC… Maybe you should try that… I was ready to let the cashier know I was not taking them if they didn’t prompt the GC… :-P

  2. KendraMarie19 says:

    Did this deal today! worked fine for me. I did 2 transactions. b1g1 biore & then b1g1 biore. I already had two $5 giftcards from a previous purchase used those with .78 cents left on each and then got my two $5 gift cards for the biore. Made $1.56 :)

  3. Prou says:

    How many times can I use this coupon on shopkick?

  4. polarischica says:

    I did 3 sets of these and got 3 $5 gift cards. I scanned my Shopkick and got $6 off and used 3 free cleanser coupons. OOP: $15.73.

    I then rolled the 3 $5 gift cards (plus an old one I had) to buy the 2 $12.49 Glad garbage bag deal and earned another $5 gift card to use next time. OOP: $6.63

    • nikkio312 says:

      What’s the glad garbage bag deal? We are almost out & I’ve been searching for a good deal! Thanks!

  5. Anonymous says:

    The coupon is available until 9/28. Once you have activated it, it’s only good for 12 hours. I haven’t had any issues with using the Shopkick app. I’m sorry you’re having trouble!

  6. Jessamyn Bright Reynolds says:

    Finally used the two BOGO coupons i’ve had forever, waiting for a good deal! Got two sets, 2 $5 gift cards – paid 1.91 for two sets (after GC) because i didn’t use shopkick. Still great! And my target is always a breeze with coupons so it was a gigantic success, thanks!

  7. Gina says:

    What is the SS coupon? And where can I get it?

    • Anonymous says:

      SS stands for Smart Source. This can be found in the Sunday newspaper. We’ll always list a date that the insert came on. SS 8/12 means that the coupon can in the Smart Source insert on August 12th.

  8. Nikki says:

    is this deal designated to a certain area? because I just checked my Target ad and i dont see anything about Biore and a gift card…

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s possible that all deals are regional. This deal has been reported all over the country so it’s likely the shelves at your Target weren’t marked. Next time you’re in, have a cashier or customer service try it out for you. Once they scan the second item, it should prompt them to give you a gift card.

  9. Tiffany V. says:

    No product on the shelves at any of my local Targets. Target frustrates me so much with this. I have been burned by them way too many times:(

    • Sylvia Duran says:

      Tell me about it!!! We have two target stores within 10 minutes apart and they never have there shelves stocked!

  10. estela says:

    i have the BOGO coupon but i also have a $3 dollar off one can i use both or is the cents off have to be a target coupon

  11. shawn says:

    Can anyone spare some BOGO coupons i i have a lot of BOGO stride ID coupons…

  12. christine says:

    The strips in AZ are $8.49 ;9( still not a bad deal I paid $7.39 with tax and received the $5.00 gift card

  13. jess says:

    Can you do seperate transactions and roll the gift cards?

  14. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for your help everyone!

  15. I’m still learning ShopKick. How do I get the coupon from it? It always gives me problems when I’m at Target to even get points at the door.

    • ana says:

      When I got the app I just click on Target and added to Favorite stores then there’s a pic of a Biore Cleaner and it says $2 off, when you are at the store then click use because it expires 12hrs after you push the use button and you want to make sure your store has some

  16. jan says:

    Can you use shopkick coupon more than one time?

  17. polarischica says:

    Is this advertised in the ad for this week?

  18. Liezelle says:

    Is the shopkick coupon a manufacturers coupon or target coupon?