Here’s a happy bit of news for Walgreens shoppers! Today and tomorrow ONLY (9/25 – 9/26), customers who spend $30.00 on almost anything in-store and online will receive 5,000 Balance Rewards Points! As far as we know, this $30.00 must be spent in a single transaction. We are also waiting to hear if you can earn the 5,000 Points multiple times. Let us know what you’ve discovered!

Here is one scenario you can try to get to $30.00. The possibilities are endless! Comment below if you have a good scenario the rest of us should try! Remember, 5,000 Balance Rewards Points equal $5.00 – $6.25.

Buy 2 Scope Outlast or Dual Blast Mouthwash, 25.4 oz $3.00 each, when you buy 2
Buy 2, Receive $3.00 Register Reward through 9/29
Buy 1 TRUEresult Walgreens Blood Glucose Monitor $14.99
Buy 1, Submit for $14.99 In-Package Mail-In Rebate
Buy 1 Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor System $9.99
Buy 1, Receive $4.00 Register Reward through 9/29
Spend $30.00, Receive 5,000 Balance Rewards Points through 9/26
Use two $1.50/1 Scope Mouthwash, 710 mL or larger, excludes trial/travel size, limit of 4 like coupons per household per day from PG 8/26 (exp 9/30)
And use one $4.00/1 Gillette Fusion ProGlide Razor, excludes Fusion ProGlide Styler and trial/travel size, limit of 4 like coupons in same shopping trip from RP 8/12 (exp 9/30)
Pay $23.98, Receive $3.00 and $4.00 Register Reward and Submit $14.99 Mail-In Rebate
Final Price: $0.50 each, when you buy all 4, Receive 5,000 Balance Rewards Points 


Click here to see a list of cheap Walgreens filler items this week!

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116 thoughts on “Today and Tomorrow! Earn 5,000 Balance Rewards Points at Walgreens!”

Is the $30 spent BEFORE coupons or after using coupons? In other words does the grand total have to be a total of $30? Newbie. Please advise. Thanks.

it’s before manufacturer’s coupons, after walgreens coupons (ie, monthly coupon booklet/in-ad coupons). Hth and happy shopping!

LADIES MAKE SURE TO CHECK the oxy clean max force gel stick 2x 2.00 at wags.

i bought
3 pledge spray and @10.50
2 pledge wipes $7.00
4 puffs $1.00 each 4.00
1 pledge wipe for $3.50 (this is how it was rang up)not sure if it made a diff.??
2 oxy clean max force gel stick 2x 2.00 for $2.00 i was charged 5.98 for both (didn’t noticed till an hour later. got my money back )
2 poligrip each 2.29
total $35.56 ( had ot buy 2 more pledge’s the manager said i needed more money to get the pts, the cashier asked him if the pts where given after or before coupons and he said it was before coupons) please confirm this. anyone!
2 1.00 EA PUFF’S Q’S
2 0.75 PLEDGE Q’S OR
2 1.00 pledge (on the wednesday flyers specials we get in the mail)if you get these on wednesday check them they have pledge coupons. for 1.00.
3 $1.00 wags booklet Q’S

$3.50+$3.50+$3.50+ GLADE1.00PUFFS+1.00PUFFS+2.19 P GRIP+2.19P GRIP+1.00 PLEDGE+1.00PLEDGE, THE I USED 21.00 RR, +5.00RR+2.00RR
OOP $11.79 tax and all. plus the 5,000 pts.
but i used 5+2 RR so 11.79 + 7= 18.79 -5.00+ final after coupons and pts is $10.79 seems a bit much!!!!no? please advise this after i got my 3.00 credit for the wags coupon which i forgot to use and they were nice enough to credit on another transaction. total i did 3 trans today! i wasn’t expecting 2 spend much but in the end i did. my tiny closed it full of goodies…..


SO BE VERY CAREFUL IF THE ITEMS YOU ARE BUYING OFFER PTS YOU CANNOT USE PTS YOU HAVE ACCUMULATED IN THE PAST? I NOW HAVE 21000PTS ! what the point if i cant used them? i will have to use them on none pts items….. but not mix 1 pts item.
how did i do!

ah, i used 2 1.00 for pledge! not sure if i was supposed to? but they took them?

got mine today….and a bunch of almost free gum! can we do this more than 1 time?

I was able to do it twice during my lunch break. I am going to try a 3rd after work.

I did three different transactions so I received a total of 15000 points today.


It *should* work. I suggest the tumbler as your filler as its only 13 cents with in ad coupon. Kids love those things.

I tried it but only did 4 gain at a time plus the gillette razor. It worked great. I got 5000 pts for the $30 plus 2000 pts for the gain. As a filler item i got a 59cent candy bar lol.

Can the cashiers hit the subtotal button on the new registers after IVCs, but before we give them our manufacturer coupons in order to get to the $30? I did not get the 5,000 BR points this morning as my subtotal after all coupons was just under $30 ($29.37), but if the cashier could have subtotaled before manufacturer coupons, I would have been over the $30 ($32.37). Should I call corporate to request my 5,000 BR points?

I’d recommend doing that. I’m sorry! Walgreens cash registers seem to cause lots of problems!

an item i wanted was not in stock last week, so i asked the manager for a rain check he sent me to the register to ask for 1, mentioned the 1,000 pts , he said to remind the cashier to add the points in the rain check. the cashier didnt want to do it but i insisted he had said to do it and she did! i am yet to go back this week and verify that! (if i will get my pts. when using a rain check)

We were informed at our walgreens via corporate that the raincheck procedure will remain the same…meaning that it can be written for the sale price but will not be written for points. (In the future this could change.)

wackness. I’d rather have register rewards than BR points. This whole time I was looking for my 5,000 pts after I had gotten $30 worth of stuff (but only paid like $5 after q’s) then finding out that you have to reach $30 before q’s, eff that.

Here’s what I did:

Bought 1 smart Health Pedo Monitor $4.99 (after WAGS coupon and sale)
Bought 2 Oxiclean stain remover 20.8 oz $2.99 each (earned 500 pts)
Bought 2 Nature Made Vitamin B $4.99 + $2.49 (BOGO 50%) (earned 3,000 points)
Bought 1 Air Allergy Advanded Nasal Filter $9 (received $9.00 RR)
Bought 2 Herbal Essences 2/$6.00 (Received $2.00 RR)
$33.45 (Earned 5,000 pts)
Used 1 $20 WAGS coupon from Sept booklet for monitor (discounted above)
Used 1 $2.50/2 Oxiclean man coupon from SS 7/15
Used 2 $2.00/1 NatureMade man coupons from WAGS vitamin book (these are man coupons, not WAGS coupons)
Used 1 $3.00/2 Herbal Essences man coupon from RP 8/5
Used 2 $4.00 Register Rewards from previous trip
Paid $16.45, Received $9.00 + $2.00 Register Reward and earned 8,500 pts.


You are awesome Angela! Thanks for posting your details! So glad to see it worked out for you!


Here’s a deal
2 customplus3 disposable razors (use 3off1 and bogo)
1 mach3 razor (bogo free mach 3 because you bought 1 razor)
1 Gillette fusion proglide (bogo because you bought the other 1 razor 5off1)
TOTAL- $8.98 (4 RR and 5,000 points)

I went to Walgreen’s and I was super exited I got 2 25oz shampoo Garnier and 2 13oz conditioners it was b1g1 free, plus you get 5.00 in you spent 15.00. Next I got 2 oral b toothbrush and I got 250 rewards 2 palmolive and 2 scope totally free and 2 towels i got as fillers I paid 21.61 and in rewards I got back $18.00 back for my next trip. Yay

Nice shopping!

i just tried doing this today and they did not give me my 5000 points because I bought a dairy product. they said that it does not apply to dairy, alcohol, and cigarettes products.

They were right. There are a few exclusions, such as those you mentioned. I’m sorry!

Unfortunately, it does have to be $30 AFTER COUPONS. I just got back from Walgreens, and I ended up having to ‘void’ my first transaction because (although it was nearly $40 before coupons and Register Rewards) my total out-of-pocket was only $11 and I DID NOT receive the 5,000 pts. I added a couple more items (so that my total AFTER COUPONS was just over $30) and the points were added without any problems. I would definitely suggest spending most (if not all) of your $30 on items that offer Register Rewards, that way at least you’ll get most of your money back – along with the Bonus Points. Hope that helps.

It is actually BEFORE coupons, but you CANNOT use Register Rewards to pay or the purchase will not accrue Balance Rewards Points. I’m sorry you had a headache with that!

Actually you can use Register Rewards. You have to reach $30 after WAGs coupons but before manufacturer coupons and Register Rewards. Worked like a charm for me today.

I was able to use some Register Rewards to pay, but only down to the $30 mark or my points would not have been awarded (which is wierd because on Sunday I went shopping and my coupon/RR usage did not affect my points earned). While I was shopping (the second attempt) the manager called corporate and was told that the $30 had to be spent after coupons (he thought that this might be the case for this promotion only, but he really didn’t know) – so that’s what I did, and it worked.
I’m not complaining though- I got some great stuff for only about $33 OOP (including tax) -AND- got back $20.50 in RR plus the 5,000 BR points. Thanks KCL!

Well I got my balance below $17 using 2 $4 RRs and everything worked fine. I posted my transaction above

I wonder why it’s varying so much? Some people aren’t having any problems and others are. Glad it worked for you though!

My guess is that it has something to do with something other than the use of the Register Rewards. That’s the first thing staff will blame if anything goes wrong (“Oh, you used coupons, that’s why it didn’t work.” Um, NO.) But it’s hard to say what happened without being there. Hmmm. Maybe my new career could be becoming the House of failed couponing attempts…

I Used RR and Got Points and RR Back I Did the AIr $9 + Biore 7.49 + 7.99 – 7 MF + 2 Herbal Essence – $3 =30.48 – MF 10 = 20.48 added a couple fillers a cup .50cent and a highlighter .15cents Used a 9RR + 4RR energ+4Energy+4Energy = -$21in RR Paid Grand total of .13 cents and Repeated this I got back a 9RR Air a $5 RR Biore A $2RR for Herbal Essence Plus 5,000 Bonus Points

I did it today and before coupons my total was $90, I used 2 in-ad coupons, 1 for the Halloween cups (8/$1) and one for the Reynolds Wrap ($2.99)…the reason these “coupons” will mess up a transaction when you are trying to reach a certain $ amount is because they don’t ring up as coupons, they reduce the price of the item. After those, it brought my total down $5.27, so obviously I was still way above $30, but then I used $70.97 is manufacturer coupons ($21 of which were RRs) bringing my total to $14.41…I didn’t buy a single item offering points, but I did receive $13 in RRs AND my 5,000 points…I’m not sure if you used in-ad coupons or not, but if so I’m guessing that’s the root of the issue…

Does anyone know yet if you can do this more thanone time?

You sure can, in separate transactions.

Does anyone know if this deal will work with the in-store coupons? I heard from another website it might not work if you spend $30 and then use in-store coupons (IVC) from the little booklets to bring it down below $30. They said last time there was a promotion like this, you had to spend $30 before manufacturer coupons, but after in-store coupons. Anyone tried?

So, I just had an online chat with a Walgreens customer service person, and they said that the $30 has to be AFTER all coupons, including manufacturer coupons and in-store coupons. Not sure if she was correct or misinformed, but there’s no way I’m going to spend $30 out of pocket just to get the $5 when there’s nothing I really need, especially if I can’t use coupons. I hope she’s wrong!

Customer service is never informed about anything. FACT.

You can call back 3 more times and probably end up with 4 different answers…I’m not sure why they can’t get their stuff together or why they make up answers even though they obviously don’t know instead of getting to the root of the problem…but it’s a bit frustrating as you know. It does not have to be reached after manufacturer coupons (including RRs, as they are manufacturer coupons)…just before the Walgreens In-Ad coupons as these are not really coupons, they just reduce the price of the item. (Not sure if the IVCs or other store coupons work the same way, but that’s something I will be trying to find out for future reference.) You should try! :-) I didn’t even know about the 5,000 Bonus points and was a bit confused about why I got them until I got on here. :-) It sure is a nice treat. Hope it works out for you!

That’s a sticky one. I think you have to reach the $30.00 before manufacturer coupons but AFTER Walgreens coupons.

Yes, I think you’re right. It’s weird that the customer service person I talked to earlier said it was after all coupons. People have already proven that wrong. She must have been misinformed or something.

Occasionally they’re not sure themselves!

So, are Register Rewards considered Walgreens coupons? Because, when I went shopping earlier, I did not get the 5,000 pts when I used MFG coupons and RR to bring my OOP below $30, but when I added more items and reduced the number of RR used (so my OOP was over $30) they were awarded.

Has anyone tried this deal while using a Walgreens in-store coupon? I saw on another couponing website that last time there was an offer like this ($5 back when you spend $30), that it actually didn’t work if you used an in-store coupon and it took the total below $30. They said it worked fine if you used regular coupons, but if you spent $30 and then used and in-store coupons, it wouldn’t give you the rewards. Not sure if it will be different now since it’s points, but I just wanted to check and see if anybody used one. Someone mentioned in another post here about the SmartHealth watch that’s on sale, and you can use the $20 in-store coupon. That would easily get your total close to $30, so you could buy a few more items, but if the in-store coupon takes the total below that, I wonder if you get the rewards. Anyone tried yet?

I think you have to reach the $30.00 before manufacturer coupons but AFTER Walgreens coupons.

I just went to Walgreens and the Manager told me the RR are going away. Guess I won’t be shopping at Walgreens much longer.

Today I bought 4 arizonas 4 x 50 = $2, 1 air allergy nasal filter $9, 1 oral b toothbrush $3.49, 3 Barilla pasta meals $1.99 x 3 = $5.97 (raincheck) and a walgreens glucose monitor $9.99. I used $1 off oral b toothbrush and paid $30.53 out of pocket.
I got my 5000 points, $9 + $2.50 RR and have mailed in my rebate for $9.99 which leaves me getting everything for $4.04 after points, RRs and rebates.


KCL, I am sure you are already working on it, but if not, could you PLEASE create a video on the new BR progam. Your videos are so helpful not to mention a little entertaining!!

If you by the Proglide Gillette Razor system don’t forget the MQ for the free Gillette Mach 3. I think its in the Sept P & G coupons so it will expire on 9/30. I used them last week at Walgreens and stocked up for my husband and brother. I love that we can get these expensive razors and pay little to nothing for them.

You can either use that coupon OR the $4.00 coupon listed above. All Procter & Gamble coupons state, “limit of one coupon per purchase of products and QUANTITIES stated.” That means that you cannot combine two coupons on the same item or set of items. If you wanted to use the $4.00 coupon and the Free Mach 3 coupon, you would need to purchase three items.

A great deal I found at my Walgreens today! The SmartHealth Walking Heart Rate Monitor, Step Counter, and Watch is normally $39.99 but is on sale for $24.99 this week. There is a $20 coupon off 1 in the Walgreens September Booklet making these $4.99! I am a Military ID holder so on Tuesdays we get 15% off before coupons so I got these for $1.24 each!!!

If you were to buy the SmartHealth item listed above and 2 Scope Outlast or Dual Blast Mouthwash @ $3 each, that would allow you to get the 5,000 points, correct? Your total before coupons would be $30.99. Then you could use the $20 off coupon in the September booklet, 2 $1.50/1 Scope coupons…I guess the total would be $7.99 OOP and you’d get $3 RR back? Am I correct?

Thats awesome!!

Wow! Nice find!

Oh my gosh, what a great deal! Especially with the spend $30 and get 5,000 points deal today and tomorrow! Do you know if these were on sale or were they on clearance? I know the clearance always varies, so just wondering. Thanks for posting this!

In the future please mention what area you live in at least the state because not ALL Walgreens have the same deals. I live in southeast Florida and rushed out to go get this “deal” as i was buying one anyways from ebay this week…of course once i got to the store it is $40 and yes there is a $20 off coupon in the monthly booklet. Wasted trip for me.

Nan, this deal is actually featured in the online ad for the “Bonus Buys.” Most likely they will not have a tag in the store for those deals. Did you have them do a price check?

Do they have to honor the online bonus buys? I just printed it out to bring with me in case they do. Please let me know. Thanks!

I believe they do have to honor the online ads, but I know a lot of people have had trouble with the stores accepting the sales because they can’t see them in the store. It’s a very good idea to bring the ad with you, I would think they would be more likely to honor the sale that way. Good luck!

If you have a smart phone you can access the ad with bonus buys through the Wags app. It happened to me last week and I just showed it to them and they price modified no problem.

Do they have to honor the online bonus buys if you bring in a copy?

I did the price check on the item. It was still $40. I showed the advertisement to the store manager and he refused to price match. I went to three different stores all with the same outcome, so I gave up on getting my item. I called Walgreen customer service to find out where to those deals are valid, i should expect a call back within 2 business days. The store managers said its just valid online, however, the bonus deals picture cottage cheese and other perishable items. I don’t think I would be able to order them online.

Oh my, that stinks! I hope that customer service gets back to you. The price should not be valid ONLY for buying it online, it should be the price in the stores as well. Sorry you had such a bad time with it! Hopefully customer service will come through.

They were marked on the shelf at my store but had to be price modified at checkout. sucks. rarely are these deals valid where i live. even thw walgreens in my town have different sales.

Does all Walgreens run the same sales? I live in New Orleans, Louisiana and one Walgreens I went to did not have the SmartHealth Walking Heart Rate Monitor on sale. What state did you find it on sale?

They only show this in the online “Bonus Buys,” and a lot of Walgreens don’t have signs for those deals. Make sure to price check with the cashiers.

what is or where do i get the wags bookelt? is it the coupon thingy by the entrance?

Yup, next to the circulars.

I just went and spent $30 and got 5,000 points, I bought 1 gillette proglide razor 9.99, 1 mach 3 razor 11.99, 2 scope outlast mouthwash 2/$6 and 1 FRS energy shot $3.99 and I used the following coupons, $4/1 gillette proglide razor, Free Gillette Mach 3 razor, 2 $1.50 scope products and I got back $4 rr gillette, $4 rr energy shot, $3 rr scope and scored 5,000 points : )

Just don’t ever EVER forget to use your BR at the time of the transaction. The phone system *claims* that you can add a transaction after the fact, if you forget during check out. But it’s a PIA… especially if you’ve used coupons during the transaction. I’ve spent an entire WEEK to get 5000 points back on one of my transactions. After many phone calls and headaches, they’re only rewarding me 4,000 because, apparently, chewable baby aspirin isn’t low dose aspirin (1000pts). Even though my receipt CLEARLY says that I could have earned 5000 points by using my card. I guess I’ll pay a $1 penalty to teach me a lesson to NEVER forget to enter my phone # before paying. ARG!

Yes, they haven’t quite got in the habit of asking for our cards/numbers yet. I always have to ask to enter my phone number.

You’re right! It is still new to all of us!

Oh no! That sounds so frustrating! I’m sorry. And thank you for the piece of advice.

Here’s a good thing to know next time that happens…all managers have the ability to fix your points if they don’t show up on your receipt or you forget to use your card. There’s a sheet of paper with different barcodes used to add points or deduct points from people’s cards. Next time it happens, ask your manager to fix the issue.
I had it happen to me last week, my receipt was 9,000 points short! I talked to the manager and he checked the ad, the shelf tag and my items purchased to make sure everything matched up, and it did, but for some reason did not give me my points! (by the way, using manufacturer coupons and/or RRs (as they are also manufacturer coupons) should NOT effect earning points! The only thing that will is using the In-Ad coupons when you are trying to reach a certain $ amount, as these do not work as coupons, they reduce the price of the item)…So he pulled out his sheet of paper…he hadn’t had to use it yet, so it was a learning process for us both. It adds points to your card in 500 point increments. He had to scan my card (or here you can enter your phone number), scan an add barcode on the paper and then scan the 500 points barcode on the same paper, then close out the transaction and do it all over again. After doing it twice we realized it would take forever, so we checked if he could change the quantity to do it all at once and IT WORKED! So he scanned the barcode for 500 points and changed the quantity on the screen to 16 (adding 8,000 points to my card as he had already added the 1,000) and bam! Worked like a charm. All the managers have the ability to do this!… so as long as you’re super sweet, nice and patient…you should be able to have everything fixed before you even leave the store….then you don’t have to worry about calling in and dealing with corporate or what they call “Customer Service”….don’t even get me started on that. I’ve called them 4 times in the last 2 weeks with the same question and have gotten 4 different answers (They even have a Balance Points Department they will forward you to if you have questions, apparently they all went to a different class or something)…so much for training on new programs I guess. Anywho, hope that helps!

That’s great that they were able to fix it in-store!

i bought 67 dollar for cigarette didn’t receive the 5,000 points today

Cigarettes are excluded.

i c thanks

Certain products, such as tobacco and alcohol, are excluded.

Does anyone know if this total is before coupons or after?

You need to reach $30.00 BEFORE submitting coupons. So you can save even more!

Is there ever a situation where the total needed is after submitting coupons? — This might be a “video-worthy” topic if there is :)

Sometimes, yes. But not at Walgreens!

earn 5000 points by spending $30 today or tomorrow! im going over to get 4 herbal essences 2/$6, 2 bogo coupons and 2 register rewards. frs energy shots 3.99, 4.00 register rewards. 2 neosporin 2.79 each, 5000 balance rewards. 3m nasal filter 9.00, 9.00 register rewards. soo…. total is 30.57 and you get another 5000 balance rewards for spending $30. take $6 off in coupons and $15 in register rewards, and $10 in balance rewards you’ve made $.43

if you use 2 of the bogo coupons for the herbal essences in the same transaction, buy 4l, will you get 2 RR or only 1 RR. Thanks!

You would need to do two separate transactions to get two $2.00 Register Rewards.

What about for the Aussie? Can you do 2 Aussies & 2 Herbals with the BOGO and get 2 RR’s?

Remember you’ll only earn the $2.00 Register Reward from Herbal Essences ONCE per transaction.

I have a question when sined up online awhile back when I saw this balance rewards thing come about, I did. Am I to expect a card in the mail from walgreens, or do they give them out in the store? so confused.

You can go to the store and they will give you a card. Tell them that you already signed up online and you want to connect the account you created online with an actual card.

The online sign up is for people that want to go cardless (I think more for men that run in and just grab whatever and don’t carry around cards) but like KCL said just ask them in the store to link your account to a card. I just did it the other day because I was also waiting for a card in the mail but found out it was not coming.

Just an FYI, When I was at Wags yesterday a manager gave me a heads up that very soon (maybe next week) our BR cards will start tracking our RR. I assume that means we will be limited to one RR per item, per card unless they start following Rite aid and allowing say 2-4 per card.

That’s unfortunate. I bet that’s gonna lose them a lot of customers.

Do you know if this will work with deals that earn balance rewards point?

I think it will!

Do you know if RR’s or a rebate card can be used to purchase the items?

No. Points will not be earned in a transaction where Redemption Dollars or Store Credit is used. Sorry!

But do Register Rewards count as either? I’ve been getting points on transactions where I’ve used Register Rewards.

I posted in another area that I think in certain situations you do not receive points/RR if you use RR/points as payment and I was told that was not true by other bloggers. I had a situation where I needed to spend $25 to receive points and I used RR and did not receive my points. I was told by the 1-800# that since I used RR, it reduced my subtotal to below the required amount, therefore I did not get my points. I THINK if you need to spend “X” dollars and use points or RR you MAY not get the points/RR you are hoping for.

Thanks for stating that. I think there is still confusion on this.

I had this happen to me a few nights ago. I did not receive my points, and I did almost an exact transaction right before that, which I did receive the points. I just returned the items to save a headache, b/c the manager had no idea why. This now makes total sense to me. I DID pay with a Walgreen’s gift card that I had gotten b/c of previous mishaps. Thanks for the clarification. I joke with the management and say that I should be a coupon/employee consultant for Wags, b/c I seem to always find all the ‘problems’ and questions they cannot fix/answer. But truly KCL, YOU ladies should be a consultant. It’s just frustrating that when problems arise, that no one seems to know how or why, let alone fix it. The worst though, is when the employees and managers ‘make-up’ answers as to why something isn’t working, rather than find and fix the problem, either from listening to the consumer, or calling another location.
*venting complete* Thanks :)

I have not had any issue using my RRs to get points. I just do one “Earn Points” transaction using my RRs and one “Earn RRs” using the points I just earned. RRs are manufacturer coupons so they should not have any effect on receiving points…and I have had no issue receiving my RRs when I pay using my points…so far it has worked out pretty okay for me, but I feel that in the coming weeks they are going to be ironing out kinks and tweaking things here and there so I wouldn’t try to get used to anything, that’s for sure. :-)

I was told that if you use RR to pay for it, that it will cancel out getting the points?

Register Rewards and Rebate Cards may be used to purchase items, and you’ll still get your Balance Rewards points. I’ve been using my rebate cards for a few weeks and I’ve always received the points.

Does it include items that are awarding points already?

I think so!

Ugh I just spent 40 yesterday (

bummer :((

is it in a single transaction?

Yes. We believe you need to spend $30.00 in a single transaction to get the points!

Yes, you need to spend $30.00 in a single transaction to get the points. I just came from Walgreens. I did separate transactions for the Herbal Essence deal to get the RRs. Just to see if it would add my transactions from today, I made sure my final transaction made a total of $30 for all 4 transactions. I did not receive the Bonus Points.

Wonder if this includes getting the flu shot. Worth a call to ask and see, I guess.