Family movie night, anyone? Pick up the popcorn at Walgreens! There is an in-ad Walgreens coupon that makes Act II Microwave Popcorn only $0.25 a bag! But wait, there’s more! For the month of October, these single bags are on sale buy one get one free! That means each bag is less than $0.13. What are your family movie night movie recommendations?



Buy 2 Act II Popcorn, 2.75 oz $0.25
With In-Ad Coupon through 10/6, Limit 8
Buy One Get One Free through 10/27
Final Price: $0.13 each, when you buy 2 


Thanks, Facebook Reader Satomi

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32 thoughts on “Act II Popcorn, Only $0.13 at Walgreens!”

could you use this as a filler item if you use the in ad coupon that makes them .25 cents

Yes! Walgreens coupons do not count as “coupons” for the number of coupons used in a transaction. You only have to have as many or more items as you have MANUFACTURER coupons and Register Rewards used as payment.

tried this and the tag on the shelf said “buy 1 at .99, get 1 free” the said i could either buy them for .99 and get 1 free for each i bought, or i could do the 4/$1. so i didnt get any…too bad

I could not get this deal. They told me that it was a headquarters error and that they caught it and was fixed today. Bummer should have gone yesterday.

Tonight I went to a Walgreens for this awesome deal. It just so happened to be the one Walgreens that never has any of the correct sale prices listed or even in their system when I do price checks. So I went to a different Walgreens that had the deal advertised, but they were all out of the popcorn. I took a picture with my phone of the advertised deal. Can I take that picture back to the first Walgreens and get them to give me the same deal?

You can try, but it seems that the deal is no longer working.

i went to get some more today and they had changed the prices? they’re automatically 4 for 1.00! no coupon needed! not sure why! i asked them to scan the coupon and the cashier refused said no, is ok, they’re 25 cents already! i spoke to the manager and said nothing he said they were on sale for 4 for 1.00 that’s it.

My walgreens did not have this on sale..? There was a sign for it to be .99 and then there was a sign under the boxes with 3 of them in a box for .99 B1G1. So I took 2 of the boxes, and they rang up 3 each.

wow im confused someone please explain the order in whi h i do it

It sounds like this deal might not be working anymore. If you try it, though, make sure your cashier scans each popcorn bag individually instead of scanning one and then typing in “Multiply by 8.”

Monday, I bought 8 for $1. They rang up at .99 each plus the BOGO plus the cashier scanned the 4/$1 ad. Today, they rang up as $.25 each. Walgreens must’ve caught on and updated their computers. I went to two separate Walgreens and was twice disappointed.

I went to two different stores also and they are no longer listed in the store as buy one get one free. They are .25 each.

i purchased 40 of them and cost me $5.40 and ten received a $10 off next $50 dollar purchase….so i got 40 more and got the same….awesome!!

Just went to my Walgreens and they said it was one or the other, can’t do both! Very disappointed! :(

Yesterday I bought 8 for $1. Today at the same store 8 for $2.
In comparing the receipts I would suggest handing the clerk one bag at a time (not entering them 8 as a quantity). That receipt shows BUY 1 GET 1 FREE at the top.
Then after all 8 are rung up, apply the in ad coupon. It dropped .74 off one and the next one was free. Thus 8 for $1.00.
Maybe it’s the order the clerks do things?

that is what i was thinking last night, i”ll try it again. thank you

I think corporate just got hip to it and shut it down. I went to 3 walgreens and they all rung up for .25cents and did not get the BOGO deal. They said one or the other. I hope everyone stocked while they got a chance.

Can these be used as fillers since you’re only using the in-ad coupon?

Absolutely! Two fillers for the price of one!

i went tonight, they had them BOGO, but the register did not give me the free, and also the coupon did NOT take. cashier ask, he said their are .99 and get one free, but when she show the coupon he said he can only give it to me for 4/$1. no more since they where .25 piece. but i did not understand, why, he did not wanted to give me the special w/ coupon, it was one or the other. could this be a register error? i mean it did not wanted to take the bogo or the coupon :(

Hmmm, maybe it was a register error. Mine rang up great this morning.

Same thing happened to me… register rang up at 99 cents a piece, I told them that they were buy 1 get 1 and I had a 4/$1 Q… but they would only honor the Q since it was the better deal, not both.

it happened to me and i showed them this and they manually give me the price since the sale overlaps.

My store had trouble just getting it to come up 25 cents….it rang up 2/99 but wouldn’t take the coupon for the 4/$ they just manually rang up $2.00 :(

No in-ad coupon in my walgreens ( columbia SC). Are the deals in the booklet nation wide?Jewe

It’s possible that the coupon was regional. In my ad it was at the bottom of the second page.

I went in there tonight, got eight bags, and they charged me 8@ .25. There was a BOGO that was clearly stated and I used the 4/$1… I told them a couple times they didn’t listen, before I said something they had me at $1/2 even after I gave them the coupon.. so I got the 4/$1 but not the BOGO… very sad camper over here!! :(

I’m sorry! That sounds very frustrating!

Ive been patient for a popcorn deal since being pregnant its one thing i can snack on and this deal is perfect!! Just got 8 (there wasnt enough for more transactions) and also got 2 butterball turkey bacon packages that were on sale for $1.29 (marked down from 2/$3) used the in-store coupon for the popcorn and a butterball mfr coupon for $1/2. Only paid $2.58 (w/ tax) for ten products thats a 76% savings!!

That’s great! Nice job!

oh, its here, i didn’t see this, this morning i just came back and i got 16 packets for only 2.00 dollars! there was plenty so i got it twice i will donate 16 to the salvation army for movie night there, when the bible studies take place for adults kids watch movies. what a great deal i have to share some….

I was excited about this deal too!