This week there are some great Register Rewards promotions at Walgreens! Since it’s tricky to roll rewards, here’s a reminder: If you are using a Register Reward, you cannot use a manufacturer coupon on a filler item. The number of manufacturer coupons and Register Rewards used as payment must be equal to or less than the number of items purchased. To read about how to shop at Walgreens, click here. Then click on the “Walgreens 101″ tab. Remember to look for clearance back-to-school items; these make great fillers as well!

Filler Items, No Coupon Required

Wexford Highlighter (Reg. $0.69) $0.34, clearance price


Theater Pack Candy $1.00 each, when you buy 3 OR $1.39 each, when you buy 1


Filler Items Using In-Ad Coupons

Halloween Pencils or Gift Sacks $0.13


Act II Popcorn, 2.75 oz $0.25
Buy One Get One Free through 10/27


Halloween Activity Pads or Books $0.33


Campbell’s Chicken Noodle or Tomato Soup, 10.75 oz $0.59


Kraft Macaroni & Cheese, 7.25 oz $0.89
Buy 2, Receive 250 Balance Rewards Points


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7 thoughts on “Walgreens Filler Items: Week of 9/30”

  1. czachman says:

    I was thinking i was actually starting to get the hang of the balance rewards when I purchased $10 in swiffer products yest, which should have earned 2,000 points. when i noticed i didn’t , i called the 800 num. The rep informed me it was because I used 2 $1 off MFR & your total has to be before coupons & tax…….has anybody else run into this? I thought as long as you met the req before tax, coupons are taken off after the fact

    • Anonymous says:

      I believe that you are correct. The total has to be met before coupons. I wonder if you got a second opinion if they would say the same thing?

  2. WalWorker says:

    I work Walgreens and yes u can use the coupons towards newspapers…the only items the RR do not apply to are phone cards, gift cards, cigarettes, alcohol and dairy

  3. jmmechl says:

    Just a thought but can you use the RR to buy Sundays newspapers in the store? The papers in my area don’t offer discounts so I pay full price each week anyways just for the coupon inserts…

    • Anonymous says:

      It depends on the store. You can ask at your store, but several stores don’t allow you to se Register Rewards to buy newspapers.

    • Ami <3 says:

      Just an idea if you dont have RR for walgreens…… Last week when Albertsons had their Twice the Value coupons I used a Catalina Manufacture coupon, with the TTV coupon to get the newspaper for free.