You’ve seen customers in line, scrambling to cut coupons from inserts before their turn in checkout, frantically matching up products with the sales flyer. But Krazy Couponers are different; we’re organized and streamlined, knowing that efficiency creates order. A big part of this is preparing coupons before you walk in the store door.

Clip It: One of the most vital parts of being a consistent couponer is clipping and organizing coupons on a regular basis. To keep things easier, clip coupons frequently, either once a week or the day your inserts arrive. This way, you’ll avoid inserts stacking up and becoming a formidable task. If you have willing kids, they can lend a hand with clipping!

Match It: When you’re ready to start your shopping list, visit or a local blog that matches up available coupons with the sales at your local store. On your shopping list, indicate the sale items, which coupons you’ll be using, and the quantity you’d like to purchase.

Pull It: Once your list is complete, open your coupon binder or accordion file and pull all the applicable coupons you’ll be using. File them in a store envelope or paper clip them to your shopping list. If you’ll be doing multiple transactions, sort the coupons according to the desired transactions. Now you’re ready to go!

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7 thoughts on “Extreme Couponing Tip: Prepare Coupons Before Shopping”

  1. czaferis says:

    Does anyone no where the Xmas video list is posted at?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Yes! being organized and ready helps everyone. I have a small file (that i picked up at the dollar store for $1 each) for each store. As I go thru the ad I put the coupons i will be needing for that trip in the file folder. Then as I am shopping i move them into the front slot so that I know I will be using that coupon this trip (in case of having to get rainchecks, etc.) That way when I get to the cashier I am already and just pull out my handful that is in the front.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I made the mistake of not having my coupons ready the first few shopping trips, it was a mess. :) Now I try to get everything pulled to the front of my binder before each shopping trip, after the item is in my buggy I put the coupon in my pocket. :)

    • Anonymous says:

      I think we’ve all had one (or more) of those trips! It definitely serves as a good future reminder :)

  4. Anonymous says:

    i have actually been in line behind a lady who handed the cashier an insert page that had the coupon she needed on it and expected him to cut it out. he was an angel and actually went and got scissors and did. this was at a cvs and no one else but me in line behind her. i was in such shock i couldn’t say anything. i also put my price match items at the end of the line when i shop at walmart in case a coupon doesn’t go thru, there is no hassle to find it.