Go grab those papers out of your driveway and look for your CVS ad. Before you get too disappointed to see a slim sheet with only a 3-day ad, check to see if your ad includes the 20% off 3-day shopping pass! The guidelines for use are similar to our usual percent-off coupons–they cannot be used on sale-priced items or clearance. Remember though, the best thing about these coupons is that they can be used on items that produce ExtraBucks, as long as they are regular price!

I’ve put together some ideas for how you might use this coupon for the 3-day sale, valid through 10/9 only. Let me know what other ways you find!

Update: I understand this coupon is not working perfectly for some. Keep in mind, as with all percent-off coupons, there are a few things that will impact your discount; including certain types of other CVS coupons such as Beauty Rewards. For more information, please refer to my comments below. For the record, the Nexxus deal worked without a hitch for me: The full 20% came off and I received my $10.00 ExtraBucks.

Buy 1 Nexxus Color Assure Shampoo, 13.5 oz $10.79, regular price
Buy 1 Nexxus Ultimate Moisture Conditioner, 5.1 oz $9.49, regular price
Subtotal: $20.28
Spend $20.00, Receive $10.00 Extra Bucks, Limit 7, through 10/27
Use 20% Off 3-Day Shopping Pass from CVS Ad 10/7 (exp 10/9) (Save $4.06)
And use two $3.00/1 – Nexxus Hair Care or Styling Item, excludes trial/travel size, Manufacturer Coupon – (target.com)
Or $5.00/$20.00 Unilever Participating Products – (savingstar.com)
Pay $10.22, Receive $10.00 Extra Bucks
Final Price: $0.11 each, when you buy both


Buy 2 Colgate Optic White Rinse, 16 oz $5.49, regular price
Spend $10.00, Receive $5.00 ExtraBucks, Limit 2, through 10/9
Use 20% Off 3-Day Shopping Pass from CVS Ad 10/7 (exp 10/9)
And use two 1.00/1 Colgate Optic White Mouthwash,  8 oz or larger, Limit of 4 like coupons per shopping trip from SS 9/30 (exp 10/20)
Pay $6.78, Receive $5.00 ExtraBucks
Final Price: $0.89 each, when you buy 2


Buy 2 L’Oreal Nail Polishes $5.79, regular price
Spend $10.00, Receive $3.00 ExtraBucks, Limit 1 (October Monthly Deal, Limit 6)
Use 20% Off 3-Day Shopping Pass from CVS Ad 10/7 (exp 10/9)
And use two $1.00/1 – L’Oreal Paris Product – (lorealparisusa.com)
Pay $7.26, Receive $3.00 ExtraBucks
Final Price: $2.13 each, when you buy

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280 thoughts on “$20 Nexxus Shampoo, Only $0.11 Each at CVS!”

  1. Sarah says:

    I’ve had that happen to me several times at different stores where the cashier tells me I can’t get something for free, as if the coupon money comes out of their own pocket! I’ve had to tell a few of them how tired I was of cashiers acting like the money comes out of their own pocket, when the manufacturer reimburses the retailer for the coupon! Some don’t even bother to try reading the item description on the coupon, even though I buy what I’m supposed to… If it beeps, it’s basically “sorry” without any attempts to push the coupon through…

  2. tina says:

    This is why I have stopped couponing in this way. It is not worth my time, fustration, and humiliation. I used to love it, but these cashiers have made it no fun for me. They try in every way to not let you use them, and hold up lines on purpose, and then people are mad I am holding up the line.

  3. nydrom28 says:

    and the nexxus coupon is only 2 per transaction???

  4. Is this deal a monthly deal for the nexxus?? My stickers show only 1 per household per card……. I see limit 7 here………..

  5. Anonymous says:

    Here’s a tip: I ALWAYS send my %-off coupon to my card. After the cashier totals, the %-off coupon pops up and tells me how much it’ll deduct. Of course, it automatically adjusts itself after all my coupons if I have any CVS ones that will affect it, but I avoid the hassle of what the %-off coupon will and will not work for. And seriously, it’s effective. My sister doesn’t send the %-off coupon to her card, she prints it and always has a hard time using it at the CVS near us (there’s only one in town and the cashier REFUSED to scan it) but I’ve never had issues using mine because it prompts so no arguments there.

  6. Jwang says:

    @TheKrazyCouponLady:disqus , have question about these types of spend $x get $y extra bucks deals. I spent $27 to get this deal last night, does CVS keep track of the extra $7 and allow me to get the deal by going again and spending $13 on nexxus? Or are these types of deals PER transaction and not combinable?

  7. becky says:

    Where does CVS list their month long deals? I am still trying to find out for sure if this deal would be good at my store since they don’t have any advertisements in-store indicating it. Please help! :)

  8. MamaG30 says:

    Is the target coupon gone? I can not find it on their site!

  9. gsherrel says:

    Finally i get a perfect deal. i did love it.

  10. katgirl says:

    It says limit 7. Can I use my 20% off and grab 6 bottles that will produce $30ECB? Thanks in advance.

  11. Erin says:

    Oh, and is it only good on shampoo/conditioner? Or is it valid on the Nexus styling products, too?

  12. Erin says:

    Is the Nexus deal good through Saturday?

  13. whitney says:

    is the nexxus coupon gone??

  14. Cheryl says:

    I can have the perfect CVS shopping trip one day and another day it can be a complete waste of time. It seems to completely depend on 2 people – the cashier and the manager on duty. Wrong combination equals bad trip at my store.

  15. Sollli says:

    Theres 3 cvs at my area n they always out of stock ask them when is the next shipment they said tomarrow but when comes that day i went to the store they said well i guess were out … Really n they give u a mean look … I just dnt get what i did wrong …..

  16. Ashley says:

    Sorry to get off the subject, but I did not get my GM coupon insert. In my papers I purchased 4 and they we’re not in any!!! Was this regional? I live in Texas

  17. rlguidish says:

    I got this deal tonight and the conditioner came with a free mousse!! I love CVS!!

  18. mrn1 says:

    OK-took KCLs advice since there were varying results and located a 20% coupon and went for the Nexxus deal. The 20% didn’t work on any of the Nexxus, BUT the awesome MOD figured it on a calculator and gave it to me since it was not “on sale”. My store had just gotten in 2 for the price of 1 packs. I ended up getting 4 2packs and 2 singles, got 20% off, had $3 coupons for each and got back $40 ECB. Now I have no reason not to buy my husband the cologne he wants. What in the world else am I going to use a $40 ECB on? Wish I had more of the 20% coupons so I could have split it up.

    • Anonymous says:

      Glad it ultimately worked for you and you had a “coupon friendly” manager :) That makes ALL the difference!

  19. Julie says:

    Can BOTH Mfg, coupons & the Saving Star be used? In other words, will I get the SavingStar credit if I use the $3 Mfg. Q’s?

    • Anonymous says:

      Julie, the reality is there is nothing to stop you. However, savingstar does not support the use of their manufacturer e-coupons along with manufacturer paper coupons. It is considered “double-dipping” and the manufacturer is out twice for the same item.

      • nydrom28 says:

        Thanks for letting me know that. I did not know and it would seem like a person is using 2 coupons on one item, which is forbidden. Thanks for sharing.

  20. andrea says:

    can’t find the coupons!

  21. Anonymous says:

    I tried this deal…didn’t exactly work out according to plan. I bought other items and the 20% off only ended up taking off $2 and some change total off the entire purchase. The good news though was that I still had my $4 off $20 which also worked. Probably paid a total of about $6 or so for both of these at the end of the day (my prices were also different and higher) but c’mon that is still a smokin’ deal!! Side note, which is probably addressed somewhere in here but I don’t want to read all 238 comments: This also counts as a Unilever product in the Saving star buy $20 get $5 back deal! So I’m getting $5 from that as well :0)

  22. misstratty says:

    Sorry if this has already been asked but I have done the Nexxus deal twice this week so I have two 10.00 Nexxus ECB. If I was to do it again and I pay with one of my Nexxus ECB’s will I still recieve one back?

    • sweetgoofygirl says:

      Yes I do it all the time. Walgreens you cant use the RR to buy the same product. But at CVS you can use the same ECB to buy the same product.

  23. prncsdi81 says:

    Is it really limit 7? Can i spend $40 and get 2 – $10 EB back?

    • katgirl says:

      I asked the same thing. I think you can get up to 7 $10 ECB back but the problem is you can only use 2 of the $3 off Nexxus coupons.

  24. Melissa says:

    Just wanted to share that the Nexus deal worked for me in the Dallas, TX area. I wasn’t sure if I had done the 20% send to card or not so for backup I took in a flyer for 20% off regular price items that I had gotten in the mail expiring in mid October. I love nexus shampoo but don’t actually like to spend normal price to get it. $10 ECB printed out – I used the 20% coupon, 2- $3 coupons, and $6 in ECB that I already had on hand.

  25. Had a great transaction this morning buying the Nexxus.. I bought two combo packs that have the shampoo and conditioner for $17.49 each. I also bought herbal essences shampoo and conditioner at $4.49 each. I added two tums wintergreen at $5.79 each to bring my total over $50. I then used a buy one get one herbal essences coupon which took $6.99 off, the 20% coupon which took $11.12off and two $3 off Nexxus coupons. I also used two $10, and one each $5 and $6 ecb from earlier purchases this week to bring my grand total down to 46 cents! The best part is, all of the ecb I used were from the other monthly beauty promotions etc and I received back $10 ecb for the Nexxus and added more $$ to my rewards balance. I adore CVS! :-)

  26. bellelamb says:

    Why does it say to use the $3 off coupons OR saving star?? Can’t you use both?? If so I’m going to CVS today.

  27. Amy says:

    Where can I find the 20% coupon? is not in the one sheet ad for the 3 day sale :(

    Did anyone got it in NJ?

  28. Pause85 says:

    My neighbor and fellow couponer tried this deal at CVS using the 20%. The cashier told her that she couldn’t use it because it was promotional and my neighbor said they even scanned the 20% Q and it BEEPED! Now, I’m afraid to go in there with my list.

  29. tonishawrenn says:

    Yeah that’s the trick to keep the peace with those cashiers who don’t know what they are doing, just show them the extra code in the right corner.

  30. mogreenxo says:

    for some reason.. i got an extra $1.50 ECB to print out when i did this deal (p.s- the 20% didnt scan so my cashier took it off manually) heeeeck yes! lol i’m loving cvs a little more than rite aid right now! i can never get my printed coupons to scan at rite aid.. cvs always gets them to scan :(

  31. Mariel says:

    Mine thought the same thing so I ended up buying one :( My printer won’t allow me to print them again :(

  32. Araisis says:

    I got the nexxus deal today, had a 5 dollar eb, so ended up paying five something and getting the 10 dollar eb. I really wanted the optic white rinse but I don’t have the coupons from ss so I didn’t get it….I have to have a coupon, otherwise, I just don’t feel good about the purchase, coupon OCD…or something, lol

  33. kris says:

    over the last week and a half when I scan my CVS card it keeps printing the $10 off $50 coupon. I have received 6 total. is this happening to anyone else?

  34. My store had a special pack of the Nexxus Pro-mend conditioner with a free Pro-mend mousse!
    Nexxus Pro-mend shampoo – $11.29
    Nexxus Pro-mend conditioner with Pro-mend mousse – $15.99
    $5 off $25 CVS magic coupon machine
    2 $3 Nexxus coupons
    $10 Extra Bucks
    Total with tax – $7.51 received $10 Extra Bucks

  35. Becky says:

    So happy! Went to cvs today and bought 1 nexus shampoo, 1 nexus conditioner, cvs brand nail polish remover, 1 tresseme shampoo and 1 tresseme conditioner. Used 20% coupon
    2-$3 off nexus manf coupon
    2-$1 off tresseme manf coupon
    $2 off 2 tresseme cvs coupon
    $2 off cvs beauty coupon that was emailed to me
    $5 off $30 cvs coupon
    Paid $9.08 and got $10 ecb

  36. sophie and ben says:

    I just went to CVS to get this and the 20% did work… :)

  37. veroshop says:

    Went to CVS bought a shampoo 11.49 conditioner 9.99 used 2-$3 Q. The 20% q did not w work for this deal..I guess u can say that I wasn’t to thrilled about this deal

  38. kristen says:

    the coupon scenario listed above for the colgate is confusing. If its 5.5 oz thats on sale, how can you use an 8 oz or larger coupon?

  39. guisi says:

    Can somebody please explain to me how the Saving Star thing works? Is it dollar for dollar? If, for example, the Nexxus shampoo is $20.28 before coupons, wouldn’t that mean I spent $20 and should get my $5?? My account only shows I’ve spent 1.98, any idea why?

  40. Ashley says:

    Ugh I am pissed and this is the only place that would understand. Went to CVS to get the Nexxus deal. Hand the cashier the two $3 coupons from Target. She says not only that I can only use one coupon right now, but says that they are void because I copied them! She thinks this because the barcode was the same on both. I told her that not only was I offended that she thought I copied it, but that I printed them at different times and the barcode was the same. Her manager told me the same thing… so then I just bought one. Just got home and printed off another one… and the barcode is the same! Just like I told them, it’s the same thing as handing them 2 clipped coupons which would obviously have the same barcode. So frustrated. So I will be going back tomorrow to get a conditioner and get me ECB!

    Thanks for listening couponers.

    • My cashier this morning almost thought the same thing, then she realized that the numbers on the top right were different.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why don’t you call the corporate office and complain…

      • Ashley says:

        I think I will. Thanks Hilda!

        • Scrappinjay says:

          The top right corner of the coupon has different numbers. This is your proof!! they are different coupons!

          • WinchWeasel says:

            That’s correct! Whenever the cashier starts eyeballing my coupons, I always point out the difference of numbers on the upper right hand side and tell them I have a magnifying glass so they can check out the border (time coded).

            • uthorns1976 says:

              I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one that carries a magnifying glass with me to the store. I use it to read expiration dates, fine print, etc. Harbor Freight stores have decent little magnifying glasses for $2.99. They’re cheap ones from China or wherever but if you do like me and drop it, you’re not out much. I dropped a good magnifying glass once at Walgreens and broke it.

      • Anonymous says:

        GREAT IDEA !!

    • Araisis says:

      Are they crazy?!!!!!! The barcode is always the same, it is the other code that is different, sometimes called the coupon pin. These people are ridiculous, they need to educate themselves. It is a very serious thing to accuse someone of fraud…she wrongfully called you a criminal, I don’t know how you were able to deal with the stupidity of both her, and her manager.

    • Mrs.Dickenson says:

      same thing happened to me wtf im going back there tomarrow to

    • Anonymous says:

      :( That’s terrible. Sorry you went through that Ashley.

    • Pause85 says:

      I always point out the difference on the coupon when they come into question. I also don’t ever clip the border. Some people might need a magnifying glass to read it, but it definitely proves I didn’t just run them through a copier.

    • Anonymous says:

      If I’m not mistaken the number that is under the expiration date will be different when printed. If it’s the same they are copied from a copier. That’s what I was told. You might want to share that with the store manager.

      • Anonymous says:

        I have also found that store managers and cashier are not taught enough about coupons. I’ve had to explain it to them myself before. I did point out at Wal-Mart they were worried more about a coupon than a minor buying alcohol or cigarettes.

    • Rita says:

      did u call corporate office or complain cause thats just wrong

    • The barcodes will be the same what they should be paying attention too is the code in the top right hand corner under the scan code those are different and they will realize that they were not copied, if they knew what they are looiking for.

    • Alice Pin says:

      no, no , and no! loo at the top or right barcode the numbers are different that makes it a diff coupon! are they both dumb? wth? these people get these jobs and don’t bother to learn the skills they need to do the job? call corporate office give them names! the bard code makes the difference…..

    • Anonymous says:

      I am sooooo sorry Ashley, That is sooo stupid of them. The Bar code tells the cash register what to deduct. One of my CVS’s has the same idiots, I just go to another CVS…. They are on every corner in Houston.Glad you told us what to look out for. Thanks, sweetie.

    • Lisa says:

      when I tried this deal the cashier said that I can only use one coupon, the coupon clearly states that you can use 2 like coupons after ready the coupon to the cashier he scanned them both with no problems.

    • Vic says:

      I love it when they accuse me of copying! Because I can always prove them WRONG! I just grab some gum, two alike, turn them around and show them the upc.Voila, it makes click! What helps, if you show them two alike coupons clipped from the newspaper, it shows the same barcode as well.

    • Anonymous says:

      The barcodes are the exact same but when you look that the “smart phone barcode” at the top it will have a different number on it. Next time I would point that out to them since that is the only thing that shows up as being different on printed coupons. I do have this problem a lot on PDF coupons, but not on the regular coupons.

    • Jessica says:

      I did this deal 3 times so far with no problem. It helps to go to a cashier that you are friendly with.

  41. Laura says:

    Can I use a % off coupon and 4 off 20 together?

  42. cuentita says:

    Worked for me!! :) Thanks!!

  43. slarrington says:

    I just went to my CVS in SoCal and these Nexxus items are $1 more here. I brought up the fact that they were lower in another state and they said, yes, it’s regional pricing, but the manager said he would give me the lower price – YAY! BUT, when I scanned the 20% coupon, the manager said that the discount comes off the SUBTOTAL, NOT the items total. So, I had the 2 $3 off coupons and the 20% came off the subtotal, after coupons. The manager said that’s how those coupons work. So, I ended up paying $1.65 (incl tax) for each item. Which, I’m not complaining, seeing as though they are $10 + each……but it would’ve been nice to only pay 22 cents…..

  44. KendraMarie19 says:

    FYI: I tried the Nexxus deal at two locations today. I had 3 of the 20% off coupons, when the first didn’t work I had her try another and it did not work either..So I didn’t end up getting them at the 1st store (they also gave the excuse, because of the ECB it wasn’t gonna come off, so I just left). At the second store the coupon still did not take off the 20% but the cashier was nice enough to manually override it and took it off for me. I dunno if this is just a weird coupon or if something in the registers has changed..good luck to anyone who is trying to get it! (Also these were the only 2 products I was buying at the time and it was the first coupon I had her try).

  45. Kimm says:

    I can use target coupons (nexxus) at cvs?

  46. Ellen says:

    I just got off the phone with Customer Service and was told that the 20% off coupon wont work for anything in the flyer or anything that prints ECBs. I was trying to do the Optic White and Nexxus deals and nothing came off when she scanned the coupon. I know I”ve used the % off coupons before on items that generated ECBs. Is this a change? I was so disgusted I didn’t buy any of it and took my coupons and left. It was the first coupon she scanned so it wasnt’ like it didn’t take off because I had used others.

    • uthorns1976 says:

      Customer Service is just giving you the standard party line. They’re not in the stores where the registers are. The solution seems to be “Send to Card” when and if you can. Then, the cashier has no control over whether or not a % off coupon is used or not.

    • KendraMarie19 says:

      mine did not work either..maybe they did change something?!

  47. Raquel says:

    20% is deducted after coupons.

    20.28-6= 14.28*.80= $11.42 for nexxus and receive $10 so 1.42 for both at $.71 each plus tax.

  48. sophie and ben says:

    is shampoo a “beauty” item?

  49. bluuwaterluver says:

    I don’t understand how the Target store coupon applies at CVS. Does CVS accept competitor coupons?

    • Anonymous says:

      The Nexxus is a manufacture coupon that is made available on the target website..CVS does not accept competitors coupons..hth..

  50. Torrie says:

    Where is the $5 off $20 Unilever coupon….it wasn’t on the link.

  51. J says:

    How can I print the Nexus coupon twice from the Target coupon website?

  52. Katiec31108 says:

    I was looking at doing the Colgate Optic Rinse deal and noticed that the coupons are for 8oz or larger. The deal listed above is for the 5.5oz. :/

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s actually a typo Katie. Sorry! It’s actually a 16 oz. bottle. Thanks for the heads up. I’ll correct the post :)

  53. Anonymous says:

    You’re welcome! Great job :)

  54. Kaitlyn says:

    for the Nexus- Do you pay tax on the total 20.28?

    • Anonymous says:

      That will depend on your state tax laws. But most states do charge tax on the pre-coupon amount.

  55. Susy says:

    I thought your subtotal has to be 20$ for you to get 10$ extra bucks. But after coupons your total will be 10.22$ so you cannot get the EB. Is this correct???

  56. Anonymous says:

    You have to pay for the merchandise and settle the transaction and then the EB prints on the bottom of your receipt to use on your NEXT transaction. .

  57. cinster1029 says:

    The cvs I go to don’t have any grey or white tag on the Nexxus deal. I live in Connecticut. I did get the 3 days sale. But I just want to know if the monthly deal is regional?

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t think it’s regional. But I’m not sure. I’ve yet to hear of someone trying it and the EBs not printing. Worth a shot if you really want the products :)

  58. kmarie414 says:

    is the coupon working for the nexus?

    • jccoupon607 says:

      I was going to try it this evening before I knew I had to pay the $10.22 out of pocket and reap the rewards next time lol. I’m still new though. May friend who did it in my local area said that it works.

    • Anonymous says:

      The $3.00/1 Nexxus coupon? There’s no reason why it shouldn’t. It is a manufacturer coupon–prints and looks like any other. HTH :)

  59. Desiree says:

    The limit is 7 on the Nexxus deal?!

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes the limit is 7..this an October month long deal..if you are planning to do this deal 7 times..i suggest you do separate transactions to make sure you get your extra bucks..sometimes if you combine them it does not print your ECB..hth.

      • Rie says:

        Thanks luvflower. This was helpful as I was going to do $40 worth of nexxus products to help me reach $50 so I could use $10/$50 from magic coupon machine! I will just cook up another scenario and split my nexxus transaction.

  60. isabel says:

    did anyone hear about the cvs giving you the full price of a b1g1 free

    • candy says:

      sometimes…. most of the time the cashier manually adjusts – I’ve noticed when it did happen with the B1G1 gillette coupon the manager had to “ok” the use of the coupon…. and even though I told them the price of the item… the manager said “oh well” because the system automatically deducted the entire “full price” of the coupon….

  61. Leahkarins says:

    the target coupon is good at CVS?

  62. isabel says:

    20%coupon in sundays paper today for 3 days only

  63. I bought $22.78 worth of Nexxus and $28.78 in non-discounted allergy medicine. I also bought BOGO vitamins so I could reach $50 and use the $10 off $50 that printed for me on the magic machine (a nice surprise!). I also had $20 in EB that I used, $6 in Nexxus coupons and the 20% off coupon from the ad. The 20% off coupon only gave me a $5.76 discount, which is equal to to 20% off the price of my allergy medicine. SO, long story short, the 20% off did not work on the Nexxus, but I still ended up with $63.76 worth of product for $16.51 – with $10 of EB for next week! Thanks KKL!!

    • Kathy C says:

      Hi, I noticed that it says “cannot be combined with any other CVS/pharmacy coupons” on the 20% off CVS coupon. Do you think that is why it didn’t work on the Nexxus? I am trying to figure out if I can use 2 coupons on the Nexxus myself.

    • Jen says:

      My cashier scanned the 20% coupon with my two bottles of Nexxus and it didn’t work. He said something about it having been used before,which it wasn’t. He thought it was because of the promotional ECBs I got back. I have no idea why it didn’t work. The products were frizz stylers and not on sale. Oh well.

  64. cardyc says:

    Excuse my ignorance, but what is a force-printed EB, and what do you mean when you talk about using expired EB? I asked about expired EB at my store and they said that the absolutely do not honor expired EB.

    • Mildred Godinez says:

      Forced eb are the ones they give you if the ebs dont come out. So if you buy the required items but they dont come out you can show them and they will print them for you. they also have force ebs for raincheck sales because the sale is gone when you use the raincheck they wont come out automatically.hope this helps

    • Anonymous says:

      Each CVS does things differently when it comes to expired ECB..my store will take them up to 7 days after they are expired and i have read that others store will honor up to 30 days afterward..you will just have ask more than 1 cvs store to find out how they deal with expired ECB..hth..good luck.

  65. Mildred Godinez says:

    I been trying to get this deal but my CVS stores around me are not advertising it. When i scan it in the coupon machine it doesnt say anything about extra bucks…..is this sale suppose to come on after the three day week …..or is it only in select stores?

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s not a sale, but a coupon IN the newspaper ad itself.

      • Mildred Godinez says:

        I meant the nexxus sale where you buy 20 and get 10eb, sorry i should have specified. There are not any tags on the items themselves, and the items are not scanned on sale. I didnt know whether it was regional

  66. coupon crazy daddy says:

    Ok saw these three deals on here for the 20% off so i went my local CVS and got Nexxus shampoo for 10.99 they didnt have the conditioner so i got two of the shampoo i use the coupon for three dollars off and my 20% off and then i had 10 dollars worth of ecb from last week so it cost me $ 4.86 oop i got $ 10 ecb back and used it on my next purchase of 2 ,8 OZ bottles of optic white mouth wash and a 5.5 oz optic white tooth paste and the i used 3 $ 1.00 coupons off optic products used my $10.00 ecb onthis trans action so this cost me $ 1.93 oop plus i got 5 dollar ecb for my next purchase so i guess what i was getting at was THANK YOU for the heads up on these deals.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes!! Success story! So happy to see this :) Good job!

      • jccoupon607 says:

        Awesome success! I’m just starting to learn how to do this couponing. NEVER EVER used coupons before. So very new. My goal is to get $200 worth of whatever, for $30 or less. I watched every episode of extreme couponing and I still do not know how these people do it. I can’t figure out the math, if I have 4 coupons etc… how do I know I need 37 of an specific item and not 38 or 36? And also, I see a lot of places say you cannot use coupons on items already discounted or on sale etc… How do these people get away with using the coupons still?

        • Anonymous says:

          You can most definitely use coupons on sale items! That’s the premise of everything we do :) Think of it this way: coupons are your form of payment. It does not matter whether the price is inflated, discounted, clearance, etc.

  67. Julia says:

    KCL, I couldn’t find the 20% coupon in weekly ad:(

  68. RedSoxFan says:

    I was just thinking if you buy one other small but regular priced item, like a snack or gum or something, there wouldn’t even be a question as to why you’re giving them the 20 percent off pass (since of course it’s only good for a limited time, and why wouldn’t you try to get whatever off you could) and then they would just scan it without all this worrying about scrutiny.

  69. yoakumcr says:

    Is shampoo a cosmetic item?

  70. Annie says:

    I couldn’t use the 20% coupon off :(
    they told me that I can’t

  71. Vrager says:

    I also tried the Nexxus deal this am but did not have the extra printed $3/1 coupons of course the 20% off did not work. The clerk said that was because there would be EB printed at the end and I told her that had never affected the % off before and she said that policy has been in effect for a very long time to which I responded that wasn’t true because just the previous week or so I did the Physician’s Formula deal and spent $9.99 with 25% off and a coupon and walked away with $.50MM. I didn’t want to argue with with her so paid full price and walked out. The coupon available in the newspaper does seem to have more restrictions than what are usually worded on a CVS coupon. Ugh.

    • mrn1 says:

      Thank you so much for posting about this. I didn’t get the CVS coupon in my papers today, but was going to go try to find one tomorrow. If it doesn’t work on this deal you save me a ton of time and effort. I appreciate it.

      • Anonymous says:

        It didn’t work for her, but it IS working for countless others. I honestly don’t know why it would for some and not others, since it is automated in the registers, not susceptible to cashier whim or error. It shouldn’t vary–other than the types of other CVS coupons you are using in your transaction. Those are known caveats that I’ve addressed in other comments though, and it seems they are being ruled out by some readers.

        However, if it is a deal you’re interested in, it is worth a try, because it is working for many. You can always return the items if it doesn’t work :)

        • guest says:

          The wording on the 20% coupon from the paper has A LOT more restrictions than the usual % off’s from CVS that get emailed or print from the red machine. This coupon is not supposed to be used w/ products that produce an ECB, I asked the mgr. @ my CVS. Of course an employee can push anything through and force the 20%, but the fact of the matter is if they do it’s a misuse of the coupon and not abiding by the rules of the coupon. I’m not using it, I don’t want to cheat my CVS out of getting reimbursed for it, they give out enough great deals for me to do a dishonest one.

          • Anonymous says:

            CVS needs to figure out if items generating EBs are “sale,” “discounted” or “promotional” if the items are selling at regular price. All their stores need to get on the same page. If the coupon scans at the register, they should honor it!!!

          • Anonymous says:

            The coupon itself does not state it cannot be used on items that produce EBs. That was your manager’s interpretation, and as we can see from many comments–this is a common misunderstanding by cashiers and managers. I have never had a %-off coupon “forced through” by a cashier. The register accepts it and decides what it’s valid on. If it was corporate policy to not accept %-off coupons on items that produce EBs, they would program it in their registers.

            Ultimately, you are going to be limited by what your store decides, it is at their discretion. However, one store manager’s interpretation of the coupon does not mean that others are misusing the coupon.

            • KendraMarie19 says:

              I tried the Nexxus deal today, for some reason this % off coupon is very strange and not working correctly. My cashier had to force it through.

            • KendraMarie19 says:

              It did scan but did not take any % off so she manually did.

        • Anonymous says:

          Some stores will try to deduct your EBs, etc. from your refund with receipt. They have tried to do that to me in the past.

  72. Courtney says:

    The 20% coupon did not work on items producing ECBs for me. I bought $60 worth (before coupons) of Nexxus, L’oreal nail polish, and Lumene skincare, all regular priced but October monthly ECB deals. I also bought a Salma Hayek AM/PM mini at $4.99 and used a free scanner coupon from last week. The 20% only took off $1.00, which is from the AM/PM. I didn’t notice it until I got home, though I knew while I was paying that my total was higher than I had calculated at home.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hmmm… maybe it’s the monthly deals? But again, this doesn’t explain why it is working for some. I am determined to get to the bottom of this!

      • courtneymarieclare says:

        I think the $10 of $50 is what did it, maybe. I used it with the 20% and I’ve seen other people say they’ve used it and the 20% didn’t work properly either. I wasn’t aware I couldn’t use the CVS coupon with this 20% as we’re usually allowed to. Maybe that’s the problem.

  73. KendraMarie19 says:

    Ok one more question from me, lol! I have (4) of the $3/1 Nexxus and I have (1) 20% cvs coupon. If I buy (2) conditioners and (2) shampoos = $40 will I get $20 back in ECB if I get them all in 1 transaction? Also if that is ture will it be 2 ECB for $10 or o
    1 EBC for $20? Thanks for the help! Trying to get the best deal ;)

  74. jccoupon607 says:

    How come my comment didn’t post?

    Do I have to pay the $10.22 FIRST then I get the $10 EB Back after I pay the $10.22?

    • mary says:

      yes, it will print on your receipt for your next purchase

      • jccoupon607 says:

        ok so when you earn EB then its for use in next purchase. If I earn $10 from this and $5 from the Gillette offer, can I use the $15 EB next purchase or can I only use 10 or 5 the next visit? Sorry for the newbie questions I’m new to this we really want to learn this.

        • mary says:

          you can use as many ECBS in one purchase as you want, as long as your total (after other coupons) is more than the amount you are using. so to use 15 ECBS your total after coupons would have to be 15 or more

        • Anonymous says:

          They are yours to use as you wish :) There are a few exclusions (alcohol, tobacco, etc), but they are essentially “cash” that you can use toward your subtotal at CVS. Nice huh!?

  75. Elvie Dancel says:

    So I called numerous CVS around my area, and they all told me the same thing! I can’t use the 20% off coupon on the nexxus product even though it is regular price. The reason for that is technically, it is a sale item because of the ECB.

    • Anonymous says:

      The way I see it, they should scan the coupon/shopping pass and if the register allows it, they should proceed. It should NOT be up to the store if the register doesn’t beep when it’s scanned. Based on what I have read here, if the coupon/shopping pass was on your card, it would be allowed.

    • Anonymous says:

      You do not have to try it if they are telling you not to, but it is your right to ask them to scan it, and I (and other readers) assure you: it does work. I’m sorry that your stores are unaware of this, but the %-off coupons do not state that ExtraBucks-earning items are excluded. It simply states “promotional items,” which is misleading, because that really only includes BOGO promotions. Give it a try…. And then, educate your stores ;)

  76. tina says:

    of course at the cvs where i live everything costs more as always.the nexxus shampoo is 11,99 and the conditioner is 10,49

  77. Mrs.Dickenson says:

    there was no shopping pass or flyer in the paper for my area. is it possible to get this pass in the store?

    • Anonymous says:

      None in my ad either and I got it from the store, but my ad is for the whole week, as opposed to the split ad KCL has listed above.

    • Alison Harvey says:

      i dont think the 3 day sale is in all areas . i heard it is something they are trying out . im sure other areas will get it next time and those that had it already will not get it again

    • Anonymous says:

      If you got the regional full-week ad, you won’t get the shopping pass. That seems to only be a part of the 3-day ads.

      • Mrs.Dickenson says:

        In the store they refused to scan the add when I bought my dove and nexxus products bc they considered them already sale items bc of the extra rewards dollars. I insisted they atleast try but they refused and wouldnt take both coupons for the nexxus. I went to a different one later in the week that did take the coupons but then my rewards didnt print

  78. kathy says:

    how can you use target coupon at cvs?????

  79. guest241 says:

    If you use the 20% off can you use the $4 of $20 CVS also? And how about an EB or 2? And a MFG.? I will go tomorrow and try.Which should I hand them first?

    • Help! says:

      IF I remember right, you can only use 1 CVS coupon and then 1 MFG coupon per item. And since the 20% off and the $4/ $20 is both CVS, you can only choose 1.

    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t think you can use a % off coupon and a $/$$ coupon in the same transaction. The shopping pass says, “Coupon cannot be combined with any other CVS/pharmacy coupons.” (To me, that’s really not true.) The shopping pass also says “Valid one time only 10/07/12 through 10/09/12.” That would have to be per card.

      • Anonymous says:

        It is confusing because you normally can. This shopping pass does prohibit it though :(

        • recumbentrider says:

          what about brand specific coupona from the mcm?

          • Anonymous says:

            That’s why the wording is very confusing. Based on the wording, you wouldn’t even be able to use ExtraBucks. And that just doesn’t sound logical to me. It really is one of those things you’ll have to ask your store about to be sure, since it is a new one on me ;)

    • Anonymous says:

      Unlike the usual %-off coupons we get, this one states that it cannot be used with other CVS coupons. However, per their policy, we usually are able to. But yes, for sure you may use MFR coupons along with your %-off coupon! :)

  80. Anonymous says:

    I was so excited about the Nexxus hair care deal until I checked my circular in MD. Nexxus is not on sale. It was on sale last week but I was too lazy to buy it then. Oh well.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s actually a monthly deal, valid through 10/27. So it won’t be in the ad this week, but check your tags!

      • Carol_R says:

        It wasn’t tagged in my store in the Northern VA area. Maybe it’s because we got the 7-day regional ad. I did the deal last week with the 25% off coupon and it worked fine and at that time did print out the Extrabucks Rewards.

  81. anderson says:

    i did the nexxus deal last week where you get the $10 ecb…. can i do it again or is this a continuation of last week??

  82. Cpreston says:

    Boo, I only have one $3 Q- still a good deal even with just one. I do have a $4 off $20 :)

  83. How can you do this deal because the ad with the 20% off coupon is the 3 day ad and does not have the nexxus generating EB until the 4 day sale?

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s a monthly deal. You can do it anytime this month and get the $10 ECB and the limit is 7.

      • mary says:

        where can you read that this is a monthly deal? I just want a way to prove it in case my ecbs dont print

        • Anonymous says:

          It should actually be marked in the store. Instead of a yellow weekly sales tag, it will be white or grey.

  84. Rain says:

    This is the 1st sunday paper that CVS ads is not included in my insert. Too bad that I can’t do this deal :(

  85. How can you do this deal because the ad with the 20% off coupon is the 3 day ad and does not have the nexxus generating EB until the 4 day sale?

  86. A says:

    Can you use the extra rewards to purchase another the same deal?

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes! The only restrictions on ExtraBucks have to do with what you can purchase, such as no tobacco, lottery, stamps, etc.

    • Anonymous says:

      YES!!!! Unless the limit on the ECB deal is 1, then you will not receive additional ECB..

  87. KendraMarie19 says:

    Will CVS take the coupon even though it has the target logo? I’m afraid i’ll have trouble with it..

  88. Lin Prescott says:

    Thinking that if I use the 20% that it will no longer be $20 purchase and won’t generate the $10?

  89. jessjohnston84 says:

    I tried the Nexxus deal this morning and it did not give me the 20% off. :-(

    • Anonymous says:

      Did you use other CVS coupons, such as Beauty rewards, green bag tag rewards, or did they have to force through any CVS coupons?

      • jessjohnston84 says:

        I had $17 in ECB I used to lower the OOP total, but none were Beauty rewards or green bag tag rewards and none were forced through. The cashier told me it was because I received ECB it wouldn’t take the 20% off.

        • Anonymous says:

          I’m not sure what happened then. Take a look at your receipt and see if they rang up as “CVS coupon” or “CVS Mfr Coupon.” If they rang up as “CVS Coupon,” that means they came off BEFORE the %-off was applied.

  90. Debbie says:

    If you are a Saving Star member this will go towards the Unilever spend $20 get $5 back.

  91. Mariann Lewis says:

    I have a lot of ECB to stack with these deals. Woot woot Free stuff!!

  92. Anonymous says:

    I have been told more than once by a store manager that you cannot use a percent off coupon on an item or items that is/are generating extra bucks even if the item or items is/are not on sale. The coupon says, “excludes sale merchandise, promotional offerings,” etc., etc. It seems to me that it’s up to the store/store manager/cashier whether you can use it or not.

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s not true. You can’t use percent off coupons on items that are on sale. I have used percent off items on regular priced items that had ECB with no problem. Once you give them the percent off coupon and they scan it, the register does the rest.

      • Anonymous says:

        Then corporate needs to inform some of their stores that that is the case.

        Also, as you are probably aware, if you use certain CVS coupons with the % off coupon, you do not get the % off savings on the amount of the CVS coupon. An example of such coupons are the Beauty Club coupons that are for a certain $ amount, like $5 off or $2 off. In the Nexxus scenario, if you used a $5 Beauty Club coupon, you would not get 20% off the amount of the coupon ($5.00 x .20 = $1.00).

        • Anonymous says:

          That’s correct, Beauty club rewards, green bag tag rewards, force-printed or expired EBs, and a few others, will come off BEFORE the %-off coupon is applied.

          • LavA88 says:

            What are force printed EBs?

            • Anonymous says:

              That would be if an ExtraBuck was supposed to print but didn’t and a nice cashier “force-printed” one for you :) They ring up differently than regular ones, for whatever reason.

            • LavA88 says:

              Thanks for all the responses!!

            • Anonymous says:

              That’s when they have to print you an ECB because it didn’t print by itself.

            • Anonymous says:

              Forced ECB are those that the cashier/manager force to print when you do a deal that should print ECB and does not so they “force” them thru.

            • Anonymous says:

              That would include EBs that are printed manually when a rain check is used, right????

            • Anonymous says:

              Yes–I have seen where they have a “special” message on them–”Here are your extrabuck rewards. We apologize that your extrabucks did not print during your initial purchase of the qualifying item.” “Normal” extra buck rewards usually say something like “Here are your extrabucks rewards for having purchased …”

          • dana adams says:

            Wait, you mentioned expired EBs… you can use expired EBs!?

            • Anonymous says:

              Some stores accept them. One of my stores here does for a month past the date. My other two stores do not.

            • PotteryChick says:

              I think the use of expired EBs may be a store by store decision. My store in KY allows the use of expired EBs and expired store coups that print from the magic machine. I save almost every single one that prints for this reason. And because of this, I shop exclusively at my local CVS.

            • Anonymous says:

              That’s really up to your store. Technically, no. Realistically, sometimes.

            • Amy Schmidt says:

              one of my store cashiers told me he allows it if it is within the same week it expires. but he doesnt know if every cashier does it

          • Anonymous says:

            Do the coupons that come off BEFORE the discount is applied show up on your receipt as “CVS Coupon” or “CVS Manufacturer Coupon” or can they show up either way?? Besides “normal,” unexpired Extra Bucks, what “coupons” don’t come off BEFORE the % off coupon is applied?? A coupon for $3.00 off a specific product that came from the coupon center would come off AFTER the discount is applied, wouldn’t it?? Or would it come off BEFORE the discount is applied since you didn’t earn that coupon by buying something?? Very confusing.

            • Anonymous says:

              The simple answer is that, for the most part, manufacturer coupons and CVS coupons (or EBs) that ring up (and show on your receipt) as “CVS MFR coupons,” will NOT affect your percentage. Coupons that ring up (and show on your receipt) as “CVS coupons,” will come off before the %-off coupon is applied. Hope that helps :)

            • nydrom28 says:

              thanks for the clarification!

        • KendraMarie19 says:

          i was going to do this deal, I have a $5 ECB from beauty club, so should I not use it when doing this deal?

          • Anonymous says:

            You can use it but you won’t get 20% off the $5. So, you’ll gain $5 and lose $1.00.

          • Anonymous says:

            What will happen is the 20% will be applied AFTER the $5.00 is deducted. Using the scenario above, you would only save 20% of about $15. Still a good savings.

      • kde90 says:

        i usually get the 25% coupon on my email n instead of printing i send it to my card n the cashier bfore paying ask me if i wanna use this coupon n how much it would be deducted from my purchase n during those purchases i buy things on sale n with coupon so i think its fine too.

      • Anonymous says:

        :) Correct :)

    • Anonymous says:

      It is up to you whether you can use the coupon or not. It is your coupon and they should at least scan it. The register will decide if they are valid items or not. Most of the time I hear someone say they “couldn’t use it,” it’s because a cashier TOLD them they couldn’t, not because it wouldn’t scan. Some cashiers, even managers, aren’t aware that it is valid on EB-earning, regularly-priced items. A simple scan would solve that debate :)

      • Anonymous says:

        My daughter and I shop at the same CVS and we each used our 25% off last week when there was a B1G1 50%. I thought it should take the percent off the first regular price item, but one of your readers said it wouldn’t and it didn’t, but my daughter had them scan hers and it deducted the 25% off the first item. It may not be just the cashier, but a persnickety register.

        • ruth says:

          The register are computerized so they are pretty reliable. The problem arises when cashier try to make a judgement call when they should just scan the coupon, if it beeps, then they know that something is wrong.

      • Mildred Godinez says:

        I went to my cvs stores but its not advertise, there is not tag for it and when i scan it at the coupon machine it doesnt say anything about extra bucks.I called a store and they told me it wasnt on sale. Is this regional, im in Texas? or is it just not advertised?

        • The Nexxus deal is a monthly deal, it’ll be over 10/27. A friend and I were just saying how we wish the coupon machine would tell you about ECB generating as well! It only tells you sale price though. I’m also in TX, Austin area! Hope this helps!

        • cuentita says:

          I went to my CVS this morning and it was not advertised, no tag nothing. So decided to take the risk and it worked, got my $10 rewards for it!! It’ just not advertised but it worked! Worth the shot!

      • Mrs.Dickenson says:

        I couldnt even get a simple scan. The manager refused to even after I persisted he atleast try.

      • Ruth says:

        If you have trouble at a particular store, it is best to bring the number for the corporate office and call them from the store in the presence of the manager. When I know I’m right about something I always do that, it is the best way to educate some managers and cashiers. I have the number of the stores that I shop at saved on my cell phone. I have a great relationship with the local stores since I shop every single day but I had trouble at Walgreens and Rite Aid that are not my area. A local Rite Aid store used to give me such a hard time because they didn’t understand couponing and the fact that you can get free stuff if you know how to do it. After I called corporate a couple times, we are now in the best of terms, I actually love going there and they understand couponing much better now, sometimes people just need a little education.

      • Anonymous says:

        I loaded the % of coupon to my card so I could by pass the cashier not taking it.

    • Mary Alice Baker says:

      You can say that again. I have found it TOTALLY depends on who is at the cash register.

    • sully says:

      it depends because i always send my percentage coupons to my card if they come off then good if not i avoid a problem with the cashier. the other day i bought a lot of clearence items nothing on sale just clearance and the cashier ask if i wanted to use my coupon of course i say yes. so it depends you never know.

      • That happened to me too! I totally made out on some 90% off summer clearance items and at the register the cashier asked “would you like to use you’re 25% off Q at this time”? I even pointed out that everything I was buying was on clearance, and the store manager who was standing up there at the time said “sometimes the register gets confused, if it’s offering, take it”!

      • cuentita says:

        I’m a new, trying to absorb all this. Can you tell me how you send your precentage coupons to your card??

        • sully says:

          you have to register your card online at cvs website and visit you account at least once a week there they will post coupons just for you. they give you the option to print them or to send them to you card.

    • wendyn. says:

      found this true today as well…wouldn’t go through at register, but i had RR to cover the cost & the overage was still worth the purchase :) will find other ways maybe to use the 20%

      • wendyn. says:

        they told me that you cannot use a % off coupon w/ items printing out RR b/c they are considered a “sale item” even though it is not on “sale”????? first time I’ve heard that, but the coupon does say cannot be used on “promotional items”

        • GenneP. says:

          I had this happen too. The 20% off coupon wouldn’t take and the cashier asked me if the Nexxus was on sale. When I said “no”, he replied that because it’s generating extra bucks, it’s considered a sale. When I replied “Oh! CVS must have changed their policy then”, he looked befuddled.

    • sova0815 says:

      I also tried to use my 20% coupon towards my nexxus shampoo and conditioner and it did not work. and the cashier told me that because i would be getting ECB that the 20% coupon wouldn’t not work. Beyond irritating!

      • Anonymous says:

        It didn’t work for me either, she scanned it but it only took off .40 cents for the CVS nail polish remover I bought, so I told her to void it because they were out of shampoo and I really didn’t want the conditioner anyway!!

  93. twinqtees says:

    Where is the Nexxus hair coupon on the Target website? I am not finding it under personal care section. Thanks