Finding a monthly +Up Reward deal that intersects with an awesome weekly promotion is almost as cool as finding a quarter under the couch cushions as a youngster! Here’s one of those deals! It warrants a sprint to the nearest Rite Aid! Print off the $2.00 Video Values göt2b Hair Products coupon. This week all göt2b Hair Products are buy one get one free at Rite Aid. Plus, there is a monthly $4.00 +Up Reward printing when you buy one göt2b Oil-licious Styling Oil. Hurry; these won’t last long! If your store is out of stock, remember to ask for a rain check.

Buy 2 göt2b Oil-licious Styling Oil, 4 oz $6.49, regular price
Buy One Get One Free through 10/13
Buy 1, Receive $4.00 +Up Reward through 10/30, Limit 3
Use one $2.00/1 – göt2b Product – (
Pay $4.49, Receive two $4.00 +Up Rewards
Final Price: $3.51 Moneymaker, when you buy 2


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Thanks, Reader LEOonabudget

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110 thoughts on “Better-Than-Free göt2b at Rite Aid!”

Does anyone know if i can still do this transaction? I got a raincheck but she didnt write the up reward so i have to call the cust service to correct it. will i still be able to get the $3 money maker?

So I went to Rite Aid and my store didnt have a tag on the shelf for the Oil, and it rang up as regular price for both, is this deal regional? Also the automatic use of the ups is completely ridiculous, cant use the coupons if you give them your card first. Rite aid is really annoying me!

you need to opt out of the load to card and have them still print at the bottom of your receipt. Just ask the cashier to do it. It takes no time and ends the frustration :)

@TheKrazyCouponLady:disqus sooo i have only 3 Rite aids in the area, and all 3 are out of this :(
I asked for a rain check and the cashier said that she could write me one for the PRICE, but not one that would make the UP rewards print. Is this true?? I know CVS can make the ECB’s print with rain checks… so i wanted to make sure she wasnt just saying that as cashiers do that often to Anyone else heard this??
thanks guys!! :)

It is totally up to the store to choose how they will deal with +Up Rewards on rain checks. So your cashier is right; that must be how they do it at that store. The good news is that the +Up Reward promotion is good until 10/30, so if the product comes in before then, the +Up Rewards will still print.

I tried this deal at 2 different rite aids and i dint get any up rewards and it wasnt listed.

is this offer for the whole month of October? anyone knows for the up rewards.

The Buy One Get One Free promotion is only good through 10/13, but the +Up Rewards will print through 10/30.

got it :) thanx!!!!!

I got it today!!! So glad it worked!!! Thank you, KCL!


I’m in NYC I stopped at a Rite Aid and I saw that the shelve was fully stocked I did not have the adperk but I did get the $8 reward I paid $7.03 for 2 bottles. Thanks KCL

No problem!

I went and got 2 got2b products yesterday and i did not get the up rewards. Has this happened to anyone else? Can I return them even if I used my up rewards from last week on them?

I didn’t get up rewards too I am going to return them…

i didnt get them eitha yesterday… but i thought what the heck $4.49…i couldnt go wrong

its only on the oil-licious

same here!!!!

The +Up Reward is only good on the Oil-licious product. You can ask your store how they process returns if you used +Up Rewards as payment.

Got this deal two days ago and cant wait to try the product! My store still had alot of them left when I was there

That’s awesome!

Is there a way to see the monthly UP rewards besides at the store? My store never has them marked, and I didn’t know if they were online somewhere.

Go to Riteaid’s website. In the middle of the page click view weekly circular. Enter your zip code and you will be able to see the circular online with the UP rewards. They also post them in red right below the circular. Hope this helps

There isn’t any kind of Rite Aid publication, list or ad that contains all the monthly +Up Rewards. A handful of them will be found in the weekly ads, but other than that, we only know about them by finding these deals tagged in the stores!

So do you actually have to buy 2 ? If is b1g1 , you should only have to actually purchase 1 right? That is what i did and I only got (1) $4 up-reward, help I am confused, and yes I did print the $2 off coupon!

Hello! I just started couponing at riteaid and I was wondering if I have a +up reward for $4 and another one for $2. Does that mean my next transaction has to be greater than $6 for both +up rewards to be used? Or do they just apply one +up reward for one transaction and the next one carries over to the next trans?

No. Not necessarily. Your transaction only has be for at least the minimum of the face value of the +up. So, if you want to use both then you would need to buy $6 or more. But if your total was $5 you could use the $4+up and pay $1cash oop. If your ups are loading directly to your card then using them can get much more complicated. I would definately recommend opting out and having them still print to your reciept so you can choose how and when to use them.

Great advice!

And the ups do not pay tax. If you are buying something for 3.99 and want to use a 4.00 UP, you are going to have to buy one more thing to cover that penny.

Ran out and got this deal today….there were only 2 bottles left on the shelf! I never pay attention to the size of an item before I run out to grab a deal so I’m always so surprised when I see the size of things on the shelf. 4 oz?…..these little bottles are TINY. Glad it was free…I would NEVER pay $6.49 for one of these.

Hooray! They’re small bottles, but the stuff is strong! A little tiny bit goes a very long way!

How come KCL I didn’t get Up rewards? I bought 2 of them.

For a change, I actually found 2 on the shelf and was able to take advantage of this offer! So excited thanks KCL!!! LOVE this site, my new favorite!

Thanks so much! I’m glad you found these!

Question about the rain checks. When you come back for it, will it produce you the $4 reward? TIA.

As long as you purchase by the end of the month you should have no problem getting the +up.

It’s always a good idea to ask your store how they do rain checks with +Up Rewards and other promotions. It does vary by store.

I was told that certain managers (store manager maybe?) can write a raincheck for something even with the UPs. Never tried it though.

I am on the way to try this offer. I only and always put my phone number because I DO NOT WANT another plastic card in my wallet.You cannot put your phone number in place of the wellness in order to complete the online registration. You not only have to be a rewards member but Rite-Aid online member as well. So I already had to call 1-800-RITE-AID and give them my name, address etc. in order for them to give me my wellness number then, go back register online and print the coupon. I hope it works. Fingers crossed.

It’s not carried at either of the Rite Aids I went to :( Bummer!
Not sure what I would do with “oil-lishious” anyways?!

My store didn’t know anything about the $4.00 up reward?

You can always check the tags at your store. Sometimes the cashiers don’t know about certain monthly +Up Reward promotions that are going on. At my store, I lifted up the weekly “Buy One Get One Free” tags, and I saw the monthly +Up Reward tag.

My store never seems to put up the monthly tags. Sometimes I have noticed they don’t always mark some of the super great deals. Like awhile back when the wet & wild nail polishes had a $1+up when you purchase a bottle they did not place tags on the $.99 bottles only the more expensive $1.99 but I purchased the $.99 as I saw on your site and the +up printed.
If I need to get a rain check and the monthly deal isn’t marked then how can we let them know what it is supposed to be? Any suggestions?

I’m so bad at this. So..they only had one left, so I got a raincheck for the “free” one, and because I had 6 up rewards on my card, she wouldn’t take the 2 dollar coupon and I only got 4 up rewards for the one got to be product, not a second for the free one (that wasn’t in the store.) Will they give me the up rewards when I pick up the raincheck? I’m still not sure how all this works. (and I have opted out of the card loaded up rewards)

It should’ve been written on the raincheck… if not just go back and get another one….

I have run into this same problem with the +UPs that are loaded to my card deducting before my coupons and then I can’t use my coupons. I made them cancel the transaction, re-ring it with the coupons, THEN scan my card to get the sale price and use any +UPs. Such a pain. So now the cashier changed my settings to always print instead of load my +UPs.

i figured out you need to wait to give wellness card till after they take off ur paper coupons then use youe wellness card it works great that way

is the coupon gone? I can’t seem to find it on the website.

Nope, it’s still there! These coupons stay up all month, no matter what! Try a different browser. Then click on “All Offers” at the top of the screen. The offers will be in alphabetical order, and you can click on the got2b offer. After you’ve watched the video, enter the security code when prompted, and click “Rewards” at the top of your screen. You can select and print coupons from there!

Thank you so much! I appreciate everything you do.

Of course! Thank you!

So I went to riteaid and got the nail polish, but looked at the got2b and it only had the tag for buy one get one 50% off not an up rewards tag so I didnt try it. Do you like its only in certain areas I am in winston-salem nc

Mine did not have any notice of ‘up rewards’ either…….I bought them anyway based on the KCL post….figured they were a good price and I will def use them……and I did get the 2 $4 up rewards. :)


Mine had the tags stacked on top of each other, so I had to lift the “BOGO” tag to see the $4+Up tag hidden underneath.

That is always a good way to check! You often have to lift up the weekly tag and see if there’s another one underneath it for a monthly promotion. That’s how this promotion worked.

Remember that it is ONLY the Oil-licious got2b. Oftentimes the monthly +Up Rewards aren’t tagged on the weekly promotion. As Rachel said, you sometimes have to lift up the weekly tag to see if there’s a monthly promotion tag hiding underneath! It should work at your store!

Is this deal regional?

the tags are not mentioning the 4 up but they print. its the same way at my store

Just ran to two Rite Aids looking for the oiliscious Got2B…first one was out and I lucked out at the second one…..they only had 1 bottle in the regular hair aisle, but I found another bottle in a separate Got2B display on the ‘makeup’ shelves by front of store….just happened to notice the display! and got my 2 $4 up rewards ! Thankyou!

Hooray! Nice job hunting them down!

just did this deal and it printed both up rewards! Thanks KCL! My sister’s love me even more! 😉 lol

Great! You’re welcome!

I can’t find the oil-liscious at any of my Rite Aid stores. Color me disappointed because I would actually use it!

Ask your store manager if he or she will give you a rain check for it!

I went to 4 stores and none of them had it-rain checks were offered, but not one store knew anything about the UP reward, so the rain check was useless. How do we find out what the monthly UP deals are? The stores never seem to know

I’ve noticed the stock stack is normally 4… It took me 4 rite-aids to find 2

Thank you! I will try that. :-)

is it on all the got2b products that are the b1g1 50%? because my ups didnt print. was too tired to go back

All got2b products are Buy One Get One 50% Off, but ONLY the Oil-licious is producing the $4.00 +Up Reward.

oooo ok…guess ill refund it later. thanks

I watched the video, it then directed me to sign up for a wellness card, and after doing that my coupon never was given to me. The page says I earned the coupon though? Is the coupon a print out or does it get loaded onto my wellness card?

It is a printable coupon. Click at the top of the screen where it says “Rewards.” If you’ve already watched the video, it will be there. You just select the coupon you want to print and hit “Print.” If it’s not on the list, you may have to watch it again. Be sure that you are signed in to your Wellness account, and that after the video you enter the security code as it prompts.

Awesome thanks

got mine and my glow in the dark nail polish–gonna look hot for date night lol :)

Love it!

On my receipt today there was a 25% off cpn. Does it work like the ones at CVS? Can you use it on items that have ups but are not on sale?

I’m not sure. That could be a coupon you earned from getting a certain number of points on your card. Read the fine print on the coupon and ask your store manager if you’re still unsure!

KCL! Did you print off a $2 coupon for FAT Hair a few months ago? The exp is 12/31. It was a print off from their website and didn’t have a cap on the prints. I haven’t checked the pricing on the b1g1 Fat Hair promo yet, but I figured I’d bring it to your attention :)

Thanks! At my store, the Fat Foam hair color is regularly priced at $9.99.

The $2 coupon was for FAT shampoo/conditioner/styler… but the $5 coupon was for the Hair dye…. in Diego its reg price at $9.99….

This deal also includes got2b smooth n’ chic lotion (hair lotion).

Really? Thank you for sharing!

u got 4 plusups for both? so still a $3.xx mm? i’m doing this and i’m bald. the riteaid people think i’m, um, krazy.

Hahaha yes! We love it!

My riteaid will not give a rain check on +ups.

I’m sorry.

You can get the +ups until the end of this month. All you need is a rain check for the product

I can’t find the video for the coupon… is it gone?

No, the Video Values coupons don’t “run out;” they’re up all month! You can try another browser. Sometimes the Adperk site doesn’t work in certain web browsers. Click on “All Offers” at the top, and then click on the got2b coupon. The coupons are listed in alphabetical order.

Found it! Thanks! :)

You bet!

Oh, never mind, I got it to work!

Where do you find rite aid monthly up rewards? do they publish them online or is there a circular at the store? Also, if I have $11 up rewards on my card and went to buy this deal for $4.49, would they just take that amount off my wellness card? Thanks so much – love what you gals do to save the rest of us money!!

To answer your first question, no, there isn’t a circular or an online publication of any kind that contains the monthly +Up Reward deals. A handful of them will be published in the weekly ads, but other than that, we only know about them by actually finding them tagged in the stores! Regarding your second question, yes. The register will automatically deduct +Up Rewards to pay for your transaction. However, it can only deduct in the exact increments of your earned +Up Rewards. For example, if you have a $4.00, $2.00, and $5.00 +Up Reward on your card, it will take off the $4.00, and you will have to pay the balance. I’d recommend that you opt out of the Load2Card function. It is a lot easier to have the +Up Rewards print on your receipts–then you can choose when to use them. Contact Customer Service to opt out!

I just did this and there’s no indication on my receipt that I’ll be getting UPs for it. I still have Load2Card, but it will always show that I will have UPs loaded to my card tomorrow. Should I go back to the store or contact CS?

I believe that you can check your +Up Rewards on Rite Aid’s website. You will need to sign in to your Wellness account, and there should be a place for you to manage your +Up Rewards. In the meantime, though, I’d recommend that you opt out of the Load2Card feature. It is much simpler to have the rewards print. Then you know if you received what you were supposed to receive.

I just checked it and the ones from the glow in the dark nail polish are there, but not the got2b ones (bought in same transaction). So should I go back to the store or call CS?

Oops, I just realized I made a mistake. The monthly deal is only the on the oil liscious and I bought other products because I thought it was on all got2b. My mistake.

Oh no! I hate it when I do that!

I had a double oops, too, because I unclipped one of my UPs because I thought I didn’t need it, but I did, so I paid $2.00 more OOP than I could have if I had used the other UPs. I was in a hurry because I have company coming over later and wasn’t thinking clearly, obviously!

Oh no! Well, you win some, you lose some when it comes to couponing!

I’ve done this deal already but had to hunt more than one store to find the oil liscious. If you can only find one bottle of the oil liscious, remember that you can still do this deal to get two products for $.49. The oil will give you the $4 UP, another Got2B product won’t (but it’s free as part of the BOGO promo) so after the $2 VV, you’re paying only $.49 for the two items. If you want Got2B, probably worth it!

but i don’t see how it is a money maker? Not now that rite aid as the new rewards card. they are making it harder and harder to get anything free anymore. Walgreen too they are putting everything on the cards so we can’t get anything free anymore. to me free is free out the door not pay this and get this. no free is free!!

We recommend that you contact Rite Aid’s Customer Service and have them opt you OUT of the Load2Card +Up Rewards. When they opt you out, you’ll receive your +Up Rewards at the bottom of your receipts. Then you can choose when to use them. For this deal, even though you are paying $4.49 out of pocket, you are leaving with $8.00 worth of store credit for your next shopping trip. Essentially, this is a moneymaker, because in the long run, you are spending less than you are making.

I told the cashier that I didn’t care for the Load2Card program and she opted me out of the program right there at the cash register.


If you contact Rite Aid’s Customer Service to opt out, is it a permanent (or permanent-until-revoked) thing? So far, I’m remembering to tell the cashier before the transaction starts that I want the +Up Rewards on the receipt, but I know some day I’ll forget…

You only have to opt out once. If you opted out at the register, you don’t have to do it every time you shop. And I actually can’t see how they could do it every time, since they already did it once.

Right. You only have to opt out once.