If you have been considering a ShopRunner membership, then NOW is your chance, and a membership could come in really handy with all of the online deals that we will be seeing these next few months!

Right now Shoprunner has awesome Halloween promotion.

You can head on over to their promotional page here and sign up for a FREE 30-day ShopRunner trial membership, and if you spend $50 or more at one of the qualifying ShopRunner partner stores in one purchase, they will give you a one year ShopRunner membership for FREE! (a $79 value!!)

If you will be purchasing any Halloween items or costumes online this year, this is the perfect opportunity to get a free membership in the process! This offer runs through the end of the month, so you can take your time finding just the right purchase to fit your needs. Offer ends Oct. 30th.

Your $50 purchase can be on whatever you choose as long as it is at a participating store. (see details on promotional page) What a great tool to use for all of the upcoming holiday shopping!

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4 thoughts on “FREE ShopRunner Membership with $50 Purchase ($79 value!)”

  1. Dana says:

    they don’t offer free shipping on everything you buy at toys r us anymore… select items only. I got a $1 membership when they were offering that deal just for that reason and now I can’t get free shipping anymore. Glad I didn’t pay the full price.

    • DaddyJustin says:

      i know. had ordered from toys r us a few times with our shoprunner account and noticed a few things no longer eligible. i called toys r us and they said they control the eligibility, but didn’t give a reason. i still have many other stores i use from shoprunner so going to keep the account. came in handy when our kids were young and now i’m seeing more stores for me. they just need a golf equip store!! IMO :)

  2. juanita_bell says:

    I love Shoprunner! I bought a membership last year during a promotion for $9.99 if I remember correctly and I have gotten my money back ten fold if not in anything but Dominoes pizza delivery. And, I hear they’re adding more vendors so I intend to renew!

    • DaddyJustin says:

      wow, didn’t remember about dominos. that’s going to be great when i’m planning kids bday in a few weeks.