Little girls like glitzy shoes just like Mom. Totsy has some adorable flats, sneakers and slip-ons for younger girls that will add some (be)dazzle to their wardrobe. Great for cooler fall weather!

Sizes are limited, and so is the sale! Snap up those shoes fast if the size is still there.

Totsy is a daily deal site that offers discount goods and flash sales for moms and kids.

There is a discount and free shipping for those placing an order for the first time at Totsy. Otherwise, shipping is a flat rate of $7.95.

For first time buyers, a deal might look like this. Click this link. Scroll down the page to “Toddler Girl Shoes Under $8.”

Here’s what a deal might look like for first-time Totsy customers:

Buy 1 Patent Flat With Glitter Cap Toe $7.00
Buy 1 Toddler Printed High Top Sneaker $7.50 
Free shipping.
Final Price: $14.50 shipped

Here’s a deal for existing customers:

Buy 1 Patent Flat With Glitter Cap Toe $7.00
Buy 1 Toddler Printed High Top Sneaker $7.50 
Pay Shipping $7.95
Final Price: $22.45 shipped



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8 thoughts on “Hot Step It: Toddler/Girls Shoes Under $7.50”

  1. sylvia alvarado says:

    ok ppl ya need to read the deal right.. .. the right price for the shoes is correct…!!! ur just paying for the shoes.. not shipping… so ur total will b 14.50.. REMEMBER ITS JUST FREE SHIPPING<<i just made my order.. n had no problem w my free shipping..

  2. CouponMommy_88 says:

    It wouldn’t let me add any shoes to my shopping cart :(

  3. Hannah says:

    I also got the total of 14.50. I called the company and I got some screwy explination, I canceled my order.

  4. Lina says:

    This is some kinda bait and switch you press purchase and the confirmationreceipt comes back full price!!! What a headache now I have to get my money back

  5. Holli says:

    My total still comes to $14.50…what am I missing? I am with the others, is there a coupon code?

  6. MoneyManagingMom says:

    When I try to checkout it shows my subtotal, deducts the $7.95 for shipping, but then adds it back so I’m still paying $14.25? Weird.

    • Dina says:

      The same thing happened for me. Prior to filling out all my info it showed a subtraction of 7.95 for free shipping. Then after I filled out all my info it showed an additional 7.95 fee for Shipping & Handling (Flexible Shipping – Normal). So in the end it came out to free shipping with no additional discount.

  7. Lina says:

    Is there a discount code? I understand you get a new customer free shippping…but what am I missing?