Remember that $0.25 Angel Soft Bath Tissue coupon from a few weeks ago? It’s back with a new link! I’m always looking for a great deal on bath tissue, so I’m happy to see this coupon. Even though the coupon isn’t high-value, it doesn’t have any size restrictions. Score a deal at Safeway on a four-pack and pay only $0.75. If you have a doubl’r, pay even less: just $0.13 a roll! Without a Doubl’r, do this:

Angel Soft Bath Tissue, 4 pk $1.00, sale price through 10/23
Use $0.25/1 – Angel Soft Bath Tissue Product – (
Final Price: $0.75

With a Doubl’r:

Angel Soft Bath Tissue, 4 pk $1.00, sale price through 10/23
Use $0.25/1 – Angel Soft Bath Tissue Product – (
And use Safeway Doubl’r
Final Price: $0.50


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30 thoughts on “Angel Soft Bath Tissue, As Low As $0.50 at Safeway!”

  1. Lizzy says:

    Is this price only regional? I am from MD and our Angel Soft 4pk is 2.59! I would absolutely love to get it for $1 though.

    • Anonymous says:

      Redner’s market has the TP for $1 but they won’t double the coupon.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s possible. I’m sorry that you didn’t find the lower price at your store : ( You might want to check out Walmart.

  2. KrazyCou says:

    The Safeway out here in Vancouver WA does not have the Angel Soft Bath Tissue-I checked two stores here and could not find that brand.

  3. ttricy75 says:

    Can someone please explain the doubl’r! I’m in I’LL and haven’t heard of this. THANKS!

    • Anonymous says:

      some stores double coupons. also i believe i have heard some store have a coupon that you can double so many coupons with that. not sure about this as mine doubles.

    • Anonymous says:

      The Doubl’r is a specific coupon that is included in the weekly Safeway ad in some areas.

  4. CrazyLina says:

    The safeway in San Francisco has stop taking printed coupons :(

  5. nettysenoj says:

    Does anyone know if Randall’s doubles the coupon or offers a doubl’r?

    • rhaile25 says:

      Randall’s doubles and triples automatically. But they only double and triple with one coupon. If you have more coupons you have to do more transactions. The .25 coupon will triple to .75 and then this will be .25 for us.

  6. Roula says:

    They’re on sale for 1.29 at Fry’s (Kroger), all coupons are worth $1.. I just got mine for 0.29 each!!

  7. Sharon says:

    Bought this tonight w/ coupon and the Safeway Just 4 U took another $0.10 off

  8. Tina says:

    some safeways make all coupons worth $1, so I got mine for free! If you don’t have safeway.. Frys or Kroger should have them for around 1.29, so only .29 each

  9. how would I get the doubler?

  10. Andrew says:

    Is this in an ad somewhere so we can price match at Wal-Mart?

  11. Sims says:

    Picked these up the other day! :) Printed out the 25 cent off coupon back when KLC told us about the deal at Kroger, but my King Soopers didn’t have the deal, so I kept the coupon in my binder. Then I saw it in the Safeway ad and woo-hoo!

  12. Tim says:

    What is a doubl’r I have never seen these. I live on the east coast where Safeway just recently stopped doubling coupons.

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s a coupon that’s included in some Safeway weekly ads. It will double a coupon $0.50 or less.

  13. karen says:

    same deal at Meijer this week :)

  14. Jess says:

    great deal? But don’t have a saveway:(