Screen Shot 2012-10-12 at 11.15.06 AMNCP Homescan measures consumer attitudes and behaviors in their own homes. They use that market research to help manufacturers and retailers fine tune products and deals.

For example, NCP analysts might crunch the numbers to find out just how many boxes of cookies a mommy buys in a week (answer: too many!) That information is passed on to retailers so they can decide what products to develop or improve.

NCP is accepting new applicants for panel members, but act fast because space on the panel is limited. Accepted panel members receive a hand-held scanner. Every time a panel member (or a person in the panel member’s household) goes shopping, they scan bar codes on any purchases. It’s fun, and NCP rewards participants.

More scanning = more points earned. Those points are redeemed for brand-named products like jewelry, household items, toys, electronics and more.

More scanning also = entries into NCP’s sweepstakes! Prizes include up to $20,000, a $25,000 vacation or even new cars and trucks.

  • Click here.
  • Enter your name, email address, phone number, address and date of birth and submit.
  • Follow a series of survey questions. It took me about four minutes to complete.
  • Wait to hear whether or not NCP has accepted you onto their panel. They notify via e-mail. If you have applied before and were rejected, try again! It can often take multiple tries.

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2 thoughts on “Hurry! Join NCP Homescan to Win Cash and Prizes”

  1. not worth the time! says:

    I agree, you even have to enter quantity of each item and price of each item. Also the coupon codes/system for each item is insane. It took me longer to enter my purchase than it did to MAKE the purchase at the store! Also not all items and not all stores are programmed so you have to program stores yourself. Scanner only records the UPC symbol, knows nothing about the item. Not sure why they even have the scanner. Sent system back after 1 week (and 25 purchases)

  2. turned in the magic wand says:

    Be prepared to record EVERY purchase you make. Come home from grocery shopping and take another half hour recording everything you bought, often having to look up items in the code book or suppliers in the code book. Then, you receive a few points. Answer a survey, receive a few points. Keep this up for months and you still do not have enough points to purchase anything of value. This is a one-way communication and beneficial proposition — and it’s not the customer’s way!