Grab those Procter & Gamble inserts from this morning’s paper and pull out your dirty laundry! It’s time for a great deal on detergent! This week at Rite Aid, Cheer Laundry detergent is on sale for $5.00. When you spend $20.00, you’ll receive a $7.00 +Up Reward. Combine that with the $2.00 coupon in today’s P&G insert for some good, clean savings!

Buy 4 Cheer Laundry Detergent 2X Liquid, 24-32 loads $5.00, sale price through 10/20
Spend $20.00, Receive $7.00 +Up Reward through 10/20, Limit 2
Use four $2.00/1 Cheer Detergent, excludes trial and travel size from PG 10/14 (exp 11/30)
Pay $12.00, Receive $7.00 +Up Reward
Final Price: $1.25 each, when you buy 4 


For another clean deal, Angel Soft Toilet Paper is only $0.50 at Safeway!

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45 thoughts on “Cheer Detergent, Only $1.25 at Rite Aid!”

I got 4 cheer laundry detergent for $1.25 each! yay! it was the last 4 cheer at my local store. Got it on saturday. A day before the new ad start

This is going to be my first time couponing. And I’m a little nervous. Do you get Up rewards for the total before coupons? And once I get Up rewards, do I have the cashier ring up all my things, then hand them the coupons, then have them scan my card? Thanks!

You get the +Up Reward after you complete your transaction. It prints at the bottom of your receipt (if you opt out of the Load2Card feature through Customer Service), and then you can use it on anything in the store starting the day after it was earned. Click on the “101” tab at the top of our Rite Aid page–it will help you understand +Up Rewards!

not 1 at my local rite aid! its getting pretty empty there lately!

A lot of the really good deals run out early in the week. You might consider shopping on Sunday.

I contacted Rite Aid customer service and they have been SO helpful… They are finding the Cheer for me and/or figuring out how to still load my $up reward with a rain check.

I’m glad to hear that!

its really irritating when the employees take everything off the shelf for themselves and leave nothing for the customers to buy. first thing sunday morning they were all gone and one of the cashiers was shocked because she said they hadnt had hardly any customers and they had DOZENS of bottles of cheer…
someone stated that you can get a raincheck and the ups would be subtracted, how would that work on something like this where you buy 4 and get $7 back?
would they write up a raincheck stating 4 detergents at $20 minus $7 making it 4 for $13, then we use 4 of the $2 off so pay out of pocket $5 plus tax?

I have tried to get a raincheck on something like this before and was told that there were other items inclluded in the up promo so they would not write it with the up reward.

Ask your store how they process rain checks with +Up Rewards.

The Rite Aid I went to only had two. :( I was going to buy them but I left my Gain Coupons at home. I’ll try again tomorrow.

Wish I had a Rite Aid in my neck of the seems they have been having lots of good deals.

They do have a lot of good deals!

What is the PG 10/14?

P&G is one of the inserts in the Sunday paper

It is the Procter & Gamble coupon insert that came in today’s (10/14) Sunday paper!

I bought the Purex because I thought it to be a great deal. This is also what I use in my house. It is 5.99 (price not advertised). I got a 20 percent discount because I’m on the gold level. I paid 4.79 and got back 4.00 in ups. I bought two and used ups from last week. I only paid 1.60 for two Purex and got 8.00 back. I save my ups and make only two trips a week to rite aid.
I bought
2 Purex 5.99 (20 % off) 4.79
Purex is giving a 4.00 up for each one you buy limit two received 8.00 up
1 Robitussen 6.49 (20 % off) 5.25 (used 3.00 in ad and 3.00 coupon) free plus .75 cents
I Blsitex 2.50 but I paid 2.20 received 2.50 up free plus .30 cents
5 trident (used 1.00/3 and 2 BIGI received 3.00 up) free
used 13.00 ups
Paid1.15 oop
received 13.50 in ups back

There still is $1 purex printable, i just printed mines.

Where did you find the printable?

I did the same Purex deal after seeing the Cheer detergent was sold out (I actually don’t need detergent, but calculated that the offer was too good to pass up). Bought one liquid and one 18-pack Free Clear Ultra Packs @ 6.49/ea reg. price and used two $1 MQs (one peelie and one online Ultra Packs Q) and received two $4 Up+ Rewards back, so I only paid $1.50 for each.

I’m sorry you guys had trouble at Rite Aid. For me.. My local Rite Aid has been awesome thus far. They take my coupons and are extremely coupon friendly. I called ahead to see if they had the Cheer before I took the drive. The cashier was again very friendly and set 4 aside for me. Now I know some couponers my say that isn’t fair, however I did pick them up that day. Anyway, I got there and she had them on hold. I was glad I called bc there was only 2 left in the entire store.. I had $20.00 in Up rewards from doing the Loreal Evercare Deal posted on KCL last week. I purchased 4 Cheers, 2 Olay Facial Moisturizers (BOGO 50%) and 2 Olay body washes (BOGO 50%). Total oop was $6.49 (including the tax) I received $14.00 in Up rewards. Again I have had some bad experiences at Rite Aid but this store has turned things around for me.

I’m glad to hear your store is so coupon friendly!

Thanks! I am always friendly to them because I believe it should go both ways :)

I like the idea of calling ahead ot see if they have them (and them setting some aside for you, if they can & are willing to).. I think I’m going to start doing that!

I know what your mean! My Riteaid is also very awesome! and my name is also Vanessa! LOL!

I’m new to couponing so I had issues today at Rite Aid and I was just
wondering if someone with more experience could help explain this to me.
I had 6 +up rewards from my last time shopping there and 4- $2/1 cheer
laundry detergent. She told me I could only use one coupon per purchase,
that apparently that was what it said on the coupon, which it did but I
thought that just meant per purchase of that product? So then I had to
do them all individually and she instead of using like $3 and $3 of the
up rewards she used $2 and then $4 so for one of the purchases I could
only use one coupon for 2 of the detergents. It was just not good and I
was very irritated because it didn’t make sense to me why she couldn’t
use only $2 +up rewards for one so I could use the coupon instead of
using $4 + up rewards. I was sort of mad and told her I never have these
issues at CVS! to be honest I like cvs much better, it seems like the
past two times i’ve gone to rite aide i’ve had issues with them not
giving me +up rewards when I was supposed to get them and stuff. Maybe I
just need to get used to it more? Not sure but I still have no idea
whether she was right or I was but I feel like what she did was
ridiculous. I feel like they are very weary of couponers at the rite aid
around here and i’ve always used coupons correctly and to the best of
my ability. So honestly it’s totally irritating! Thanks for listening to
my rant! lol I should of gotten the cheer for $6 with my +up rewards
and got $7 +up rewards back. But instead I paid $8.50 and got $7 +up
rewards, which isn’t bad at all but still, it’s the point.

I kinda of got lost of what you were saying, my rite Aid is very coupon friendly, What should of happen is, buy 4 for $20 to get the $7 reward, so total before taxes after MQ would be $12, you then can use your $6 up reward, so that would be $6 oop, and you should get your $7reward. Are your rewards loaded to the card or printed?

Something similar happened to me and kcl helped me out on this one. What you can do is have them scan your card after you hand them your coupons, that way they wont use your up rewards before you use the coupons, or before you make the purchase let them know you want to opt out the load to card rewards, that way your rewards will print on your receipt, but same as with the card you can use those rewards the next morning,I hope I didn’t confuse you

i did the same thing at my rite aide when the ups were loaded on my card. the manager was ringing me up and handed back my 4$ coupon for a razor because he scanned my rewards card before the coupon. so the total was less than 4$ after using my up rewards. he told me i could not use the coupon. so what was the point in buying the razor??? a very nice cashier helped me out and said to scan the rewards card last-after the coupon. this worked. and i did ask to have my up rewards print out and not load up. the manager was confused about this but again the friendly cashier helped me out with this as well.

Jennylynn, the cashier was wrong. One per purchase means per each item. Rite Aid allows 4 like coupons per transaction. You should ask to speak with a regional manager or call 1-800-rite-aid and they will help you clear it up for next time.

Harriet is correct. “One per purchase” means one coupon per product. I’m sorry you had such a frustrating experience!

I think a lot of your frustrations would be fixed if you opted out of the Load2Card +Up Rewards. Contact Customer Service to have them opt you out. Then you can get printed +Up Rewards and choose when to use them.

I only recently started shopping at Rite Aid again after noticing a lot of really good promotions, and the cashiers have been hit or miss for me, but I agree here, opt out of their digital version and go old-school. I asked a cashier to do it for me just a few weeks ago.

In my rite aid, i went to two rite aid and when i asked them to opt out. they were like “what?” like they dont have any idea what im talking about. The first rite aid, i asked her to print my up reward on the bottom of my receipt then she nod and said yes. at the end of the transaction, she didnt. She load the up rewards on my card! the second rite aid, they were upset with me to request this! the cashier was literally staring at my eyes and not blinking! while telling me, idk what ur talking about! i have to explain it again. She told me, i have no idea to do that! she made a big deal about me requesting her to print my up reward on my receipt. I bought 4 loreal 2 days ago in addition to my 5 loreal last week, i used all my up reward worth $26. and she told me i have to pay $1.70 cash. i said i have $2 rr. can i do that? she told me NO! u have to pay uncle sam! geez.

Oh no! If you call Customer Service, they’ll be able to opt you out.

So i can really pay with my $2 up reward instead of paying oop $1.70? rite aid should train them again regarding this up reward on receipt instead in the card. Thanks KCL

Your +UP Rewards can’t pay your tax. So you would not of been able to use your $2 +UP for you $1.70 total.


All the cashier needs to do to opt you out is scan card then hit CTRL Esc (Keys) on the register. Easy as that–had them do it for my Mom yesterday as she was having different issues with the load 2 card. This way you have control of when and how much of your rewards you choose to use.

Thanks Renee :)

she was wrong she should have allow you to use all coupons in one transaction. i had the same issue at kroger this week. unfortunally cashier dont understand that phrase.

I was just wondering the same thing. I went to rite armed with $10 in up rewards and my $2 coupons, expected to pay $2 for all 4 bottles and get back $7. First of all, my rite aid only had 1 bottle on the shelf and I got there right when they opened. Also, it did not say he on it. The only other rite aid in town did not have he either. so dissapointed!

I heard you can use regular detergent but you can’t use as much. In fact, you shouldn’t use as much as it says on the bottle of any detergent because it is bad for clothes and your washing machine. Many people don’t realize that there is still soap left in their clothes after they wash it.

I used to work in a thrift store. One time one of the supvervisors told me that they used to wash all the donated clothes, and they hardly had to use any laundry detergent b/c there was so much soap residue in the clothes.

It doesn’t say HE on the bottle but it seemed like very few bottles did. Do they just not have HE on the bottles anymOre?