I love it when my favorite stores have fabulous promotions on cosmetics! CoverGirl cosmetics are on sale at Rite Aid, buy one get one 50% off this week. When you spend $20.00, you’ll receive a $7.00 +Up Reward. Plus, if you haven’t yet redeemed your free Glam Scarf, this purchase qualifies! Get five products and a free scarf for $3.36! Krazy!

Buy 4 CoverGirl LipSlicks Tinted Lip Balm $5.99, regular price
Buy 1 CoverGirl Eye Enhancer $3.39, regular price
Buy One Get One 50% Off, through 10/20
Spend $20.00, Receive $7.00 +Up Reward, through 10/20, Limit 2
Spend $15.00, Receive Free Glam Scarf, through 10/30, Limit 1 (Submit through Single Check Rebates)

Use two $5.00/2 CoverGirl Lip Products, excludes Outlast and Trial size, limit of 4 like coupons per shopping trip from RP 9/16 (exp 10/31)
And use one $1.00/1 CoverGirl Product, Limit of 4 like coupons per household per day from PG 9/30 (exp 10/31)
Pay $10.36, Receive $7.00 +Up Reward and Submit for Free Glam Scarf
Final Price: $0.67 each, when you buy all 5, plus Free Glam Scarf 


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54 thoughts on “CoverGirl Cosmetics, Only $0.67 at Rite Aid Plus Free Scarf!”

  1. I’m thinking of using $3/2 covergirl products with a “Buy one LashBlast Mascara, get one 1-kit eye enhancer shadow free”. Will this work? If it will, how do I do it? Do I need to buy 2 lashblast with the $3/2 coupon or just 1 lashblast and 1 shadow?

    • Chelsea Kay says:

      The $3/2 covergirl coupon is a P&G coupon and says, “Limit one coupon per purchase.” Meaning the purchase of those 2 items. So you cannot use another coupon in conjunction with it. Even if a store policy allows using a cents or dollar off amount coupon in conjunction with a B1G1 free coupon, unfortunately, the coupon wording does not. (KCL did a post about this a little while ago.) If you wanted to use both coupons, you would have to get 4 covergirl products. The Buy one Lashblast Mascara, get one 1-kit eye enhancer shadow free coupon is going to attach to the mascara and shadow so you would have to get 2 more covergirl products to use the $3/2 coupon. There is a buy $20 worth of covergirl and get a $7 +UP reward going on through tomorrow, 10/20, so you may still be able to work out something to get a sweet deal :)

  2. Melissa says:

    Does anyone know If I can use coupons on clearance items at rite aid? I asked the cashier and he told me he hadn’t done that before, and I wasn’t equipped with my coupons to try.

  3. Marissa says:

    This is SUCH a good deal! I pretty much got 6 items today for $0.81 each PLUS the scarf!… gonna post a brag tomorrow :)

  4. Just got mine. Live in So Calif. 4 CG WetSticks , 2 CG Eye Compacts. $26.34 before coupons Used (2) 2/3.00 coupons and (2) $1 off 1 coupons – $7 up rewards from my last purchase = $10.34 pre tax . With the $7 up rewards makes mine $3.34 for everything.

  5. Erika J. says:

    Just got back from doing this deal. I bought 8 eye enhancers B1G1half off = $20.32 used 4 $3/2 Cover Girl products & the $7 up reward from the Cheer Laundry Detergent deal from the other day. Total = $1.32 (plus tax of $1.32) OOP w/ tax was $2.64 GREAT DEAL! (。◕‿◕。)

  6. ViBee says:

    I’ve never done the rebates before, can they be from multiple shopping trips?

    • Rachel Salazar says:

      YES, thank goodness. Your receipt will show at the bottom how close you are to completing the +up rewards. for example the botom of my receipt says:

      $20 select P & G 7+UP total $8.18

    • Anonymous says:


  7. couponlee1 says:

    Im getting all lip products so I can maximize on the $5/2 coups!

  8. alicepin says:

    not sure what i did but i only submitted 1 rebate and got 2 scarfs, maybe they mailed it out twice? so what the bet deal i get so confused. i had 10/ 5.00 revlon coupons and used it at last minute and only got 2 6.00 up rewards apparently i need 0.01 on both receipts to get the other 6.00 up rewards?

  9. gabbey says:

    If you get a raincheck at Riteaid because they where sold out of a product will you still get your uprewards on that product if you get the following week.

    • nikkicats2 says:

      How it works with a raincheck is that if an item is $5 and you are supposed to receive a $2 up reward but they are out of the products you get a raincheck. Then later when they get it in they will price adjust the item down to $3 since an up reward won’t print after the sale ends. You can still use coupons on the item too. The only problem comes in when it’s a moneymaker by using coupons during the week of the sale, meaning you’d get back more in up rewards than you spend on the product after sale and coupon. Hope that helped.

      • Anonymous says:

        I haven’t done it yet, but my store says that they would be able to give a gift card back as an Up reward. I believe they started doing this due to the points situation because you would only earn points on the adjusted price instead of the full price and ya know, if you are trying to get to Gold, you might need those extra points. I would likely have to ask them to do it as a gift card because their default is to reduce the price as described by nikkicats2.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ask your store how they process rain checks with +Up Rewards.

  10. kelly says:

    i have a riteaid card and ALL the cover-girl coupons… I just seriosly need more help getting all the deals and figuring out the best way to set up my shopping trips… someone please help …krayb450@yahoo.com

  11. rc says:

    On the info I’am reading , it states the purchases have to be made 8/1/12 thru 10/2/12 to qualify for scarf

  12. Donna says:

    Where can I print the rebate to get the scarf?

    • Anonymous says:

      You submit that rebate through the Single Check rebate program. Click on the link above. Enter your receipt information and they’ll send you the scarf.

  13. Alla says:

    I have a gold status with my wellness card and would that affect yhe price if I try to make it $20.00 deal. I am so confused with my gold status. Because sometimes it affects the deals and sometime it does not. Did anyone try this with gold status? Please advice what to do. Also how would I know if the 20% would affect certain deals. Thank you in advance.

    • Gaby says:

      It’s really simple. Gold doesn’t apply to bogo50% or bogo free sales. Though if you have an odd number of items like above than the 5th item will come up with your gold discount. Since bogo sales apply to 2 items where the 1st one is regular price and the second one is the discount. The 5th item will get gold since it doesn’t have a “partner”.Also sometimes gold discount is better than sale price (not bogo sales). In order to know which you will get would be to check the shelf price. Ex. This week there are Centrum products on sale for $9.99 and you get $5 +up wyb 2. Some of the items are regular price at $11.99 so with gold discount you would get $9.59($11.99-20%) which is the price you will get since it is actually better than the sale price. RA gives you the better price whether it be a sale price or gold. Sometimes there is a small difference in the better discount and sometimes it’s bigger.

      Hope this helps. Maybe someone can explain it better.

    • Anonymous says:

      You get the 20% discount on all regularly priced merchandise or when the sale price is less than 20%. In other words, you get whichever discount is higher: the sale price or the 20% discount. A Buy One Get One 50% Off promotion counts as a sale price, so your discount will not apply to either item in a BOGO 50 promotion. You can read more about the Gold discount on Rite Aid’s website.

  14. bubblegumm842 says:

    I still dont know how to see coupons for my city and state. I thought that my profile would change the was i see deals, but …….. still new to this lovely thing called “couponing”.. can someone help me on my zip code thingy so i can see deals in my city and state? thanxs bunches.. :0

    • Anonymous says:

      The deal above doesn’t use any printable coupons. It only uses newspaper insert coupons. Look at the end of each coupon and it will tell you which insert (Most of these are “PG,” which stands for Procter & Gamble) the coupon comes from and the date of the insert.

  15. prncsdi81 says:

    I did this last night…I bought 8 eye enhancers B1G1half off = $20.32 and I used 4 $3/2 CoverGirl products 8.32 oop and got $7 back. Like paying $1.32 for 8. I use eyeshadow everyday so I’ll have enough for a while!

  16. Pabb says:

    Thanks! And counts towards the P&G Celebrate the Season rebate of buy $50, receive $15.00.

  17. marcosusy913 says:

    And if you buy the lash blast mascara you can also get the free eye enhancer shadow :)

    • Anonymous says:

      That is a great coupon!

      • Lizzytish says:

        i went to rite aid and bought the 5 cover girl items when i got home and looked at the web site for the free scarf it said the deal was only good till Oct 1st, they need to update there web site

        • mia says:

          which five did you purchase? I’m trying to figure out if i buy 4 lipsticks and one shadow, then the shadow (because it’s the cheapest) and 1 of the lipsticks will be the 50% off right?

          • Anonymous says:

            I bought 2 outlast lipsticks (10.99) and 2 topcoats (5.79) in the same transaction and it took 50% off both a 10.99 and 5.79. You could buy 4 lipsticks that KCL references for 5.99 and 2 eye shadows for 3.39 it should look like this.
            (2) 5.99 lip stick
            (2) 3.00 lip stick (50%)
            (1) 3.39 eye shadow
            (1) 1.70 eye shadow (50%)
            Use (2) $5/2 Q and (1) $3/2 Q from the 9/16 parade you’ll pay $10.06 and get $7 up. So it’s $.30 cheaper if you buy the second eye shadow and use the $3/2 Q.

        • KenniL says:

          Might want to double check that one. I just logged on to check and it says it runs from 08/01/12-10/31/12. Hope that helps!

        • KenniL says:

          Sorry if this posts twice. I’ve been having trouble with this site for a few days, but… I just looked at the Rite Aid SCR’s and the one for the scarf is still available and runs from 08/01/12-10/31/12. Hope that helps.

    • nd says:

      Does anyone know about how much the mascara is? My next question: Since you are getting the eyeshadow for free when you buy the mascara, can you still use a coupon off the mascara or is this double dipping? Does Rite Aid allow this?

      • marcosusy913 says:

        The mascara runs from 8.99 to 9.99 and yes you can use a coupon for the mascara.

        • Anonymous says:

          Actually, you cannot. P&G coupons say “Limit of one coupon per purchase of PRODUCTS AND QUANTITIES stated.” To use a $1.00 off coupon with the Buy a Mascara, Get a free Eye Enhancer Coupon, you’d need to purchase three items. Any other coupon usage is incorrect.

    • mm916 says:

      Where did you get this coupon??

  18. nd says:

    If you were to follow that deal, it might be better to buy a second eye shadow, get it 50% off and use the $3 off of 2 coupon. I think the OOP is $10.10.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not a bad idea!

    • harley69d says:

      where is the $3.00 off of 2? please this sounds like a great deal ty

    • Anonymous says:

      I believe this is how it would look with the extra shadow… For 4 lip and 2 eye, I get:
      3 lip full price = $17.97
      1 lip 50% = $3
      2 eye 50% = $3.39
      Total = $24.36
      So that’s 6 products, and the cheapest 3 will get the 50% right?
      Then use 2 @ $5/2, and 1 @ $3/2, making OOP $11.36.
      After the $7 ups, that’s $4.36 or $0.72 ea.

      • jmmechl says:

        Ooh good thinking! If that’s the case, would it still work the same to do two separate transactions and put the two shadows in the second transaction? That way you’d still receive the 50% off of the more expensive items as well right?

      • Anonymous says:

        I bought some stuff yesterday and I bought 2 outlast lipcolor and 2 outlast top coats. I got 1 outlast for full price, and 1 for 50% off, 1 top coat for full price and 1 for 50% off in the same transaction. So if your works the same as mine, you should get 2 lips full price and 2 50%.