To start the week on a good note, I’m letting you in on a pacifier freebie at Target! The MAM pacifier 2-packs are free with a coupon stack: one manufacturer coupon and one mobile coupon. Or get them for 51% off the regular price at Walmart!

If you’re not yet signed up for Target baby mobile coupons, text BABY5 to 827438. Here is the breakdown:

MAM Silicone Pacifiers, 2 pk $3.99, regular price
Use $2.00/1 – MAM Product – ( 
Or $2.00/1 – MAM Product – (
And use $2.00/1 MAM Teething and Brushing Set OR Pacifiers, 2 pk, limit one item or offer per coupon, Target Coupon from Target Mobile Coupon  text BABY5 to 827438
Final Price: Free

Here’s the Walmart breakdown:

MAM Newborn Silicone Pacifiers, 2 pk $3.97, regular price
Use $2.00/1 – MAM Product – (
Or $2.00/1 – MAM Product – (
Final Price: $1.97


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20 thoughts on “MAM Pacifiers, Free at Target and $1.97 at Walmart!”

Same thing is happening for me with the BABY offers. You can text bay1 or baby2 or baby3 or baby4 or baby5, and it will sign you up. texting OFFERS only retrieves the main coupons. I spent over an hour on the phone with customer service and they are unbelievably unhelpful. I only get the 10%, and I signed up a week ago, and still have no coupons either. Does anyone have any other suggestions to get these coupons sent? Thanks!

No matter what code I send 827438 I get “Service access denied”

It took me a good three weeks after I signed up to get the baby mobile coupons. They sent me different promotion offers each week but it took forever to get the actual coupons. So they will eventually come but it will take awhile.

it’s baby4 i think not baby5

At, it stated BABY5. Maybe both work.

I am not getting the 2.00 off coupon. I am already signed up for mobile coupons.

Is there something else I should try because I am getting the 10% off coupon but not the 2.00 off. I am already signed up for the mobile coupons

Are you registered for Target Baby mobile coupons? You need to text BABY5 to 827438. To prompt retrieval, text OFFERS to 827438.

I text BABY5 to 827438 and only got 10% off online baby order. Nothing else :-(

Have you already signed up to receive mobile coupons? Sign up then text BABY5 to 827438.

I was already signed up for mobile coupons but when I texted baby5 all I’m getting is the 10% off online coupon

Me too!!!!!!!!!

Me too

Not sure if this helps but Baby mobile and mobile coupons for target are different offers and you’d need to go back online and sign up for this specific baby mobile coupons on their main website. Otherwise Id suggest calling corporate to let them know you arent getting the coupons everyone else you know is getting.

happened to me too…:( Really wanted to get these for free. Any ideas on what to do to get the coupon?

The only other suggestion I have is to now text OFFERS to 827438. This usually prompts the coupons to be sent.

Good deal on them at Rite Aid too. The pacifiers are regular price of $7.99 for a three pack (or $7.19 for Gold). Buy one receive a $3 Up. Limit 4. Final price of $2.99 or $2.19 after Ups and $2 coupon. This is a monthly Ups deal.

Get the nipples. Regular price of $4.99 ($3.99 with Gold). Get $2 Ups, limit 4. Final price of $.99 or free after Ups and coupon. This is a monthly ups deal and is separate from the pacifiers up rewards deal.

Thanks for letting us know!

How long does the mobile coupon take to arrive?

If you just signed up and didn’t receive it yet, text OFFERS to 827438. It should be sent shortly thereafter.